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AutoIt error logger (AUERLO) UDF 2.0.0

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About This File

File- and stdout/-err (console) output of messages, regular- and COM Object errors, exit method and -code, etc.

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What's New in Version 2.0.0


v2.0.0 2019/06/19 Major (script-breaking changes).

  • Added "Windows Event Log" output type ($AUERLO_OPT_LOGWEL, $AUERLO_OPT_LVLWEL, $AUERLO_OPT_FNCWEL).
  • Added $AUERLO_OPT_STDCOLOR setting.
  • Added $AUERLO_ATR_FILENAME error item attribute.
  • Added _AUERLO_LogWinAPI() $bReset parameter.
  • Added _AUERLO_Assert() $sMessage parameter.
  • Removed _AUERLO_View() $sDelmCol parameter.
  • Renamed _AUERLO_Clear() to _AUERLO_FileClear().
  • Renamed _AUERLO_Read() to _AUERLO_FileRead().
  • Renamed "notify" output type to "prompt" ($AUERLO_OPT_...PROMPT now).
  • Renamed "alert" output type to "notify" ($AUERLO_OPT...NOTIFY now).
  • Renamed $AUERLO_OPT_FUNC... constants to $AUERLO_OPT_FNC... .
  • Renamed $AUERLO_ERR_FUNC... constants to $AUERLO_ERR_FNC... .
  • Changed default exit handler to report $AUERLO_LVL_INFO by default.
  • Changed _AUERLO_Read() parameter order.
  • Changed default error log (file) output format (contains @ScriptLineNumber's @ScriptFullPath now).
  • Changed default stdout (console) output format (contains @ScriptLineNumber's @ScriptFullPath now, omits @ScriptLineNumber and @ScriptFullPath if @compiled).
  • Changed au3.user.calltips.api and au3.UserUdfs.properties accordingly.
  • Changed $__g_aAUERLO_OptDef[$AUERLO_OPT__ENUM] and $__g_aAUERLO_OptCur[$AUERLO_OPT__ENUM] to $__g_aAUERLO_Opt[$AUERLO_SET__ENUM][$AUERLO_OPT__ENUM].
  • Various optimizations and consistency changes.

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I used for DOS(Hebrew or Clipper like VB Programming language) based application but it doesn't work and not detect by the default exception. Can you have a suggestion over this?  


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@autom It is AutoIt specific (can not just be included to any BASIC language dialect). You could however write an AutoIt script to intake errors produced by another application and have it logged by this UDF (implementation depends on concerning application).

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Thank you very much for your response.

As I am a beginner to AutoIT script and Recently, I am working over your suggestion and try to resolve this issue. As per your suggestion: "Take default exceptions from an Application and LOGGED into Script.",It would work surely as per the thoughtful process of software. 

Do you have an example of this kind of script, Kindly share? 

From the example I am able to do so perfectly and thus, it will be very helpful to solve this issue. 

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