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This page is a listing of libraries of user defined functions (UDF). These libraries have been written to allow easy integration into your own scripts and are a very valuable resource for any programmer.
This list is probably not complete (354 UDFs on 2020/11/16), but constantly supplemented. If you do not find a solution here, ask a new question on the forum.

The listed UDFs might have been written for older versions of AutoIt. So there is no guarantee that every UDF works smoothly with newer versions.
None of the UDFs has been tested by the maintainers of this list so you as a user need to make sure that they deliver the expected results.

Last years modifications

Date Section Creator Description
2020-11-16 Internet protocol suite j0kky Winsock - Create client/server application using native winsock functions.
2020-11-06 Script Coding/Analyzing/Debugging dany GetOpt - Parse GNU and DOS style command line options similar to getopt().
2020-11-06 Controls Muzaiyan Progressbar new styles - New styles for your progress bar.
2020-10-25 Graphics and image Nine GIF animation - Fast cached GIF animation.
2020-10-10 Encryption and hash trancexx Hashes for files - Fast RC32, MD4, MD5, SHA1 calculation for big files.
2020-10-04 Players Sudeepjd WMP - Embed the Windows Media Player by using the IE.
2020-10-04 Microsoft Office Sudeepjd Microsoft Office Excel Pivot Tables - Create and Update Excel Pivot Tables and Charts.
2020-09-30 Graphics and image VIP Search for an image on the desktop.
2020-09-29 Encryption and hash mLipok Functions to encrypt/decrypt strings and files with the GDPR in mind.
2020-09-03 Graphics and image mylise UDF for the OpenCV library.
2020-08-23 Inter Process Communications LarsJ Implementing IRunningObjectTable Interface.
2020-07-30 Hardware MazeM Serial port UDF / COM port UDF.
2020-06-30 Hardware Danyfirex MediaDevice - Transfer files to portable devices like phones, storages.
2020-06-23 Inter Process Communications Nine WCD IPC - IPC based on Windows Messaging.
2020-06-23 Script Coding/Analyzing/Debugging argumentum OnDebugMsgBox - This UDF will catch the dreaded "AutoIt Error" MsgBox and prettify or hide it.
2020-06-14 Files, Databases and web connections TheXman jq - brings the power and flexibility of jq (an open-source command-line based JSON processor) to AutoIt.
2020-05-30 Internet Protocol Suite TheXman HttpApi - communicate over HTTP without using MS Internet Information Server (IIS).
2020-05-30 Multiple sections Ward Ward left the forum and removed all UDFs - I removed all references to his threads for better readability.
2020-05-19 Inter Process Communications MrCreatoR AppInteract - Reliably pass arrays or other types between processes.
2020-05-05 Media BugFix QRCreator - Simple QR-code creation.
2020-04-27 Controls MrCreatoR BrowseForFolder - Handle SHBrowseForFolderW with more options (multi selection, window position, controls text ...).
2020-04-21 Microsoft Office water OutlookEX_GUI - Automate Microsoft Outlook. This UDF holds the functions to automate the Outlook GUI.
2020-04-20 Script Coding/Analyzing/Debugging MrCreatoR AutoIt Syntax Highlight - Highlight AutoIt v3 syntax code to html/bbcode format.
2020-03-10 Encryption and hash RTFC CodeCrypter - Encrypt scripts without placing the key inside the script.
2019-12-02 Encryption and hash TheXman Cryptography API: Next Gen - Microsoft's long-term replacement for their CryptoAPI.



Microsoft Office

Some features of Microsoft's Office products are proprietary and cannot readily be manipulated. Sometimes workarounds are required.
This page is dedicated to identifying those issues, provide explanations and list solutions or workarounds.


Other Applications

Script Coding/Analyzing/Debugging

Inter Process Communications

Files, Databases and web connections

Data compression

Encryption and hash

GUI Additions



Information gathering

Internet protocol suite



Graphics and image





Social Media and other Website API