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This is a folder backup tool, after i got tired of using tools made by others, that had either lack of functionality,

or were overly complex, i decided to make my own, and this is it.

MirrorDir mirrors dirs as the name says, simply select source and destination hit scan, review in the list if that's what you want it to do and press start copy.

As this is a mirror sync tool, this means files that exist in destination but dont exist in source are marked for deletion.

Other tools have other modes like the incrementing copy which does not delete anything, but i made this for me,

only if there is a request i may think about adding features just for fun.

Whats more? There's a save/load of profile and the profile is what contains the list of source and destination folders, these are kept in prefs.ini in folder MDir in local appdata.

There are context menu's that allow for the removal of items from the profile list, either just for the list (in case you dont want to sync a specific folder, just this time)

or delete from the list and the .ini .

Best regards.



What's New in Version 1.4


Added images to the listview to help see what is going on, blue means ready/unprocessed, green is done/processed, red means processing if on the top listview, or error in the bottom listview.

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      Profiler - yet another backup script for Firefox and Thunderbird profiles
      It automatically detects the last recently used profile directories of Firefox and Thunderbird (installed versions, no portables).
      Clicking the Backup-Button creates a complete Backup of the found profiles with a timestamp.
      Restore deletes the according profile dir and extracts the content of the selected archive into the profile directory.
      Uses Winrar as compression tool, but feel free to change it to your needs
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      When this script is running, and you hit "Ctrl and Shift and b", if a folder is open in windows explorer, it will copy the contents of it to your desired location ($GENERAL_BACKUP_FOLDER) including subfolders and its files and folders (so beware on deep directories)
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      Any way of doing this easily? Filetype doesn't matter, as long as it isn't encrypted. A batch or exe would be okay, if it's in the same location on every PC. Doing this without admin permissions would be awesome too