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Found 1 result

  1. Ever wanted to use Autoit to lock up your flash drive at home? Well here's the code for it. Code from user LvlUp and some minor modification from me. All props to LvlUp and his coding abilities and assistance with this code. Here's the main code: #NoTrayIcon #include <Misc.au3> #include <eject.au3> Opt("TrayMenuMode",1) $menu = TrayCreateItem("DriveLocker") $menu2 = TrayCreateItem("") $menuLock = TrayCreateItem("Lock Drive") $menuExit = TrayCreateItem("Exit") TraySetState() While 1 $letter = DriveGetDrive("REMOVABLE") If IsArray($letter) Then For $i = 1 to $letter[0] _Check($letter[$i]) Next EndIf $time = TimerInit() While TimerDiff($time) < 10000 $msg = TrayGetMsg() TrayItemSetState($msg,4) Select Case $msg = $menuLock _LockDrive() Case $msg = $menuExit Exit EndSelect Sleep(100) WEnd WEnd Func _Check($strDriveLetter) If FileExists($strDriveLetter & "\IAmLocked") Then _Unlock($strDriveLetter) EndFunc Func _Unlock($strDriveLetter) $strPassword = InputBox("Security Check", "Enter your password.", "", "*", "", "", @DesktopWidth/2, @DesktopHeight/2,15, "passwordBox") ToolTip("Enter Password NOW.") _MouseTrap(@DesktopWidth, @DesktopHeight-100) If ($strPassword = "password") Then _MouseTrap() FileDelete($strDriveLetter & "\IAmLocked") _ReAnimate($strDriveLetter) Else EjectVolume($strDriveLetter) _MouseTrap() EndIf EndFunc Func _ReAnimate($strDriveLetter) ;Closes the autoplay window if open WinClose("AutoPlay") EndFunc Func _LockDrive() $letter = DriveGetDrive("REMOVABLE") If IsArray($letter) Then For $i = 1 To $letter[0] If MsgBox(36,"Lock This Drive?","Do you wish to lock the " & StringUpper($letter[$i]) & " drive?") = 6 Then FileWrite($letter[$i] & "\IAmLocked","Locked") EjectVolume($letter[$i]) EndIf Next EndIf EndFunc And the includes file for eject.au3 #Region ;**** Directives created by AutoIt3Wrapper_GUI **** #AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_requestedExecutionLevel=asInvoker #EndRegion ;**** Directives created by AutoIt3Wrapper_GUI **** #include <WinApi.au3> ;Prototypes ;BOOL EjectVolume(TCHAR cDriveLetter); ;HANDLE OpenVolume(TCHAR cDriveLetter); ;BOOL LockVolume(HANDLE hVolume); ;BOOL DismountVolume(HANDLE hVolume); ;BOOL PreventRemovalOfVolume(HANDLE hVolume, BOOL fPrevent); ;BOOL AutoEjectVolume(HANDLE hVolume); ;BOOL CloseVolume(HANDLE hVolume); ;StringFormat Output $szVolumeFormat = "\\\\.\\%s" $szRootFormat = "%s\\" $szErrorFormat = "Error %d: %s\n" ;------------------------------------------ ;Arbitrary variables ;;Global Const $INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE = 0 ;------------------------------------------ ;DeviceIoControl Contants Global Const $FSCTL_LOCK_VOLUME = int(0x090018) Global Const $FSCTL_DISMOUNT_VOLUME = int(0x00090020) Global Const $IOCTL_STORAGE_EJECT_MEDIA = int(0x002D4808) Global Const $IOCTL_STORAGE_MEDIA_REMOVAL = int(0x002D4804) ;------------------------------------------ ;Retry Constants Global Const $LOCK_TIMEOUT = 10000 ; 10 Seconds Global Const $LOCK_RETRIES = 20 ;$OpenVolume = InputBox("Ejecting...", "Enter the drive to eject", "G:") ;ConsoleWrite("Trying to Eject the drive " & EjectVolume($OpenVolume) & @crlf) Func ReportError($szMsg) ConsoleWrite(StringFormat($szErrorFormat, _WinAPI_GetLastErrorMessage (), $szMsg) & @CRLF) Exit EndFunc ;==>ReportError Func OpenVolume($cDriveLetter) ;HANDLE hVolume ;UINT uDriveType ;TCHAR szVolumeName[8] ;TCHAR szRootName[5] ;DWORD dwAccessFlags $szRootName = StringFormat($szRootFormat, $cDriveLetter) $uDriveType = DriveGetType($szRootName); ConsoleWrite($szRootName & @tab & $uDriveType & @crlf) Switch $uDriveType Case "Removable" $dwAccessFlags = 6 Case "CDROM" $dwAccessFlags = 2 Case Else ConsoleWrite("Cannot eject. Drive type is incorrect." & @CRLF) Return $INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE EndSwitch $szVolumeName = StringFormat($szVolumeFormat, $cDriveLetter) ;$szVolumeName = $szVolumeFormat & $cDriveLetter ConsoleWrite($szVolumeName & @crlf ) $hVolume = _WinAPI_CreateFile ($szVolumeName, 2,$dwAccessFlags, 6) #cs hVolume = CreateFile( szVolumeName, dwAccessFlags, FILE_SHARE_READ | FILE_SHARE_WRITE, NULL, OPEN_EXISTING, 0, NULL ); #ce If ($hVolume == $INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE) Then ReportError("CreateFile"); Return $hVolume; EndFunc ;==>OpenVolume Func CloseVolume($hVolume) Return _WinAPI_CloseHandle ($hVolume); EndFunc ;==>CloseVolume Func LockVolume($hVolume) Local $dwBytesReturned Local $dwSleepAmount Local $nTryCount local $iRead $dwSleepAmount = $LOCK_TIMEOUT / $LOCK_RETRIES; ; Do this in a loop until a timeout period has expired For $nTryCount = 0 To $nTryCount < $LOCK_RETRIES If _Device_Control($hVolume, $FSCTL_LOCK_VOLUME, $iRead) Then Return True Else Sleep($dwSleepAmount); EndIf Next Return False; EndFunc ;==>LockVolume Func DismountVolume($hVolume) ConsoleWrite("Dismount " & $hVolume & @crlf) Local $dwBytesReturned, $iRead local $aResult = _Device_Control($hVolume, $FSCTL_DISMOUNT_VOLUME, $iRead) ;msgbox(0,"",$aResult) Return $aResult ;Return $dwBytesReturned EndFunc ;==>DismountVolume Func PreventRemovalOfVolume($hVolume, $fPreventRemoval) Local $dwBytesReturned Local $aResult Local $lpInbuffer,$nInBufferSize,$lpOutBuffer,$nOutBufferSize,$lpOverlapped $PMRBUFFER = DllStructCreate("bool PreventMediaRemoval") DllStructSetData($PMRBUFFER,"PreventMediaRemoval",$fPreventRemoval) $lpBytesReturned = DllStructCreate("int Read") $pRead = DllStructGetPtr($lpBytesReturned, "Read") $aResult = Dllcall("kernel32.dll","int","DeviceIoControl","hwnd",$hVolume,"uint",$IOCTL_STORAGE_MEDIA_REMOVAL,"ptr",DllStructGetPtr($PMRBUFFER),"uint",DllStructGetSize($PMRBUFFER), _ "ptr",$lpOutBuffer,"uint",$nOutBufferSize,"ptr",$pRead,"ptr",$lpOverlapped) if $aResult = 0 then msgbox(0,"",_WinAPI_GetLastErrorMessage()) Return $aResult <> 0 ;& PMRBuffer, sizeof (PREVENT_MEDIA_REMOVAL), ;NULL, 0, ; & dwBytesReturned, ;NULL); EndFunc ;==>PreventRemovalOfVolume Func AutoEjectVolume($hVolume) Local $aResult, $iRead; $aResult = _Device_Control($hVolume, $IOCTL_STORAGE_EJECT_MEDIA, $iRead) Return $aResult EndFunc ;==>AutoEjectVolume Func EjectVolume($cDriveLetter) Local $hVolume; Local $fRemoveSafely = False; Local $fAutoEject = False; ; Open the volume. $hVolume = OpenVolume($cDriveLetter); If $hVolume == $INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE Then Return False ; Lock and dismount the volume. If LockVolume($hVolume) And DismountVolume($hVolume) Then $fRemoveSafely = True; ConsoleWrite("Volume Locked and Dismounted, trying to Eject " & @crlf) ; Set prevent removal to false and Eject the volume. If PreventRemovalOfVolume($hVolume, False) And AutoEjectVolume($hVolume) Then $fAutoEject = True; EndIf Else ConsoleWrite("Volume can't be locked or dismounted, please close possible opened files" & @crlf) EndIf ; Close the volume so other processes can use the drive. If CloseVolume($hVolume) = False Then Return False; EndIf If $fAutoEject Then ConsoleWrite(StringFormat("Media in drive %s has been ejected safely.\n", $cDriveLetter)) Else If $fRemoveSafely Then ConsoleWrite(StringFormat("Media in drive %s can be safely removed.\n", $cDriveLetter)) EndIf EndIf Return True; EndFunc ;==>EjectVolume Func _Device_Control($hDevice, $dwIoControlAutoit, ByRef $iRead) Local $aResult Local $lpInbuffer,$nInBufferSize,$lpOutBuffer,$nOutBufferSize,$lpOverlapped $tRead = DllStructCreate("int Data") $aResult = Dllcall("kernel32.dll","int","DeviceIoControl","hwnd",$hDevice,"uint",$dwIoControlAutoit,"ptr",$lpInBuffer,"uint",0, _ "ptr",$lpOutBuffer,"uint",0,"ptr",DllStructGetPtr($tRead),"ptr",$lpOverlapped) $iRead = DllStructGetData($tRead, "Data") ConsoleWrite("Device Control " & $iRead & @CRLF) Return $aResult<>0 EndFunc ;==>_Device_Control Enjoy.
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