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Found 18 results

  1. This is an small script to Control Android Devices by USB using adb, you can use it with phones with a Cracked Screen or not working Touch Screen. What it Does: - Show your Android Screen on your Desktop. - Allow you to Swipe or Tap on the screen. - Allow you to send BACK button event. - Allow you to send WakeUp event. - Allow you to move in List Menu using Swipe gestures or Mouse Wheel Forward or Backward. - Refresh Screen with Wheel Click(Wheel Down)(To update your device screen on your desktop view). - Allow you to unlock your Device with Pattern only 3 points pattern for
  2. Edit: If you already read this post, I updated it to better fit the scope of what I want to do. My goal is to be able to read the raw output from a usb type controller (or mouse or keyboard, don't want it to be controller-only) so i can see how / what changes when i hit buttons. I've gotten as far as finding HID page documentation and documentation for the device Struct, but I don't know where to go from here How do I tell what and Useage to use for any given controller / Keyboard / Mouse? How do I get a list of all HID devices connected and their UsagePage / Usage? How d
  3. Hi, i searched the forum to communicate with a logitech G600 without using Shortcuts or Default Mouse Keys. the code below lets u use your sidekeys whenever you press down the ring key. before using the code you will have to unassign the keys in the logitech mouse driver software. The source of my code is a wacom usb script, wich was heavily modified to work. you might find some parts wierd, thats because this is my first attempt to communicate via raw hid. #Region ;**** Directives created by AutoIt3Wrapper_GUI **** #AutoIt3Wrapper_Change2CUI=y #EndRegion ;****
  4. I know that this theme was discussed several times but I read all These threats with no helping result. I have two pieces of TEMPer1F USB Thermometer. It is a Standard Windows HID device with no add. Driver needed. With the device I got an App reading from it and showing Graphs and much more and which can handle several devices. With the Software came also a RDingUSB.dll file handling the communication with the device. I can call the dll without any error. But the Problem is how to Access the device using the DLL and Access more than one of same VID/PID by Serial
  5. Hello, I can easily find my modem comport number using the code below:- #include <FileConstants.au3> #include <MsgBoxConstants.au3> #include <WinAPIFiles.au3>    Global $key = RegRead("HKLM\HARDWARE\DEVICEMAP\SERIALCOMM","\Device\ssudmdm0000")     Local $iError = 0     If @error Then        ; The server is probably offline/port is not opened on the server.        $iError = @error         MsgBox(BitOR($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, $M
  6. Hi. I have several different devices connected to my desktop PC with USB COM adapters. Sometimes there is some error that will cut my USB COM device communication (usualy caused by lose USB connector)... After reconnecting that USB COM adapter, by some reason, Windows will give it different COM port number. I know there are some devices with integrated COM port circuit and they are used by client programs that can found them and only them by some USB hardware relate details and then use their COM port to communicate with correct COM device. It would be better
  7. Connect Android phone > enable USB file transfer > go to My Computer, there's an icon, but no drive letter - this is normal. Open phone icon > go to Internal Storage > go to DCIM > copy all files and folders to computer. Now, I want a quick AutoIt script / windows batch to do this automatically. Get USB path with this - it works OK: #include <WinAPICom.au3> Global Const $sCLSID_PortableDeviceManager = "{0af10cec-2ecd-4b92-9581-34f6ae0637f3}" Global Const $sIID_IPortableDeviceManager = "{a1567595-4c2f-4574-a6fa-ecef917b9a40}" Glo
  8. This peace of code does not work. I'm trying to copy all my usb files to desktop. What is wrong with it? DirCopy("E:", @DesktopDir & "\Backups\MyWork", $FC_OVERWRITE) ;Tried also this, not working. DirCopy("E:\", @DesktopDir & "\Backups\MyWork\", $FC_OVERWRITE)
  9. How do I close a usb pop up window with auto it. If one plugs in a usb a pop up window appears like "would you like to check and repait the device..." The window has a window class of #32770, since I have to open permanently another window with that same class, I cannot WinClose("[#32770]"). Is it possible to close the window with it's Basic Control Info Class? In this case it would be 'DirectUIHWND'
