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Key Spam Script

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#1 Tekashi



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Posted 25 May 2010 - 10:34 PM

Ok, as a former user of AHK (AutoHotKey) I used a program to help me play WoW. Basically, since I like to avoid carpel tunnel syndrome, I have a script that allows me to hold down one of my keys in-game: Q, W, E, Shift+1, etc, and it would spam it VERY fast, faster than any human could physically do.

It also had a nifty thing where, if I wanted to type in the game in chat, I could press "Home" and it would pause the script.

I am willing to program this myself, but I really don't have any idea how to even begin with something like this. I will try to summarize my questions.

What would the code look like to keep a key held down once I press it, until I let go?
What would the code look like to pause a script by pressing a button?

I think if I have those two things, I can make most of it myself. I'll post it here once complete as well.
Thanks for any help.

#2 JohnOne


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Posted 25 May 2010 - 11:55 PM

Post up the rest of your code, ommiting the spam functions.
I doubt anyone is going to write a stinking spam bot for you on the promise that you will offer them it back as your own.

Sometimes I despair.

AutoIt Absolute Beginners      Require a serial      Pause Script
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#3 CodyBarrett


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Posted 26 May 2010 - 12:22 AM

I wouldn't recommend requesting help for MMO Bots on these forums..

he tell what KIND of bots are allowed and what aren't.

#4 Valik


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Posted 26 May 2010 - 03:40 AM

Learn to play WoW you pansy. What you ask for is 1) Against the WoW Terms of Use; 2) Not eligible for discussion on this forum.

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