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This page is a listing of libraries of user defined functions (UDF). These libraries have been written to allow easy integration into your own scripts and are a very valuable resource for any programmer.
This list is probably not complete (337 UDFs on 2020/04/20), but constantly supplemented. If you do not find a solution here, ask a new question on the forum.

The listed UDFs might have been written for older versions of AutoIt. So there is no guarantee that every UDF works smoothly with newer versions.
None of the UDFs has been tested by the maintainers of this list so you as a user need to make sure that they deliver the expected results.

Latest modifications

Date section creator title
2020-04-20 Script Coding/Analyzing/Debugging MrCreatoR Highlight AutoIt v3 syntax code to html/bbcode format.
2020-03-10 Encryption and hash RTFC Encrypt scripts without placing the key inside the script.
2019-12-02 Encryption and hash TheXman Microsoft's long-term replacement for their CryptoAPI.
2019-11-18 Script Coding/Analyzing/Debugging LarsJ Create/access/process Variants and SafeArrays.
2019-09-29 Inter Process Communications tarretarretarre Autoit-Socket-IO - Networking in AutoIt made simple!.
2019-09-03 Windows water TaskScheduler - Brushed up Task Scheduler UDF.
2019-05-17 GUI additions S3cret91 Notify - Display permanent desktop notifications.
2019-05-17 Script Coding/Analyzing/Debugging user4157124 AutoIt error logger (AUERLO) - File- and stdout (etc.) output of messages, regular- and COM Object errors, exit method and -code, etc.
2019-05-10 GUI additions NHD Wi3SMenu - Create a slide menu with Windows 10 style. Supports color, icon and opacity.
2019-05-08 Hardware RTFC BuildPartitionTable - Scans a physical drive's partition table and returns a partition_table, allocation_table and volumes_table.
2019-05-05 All sections water Changed all links from http to https
2019-04-01 Multiple sections Ward Seems Ward left the forum and has removed all UDFs he created :-(
2019-03-28 Files, Databases and web connections TheXman jq - A powerful and flexible JSON processor based on jq
2019-03-14 Script Coding/Analyzing/Debugging Yashied Log UDF - Allows to create text log files
2019-02-25 Files, Databases and web connections seangriffin CSV - Manipulate CSV files
2019-02-22 GUI additions Taskms4 MTSkin - Simply create modern looking GUIs (borderless GUI, Interactive menu panel (with mouse-over detection), a bunch of skins)
2019-01-27 Microsoft Office water Outlook Tools - Import/export contacts from/to vcf files and calendar events from/to ics files



Microsoft Office

AutoIt provides a powerful integration and manipulation tool for the MS Windows environment and the WinAPI. Some features of Microsoft's Windows and Office products are proprietary and cannot readily be manipulated.
Sometimes workarounds are required. This page is dedicated to identifying those issues, provide explanations and list solutions or workarounds.


Other Applications

Script Coding/Analyzing/Debugging

Inter Process Communications

Files, Databases and web connections

Data compression

Encryption and hash

GUI Additions



Information gathering

Internet protocol suite



Graphics and image





Social Media and other Website API