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Found 4 results

  1. So I have several functions spread out among different scripts (makes it easier to sort out); Each with some sort of #include, lets say for ex: #include<arrays.au3>. so if in the main script I bring all these scripts together by #including them, then do they over and over #include<array.au3> again and again, unnecessarily bulking the main script up?
  2. Sorry for the stupid title but i don't know how to call it ( and how to search it ) I have three question based on the same subject FIRST If i have a script like: If _IsPressed("10") ConsoleWrite("OK")And i'll try to execute i have an error because i don't have add at the top: #include <Misc.au3> ; >>>>>>>>>>> THIS! If _IsPressed("10") Then ConsoleWrite("OK")It's possible to add automatically the required #include without write it manually? SECOND If i have a script like: #include <ProgressConstants.au3> ; unnecessary #include <ListViewCon
  3. ... that is the question. Thanks to all the epic support, and my genius (ha) (Mostly support and Reading ) I have over 200 lines of so far.. Now i have about 10 functions, more coming.. Should i use include? and Run the functions from separate files? Is that the whole point of including? Is #include speeding up the program? Or is it all just to be Neat and Tidy? (Which i would prefer if it is not slowing down the Program)
  4. I'm writing a tray based program, and for every different option the user selects, the icon changes... I add the #include"icon.ico" where icon.ico would be the icon name obviously... But when I compile the program with the offical autoit compiler it doesn't seem to include the icons... Any clue what I'm doing wrong?
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