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Desktop Icons Restorator 1.02

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About This File

Desktop Icons Restorator

This program designed for Saving and Restoring Desktop Icons positions!

The main idea for this program is belong to trids from the IconMap topic.

Big Thanks to him for the great idea!!!


Introduction and Main Features:


Using this app you can save/restore your desktop icons positions at any time.

You can create as many sessions as you like, such as for different screen resolutions, different users, or even when you reinstall your system.

You can even copy your DSI Files (Desktop Session Info File) from one machine to another.


Main Features:


* Auto-Saving Sessions every N seconds (up to approximately 24 hours).

* Full Registration of *.DSI files (Desktop Session Info file) - Including in "Create" context menu.

* Application can work from system tray (Restore/Save Session, Call Preferences Dialog, Show Desktop and more).

* Adding Date/Time when saving sessions.

* Removing non existing sessions from the list.

* Removing Selected session from the list.

* Removing All sessions from the list.

* Removing duplicates from the list.

* Deleting Selected session files.

* Deleting All session files.

* Delete not existing entries (of desktop icons) in the session file.

* Visual editing of selected session.

* Option to show the desktop.

* Restore session by double click on the item in the list.

* Full Support of Hotkeys.

* Full Drag & Drop Support.

* Choosing a sound file for playing after Saving/Restoring Session (for each action can be different sound).

* Flexible Window Options (Saving positions/state, Transparency, Always On Top).

* And much more to go...

More ScreenShots:

Preferences Window

Editing DSI file Window


The archive include all needed Resources and also Stand-alone Compiled Script (not required any addition resources).


What's New in Version 1.02


[Oct 3 2007]
Added Option to Edit Visually selected Session (using convenient and nice GUI dialog ;) ).
Added Color to Menus.
Added Color selection Option (for main window, list, and menu/contextmenu).
Added "Save Session" item to Tray Menu.
Added "Check Updates.." item to "Help" menu (Attention: This required compiled program).
Added option "Show Desktop When Saving Session" to Preferences dialog.
Added option "Run Program When Windows Start" to Preferences dialog (In new Tab "Other Prefs").
Added option "Clean Not Existing Entries In Session File" to Context Menu of the Session File.
Added Playing Sound to "About Program" Dialog.
Added *.MID format when select sound for playing after Restoring/Saving session.
Improved Preferences Dialog.
Now when program start, the working dir is set to program dir (to insure that all installed files will be used correctly even if the program is not compiled and it called with diferent working dir).

Removed Limit on number of Items that can be stored in List (around 4099 items).

Unicode writing mode for saving sessions is removed - it was causing problems in some file names with Russian letters.
Fixed problem with disappeared main window when saving session.
Fixed problem with displaying of buttons on main window (on small screen resolution).
Fixed problem in "Auto-Saving session" Dialog - user can easily use <Shift F10> hotkey to call context menu in Input control, and insert there an invalid data - not anymore ;).
Fixed displaying of Tray Tip when minimizing program to tray - now it recognize what preferences user set for Tray Icon Clicks.
Fixed bug when writing an incorrect data to ini file when deleted all sessions.
Fixed (hopefully) bug when displaying child windows - sometimes the program is hangs until you close it.
Fixed bug when user select big sound file and press playing button - after closing Preferences dialog the sound continue to play.
Fixed some minor bugs (such as displaying information etc.).


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