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It's basically another site for retrieving your public IP address.

Why is any different than the standard UDF?

You can get you IP in plain or json string, there is no limit to how often you can call it, and the provider assures the service is free, will not expire, and (this is the bit I like) "regardless of whether the server running the API dies, or if there's an enormous tornado which destroys half of the east coast, ipify will still be running"

I named the function with the real provider of the service in mind, which is where the only credit belongs.


MsgBox(0, "IP String", _Ipify())
MsgBox(0, "IP JSON String", _Ipify(1))

Func _Ipify($JSON = 0)
    Local $sURI = "https://api.ipify.org"
    if $JSON Then $sURI &= "?format=json"
    Return BinaryToString(InetRead($sURI, 1))


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