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Found 6 results

  1. This is a personal project to log into several facebook accounts and send a message to a specific person on their birthday. I need to stop a script in a few different ways for several different reasons. For example, it might start sending the email to the wrong account, it might do something other than send a message, it might fail to logout of one account, etc. 1) Pause the script at it's exact location with a resume feature in case I need to put it on hold while I do another task. 2) Pause the script at it's current location with the option to start over or execute another part o
  2. Hi, I do recognize bad behaviour at this snippet: #include <AutoItConstants.au3> Global $g_sSD = @ScriptDir & "\" Global $g_sBurstPath = $g_sSD & "Burst\" DirCreate($g_sBurstPath) Local $sFileName = "Test_mit_3_Seiten.pdf" ; any PDF with more than 1 page inside @ScriptDir FileCopy($g_sSD & $sFileName, $g_sBurstPath & $sFileName, 1) ;~ Sleep(13000) Local $hTimer = TimerInit() ConsoleWrite("Start" & @CRLF) _Burst($g_sBurstPath & $sFileName) ; bursts PDF into single pages ;~ While _FileInUse($g_sBurstPat
  3. Hi, i try to simulate the $LVS_EDITLABELS behaviour so by clicking twice the item can be edited but the second mouse click has to be a little bit delayed to trigger the editing. The editing has to be done in other columns too, so i can't use $LVS_EDITLABELS. So - one click selects an item - double click performs a specific function - one click + another 800ms delayed click performs an editing Does someone have an idea? #AutoIt3Wrapper_au3check_parameters=-d -w 1 -w 2 -w 3 -w 4 -w 5 -w 6 #include <GuiConstantsEx.au3> #include <GuiListView.au3> #
  4. Hey everyone, I have written a script which I want to start together with the booting operating system (Win7x64). Like proposed by wiki-FAQ (https://www.autoitscript.com/wiki/FAQ) I tried the following: MsgBox(0,"TellMe",RegWrite("HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run", "ATOSS-FavoritenManager", "REG_SZ", @ScriptFullPath)?"SUCCESS":"Error: " & @error)It worked, just like putting a link into the windows autostart directory. Thing is, every other program in there needs some seconds to start after booting.
  5. Good day. I'm scripting Photoshop install. After the install is done, Photoshop may call for a system reboot. Problem is - there is still a bunch of stuff I'd like to do before that. So I need a UDF that would delay restart until the script finishes, or any advice on how to do it will work just as well. Tried OnAutoItExitRegister, but it delays reboot for XP only. I've searched the forum, but failed to find a really reliable UDF that'd work on Win7. I could have easily overlooked, I'm relatively new, thats why I'm asking for help. Thanks in advance.
  6. How do I make the click delay in maybe 1 second? If I got a position I want the mouse to go (like in MouseClick("left",100,100) how can I make the click be pressed down in maybe 1 second? Is it possible? Thanks in advance!
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