  10. Just like it says in the title. A scripter from my company gave me a script to make it run, but he's not around anymore, and my drive finally failed with no working backup. I run PortableRoboForm (http://www.roboform.com/for-usb-roboform2go-windows) version 6 from a USB drive to automate password management for hundreds of accounts with different passwords.RoboForm lets me do this, and they even have a Portable version, but it's not that portable and I'd like to use it inside a PortableApps (http://portableapps.com/) launcher. I'd like to create a script to go to the root of the USB drive and
  11. I want to know that is there any way to detect an USB device when it gets plugged into the system and call some function connected to that event? I was able to do this using C#, there is a class available, but I am wondering if the same can be done with autoIT by any chance. Thank You
  12. I had problem differentiating drives of system and External drives as they're both of same type - "FIXED" when using DriveGetDrive and DriveGetType, so managed to make a small script to detect External ones. Im a newb, so you may will find silly, unnecessary code which could have been done better with smart work instead of hard work, if you know what i mean #include <Array.au3> Local $drivelist = DriveGetDrive("FIXED"), $addspace = 0, $getspace, $systemdrives, $externaldrives ;~ _ArrayDisplay($drivelist) findexthdd() Func findexthdd() RunWait(@ComSpec & " /c " & 'wmic diskd
  13. Ever wanted to use Autoit to lock up your flash drive at home? Well here's the code for it. Code from user LvlUp and some minor modification from me. All props to LvlUp and his coding abilities and assistance with this code. Here's the main code: #NoTrayIcon #include <Misc.au3> #include <eject.au3> Opt("TrayMenuMode",1) $menu = TrayCreateItem("DriveLocker") $menu2 = TrayCreateItem("") $menuLock = TrayCreateItem("Lock Drive") $menuExit = TrayCreateItem("Exit") TraySetState() While 1 $letter = DriveGetDrive("REMOVABLE") If IsArray($letter) Then For $i = 1 to $letter[0] _Che
  14. Hi, I'm trying to develope a program to safely eject an USB device. I have tried a lot of way but there was no satisfactory result. I used to consult wraithdu's script here : but that script wasn't work on my Win7 machine, then I heard someone talk about Devcon, then I started to explore it, I have scripted, tested for days and get nothing but errors. I used this command : devcon remove @usb\* to remove all removable devices but here the result goes : All failed? I have just plugged on two USB Kingmax and Transcend! I need some professional guys to solve the problem:D Thanks!
  15. Hi all, First of all, not sure whether to post this here or example scripts as although it works it does have a problem This is my first script I have made with AutoIT, its very basic but does some deployment tasks to make my life easier. Script: 2 Questions: 1, Why doesn't this part work? If the Computer has a floppy disk, the script still tries to read it even though I have specified no A:\ When it tries to read A:\ the files do not copy from the usb stick & then the script continues to add users to admins. ; Locate USB Drive & assigned drive letter, then cop
  16. I'm running Windows 7. I have an autorun.inf file on a removable drive that looks like this: [autorun] label=My Drive Label When I plug in that USB drive and open Windows Explorer, I see that drive properly labeled. It says "My Drive Label (G:)" next to the drive icon. However, I can't figure out how to read that label (without reading the ini file, of course). If I use DriveGetLabel("G:"), it returns the string that is stored when you right-click the drive and select properties and type in a label. I can't figure out how to make it return the label that is displayed in Windows Exp
  17. I have searched the forum and really can't find what I'm looking for. I would like to find a script that can scan a computer and find devices plugged into a USB port that DOESN'T have a drive letter. I can detect devices that have a drive letter without a problem, but what I'm looking for are devices that don't produce a drive letter but show up as say an "Audio Device". Some personal audio devices show up as a device of this type and they are not assigned a drive letter. This is what I want to find. A flatbed scanner would show up as an imaging device. Any help would be appreciat
  18. Note: This is completely unrelated to the program offered on TuCows and CNET, I named it without ever checking the title, and I may decide to change it at will. What Does it do? This program allows you to require a specific drive (USB preferably) to be connected to the computer to gain access while the program is running. Downloads: USBLock.zip (Includes Source code, Compiled version, and English .LANG file) UPDATES: (click "see post" to see notes on changes) Version 6: see post Version 5: see post Version 4: see post Version 3: see post Version 2: see post ----------------------------
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