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Found 15 results

  1. Vaiola


    We need to transfer from windows server 2012 to windows server 2016, we didn't find a way using to transfer the data automatically or to email us after tasks are finished. Is there a way to copy the data with NTFS/Shared permissions and timestamps without any loss?
  2. Have you ever shut down the computer while still performing a backup? If not, then ignore this post. Otherwise, this program may be helpful. It is registered in the startup folder after a query and then runs with every system start and ends only with system shutdown. Whenever a backup activity begins or ends, a message is generated. This prevents the computer from being accidentally turned off while a backup is still active. ; BackupDetector.exe Backup attention popup. ;===============================================================================================
  3. Hello, the following script is running quite nicely for a friend of mine doing a year of work and travel to have a backup at home for all the pics and movies taken with her mobile phone, The facts: At home: a VMWARE virtual machine with dropbox installed for her DB account On-the-Road: One mobile phone, Camera Uploads are activated for her dropbox account, one Laptop. The idea is to have a copy of *ALL* pictures and movies taken with the mobile phone *OUTSIDE* the dropbox folder, so that the DB Max Size is never exceeded. The script is
  4. careca


    Version 1.5.5


    This is a folder backup tool, after i got tired of using tools made by others, that had either lack of functionality, or were overly complex, i decided to make my own, and this is it. MirrorDir mirrors dirs as the name says, simply select source and destination hit scan, review in the list if that's what you want it to do and press start copy. As this is a mirror sync tool, this means files that exist in destination but dont exist in source are marked for deletion. Other tools have other modes like the incrementing copy which does not delete anything, but i made this for me
  5. Profiler - yet another backup script for Firefox and Thunderbird profiles It automatically detects the last recently used profile directories of Firefox and Thunderbird (installed versions, no portables). Clicking the Backup-Button creates a complete Backup of the found profiles with a timestamp. Restore deletes the according profile dir and extracts the content of the selected archive into the profile directory. Uses Winrar as compression tool, but feel free to change it to your needs Best regards Marc Profiler.au3
  6. hey guys, is there a way to post into the "Usenet" with autoit ? I didn't found any resources about it online.
  7. "Nimps" is a regional slang word, which means easy or simple or basic and such. I made a quick little script the other day to backup the visual studio project folder I was actively working on. Thought I'd generalise it for use with the current active windows explorer folder. When this script is running, and you hit "Ctrl and Shift and b", if a folder is open in windows explorer, it will copy the contents of it to your desired location ($GENERAL_BACKUP_FOLDER) including subfolders and its files and folders (so beware on deep directories) If you have command line version of 7
  8. I wanted to have a few lines that copy the whole registry into a file. I know that there is RegRead, but I don't want to type every single key into my code... Any way of doing this easily? Filetype doesn't matter, as long as it isn't encrypted. A batch or exe would be okay, if it's in the same location on every PC. Doing this without admin permissions would be awesome too Thanks
  9. Version


    Do a backup of a folders list
  10. WARNING: I never tried this on a root directory, I should probably write a fix for that case. EX: There is no C:\..\ I don't know how many of these there are on this forum and I know Tidy is real nice for making backups. I have a few dislikes relying on the Tidy backup: 1 I'm not crazy about the backup folder it creates in project folder. 2. If no Tidy edits are performed script is not backed up on Tidy. I can't rely on that when I request a backup. 3. If I want to backup a select group of files without backing up the entire project folder, it is somewhat tedious to s
  11. This is a very simple application to backup a list of your local and network printers to a shared resource. when you restore the printers, the app will just install the printers that were networked. Feel free to improve upon and use. Let me know what you think I have many more applications and I may post more later. #include <File.au3> #include <ButtonConstants.au3> #include <GUIConstantsEx.au3> #include <WindowsConstants.au3> Global $Backpath = "\\Myawesomeserver\useraccounts" Global $fp = ($Backpath & @UserName) #Region ### START Koda GUI section #
  12. I was too lazy to frequent backups my database on localhost via phpMyAdmin so I wrote a very simple script to backup databases via command com. Maybe it will be useful to someone... It backs up all or selected databases into one or separate sql files, e.g: single file output: 20130406.022354_drupal,test.sql separate files output: 20130406.022354_drupal.sql 20130406.022354_test.sql Recommended php utility to import .sql files into MySql: BigDump: Staggered MySQL Dump Importer #include <Array.au3> #include <Constants.au3> ; -----------------------------------------------------
  13. Hi guys, needed something to speed up the backup of the firefox profile, so i did this, works for me just right, and it's here available to anyone who needs it. Obviously gotta thank to everyone who helped me, and had so much patience to help out. Thumbs up for Melba23! This works like this: press backup, it searches for the file extensions.ini in a subfolder of all fixed drives PROGS01 INSTALL If not found, backs it up to 'C:FFProfBackup' The restore function is similar, searches for the same file in the same manner, not found, searches for 'C:FFProfBackup', if found uses that, not found any,
  14. Heres a lil script to run a backup using rar once a day. hotkeys: printscreen to force a backup scroll lock to open last output file pageup to call gui working timer to backup once a day Small gui to save multiple configs Ini to save configs Gathers list of newest files to back up Creates a formated file list / error log So that I can verify at a glance: Appends -error to Log's filename (as required) Appends -noaction to Log's filename (as required) and um thats about it #include <Timers.au3> #include <File.au3> #include <Array.au3> #include <ButtonConstants.au3>
  15. TinyBackupBox : Do a Backup of folders you want to a local/external drive/directory by using Robocopy. A Big Thank to Yashield for TVExplorer.au3 and WinApiEx.au3 Includes needed : >TVExplorer.au3 and >WinApiEx.au3 * Left Treeview : Check all folders Checkboxes you want to backup. Hold Shift key when clicking a first child Checkbox will check all other child Checkboxes. A right click on a parent item will uncheck all his child Checkboxes. * Right Treeview : A left click for select Backup Directory. A right click menu on an item for create a new sub-folder which
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