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Found 10 results

  1. hi dears, i have an question please if you can help me. i maked an program to do some functions and this program works with the global hot keys i added an option to the users to change the hot keys when i searched about how to do that i found this UDF GUIHotkey.au3 http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=107965 but the problem here that this UDF cant be detect the win key. can you help me to add it, or if there are any others UDFSS wich do that work please give me some. i hope that my question is clear for you. thanks in advance
  2. Hello, I wrote a benchmark script to measure variable declarations to find out whether you should focus more on static or global variables #cs ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- AutoIt Version: #ce ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- #Region Pre-Setting Local $iTally1 = 0 Local $iTally2 = 0 Local $iTally3 = 0 Local $iTally4 = 0 Local $iTally5 = 0 Local $iTally6 = 0 Local $iTally7 = 0 Global $GLOBALCONST1 = 1 Global $GLOBALCONST2 = 1 Global $GLOBALCONST3 = 1 Global $G
  3. Hello everyone, I discovered a bug yesterday and I posted it at the bug tracker: I also made a simple script which can be used to reproduce the bug: CreateVariable() ConsoleWrite($sGlobalVariable & @CRLF) Func CreateVariable() Global $sGlobalVariable = "Foobar" EndFunc The bug was closed by @BrewManNH: While I partially agree with the above statement, My code was not practical enough... so @mLipok advised me to create a thread on the forums with practical code (Thanks!). That is the point of this thread, I am going to provide the code where I expe
  4. I'm trying to use #OnAutoItStartRegister to modify the Global variable, but it seems it doesn't work, is that on purpose, that those callback functions cannot modify anything except in their own scope?
  5. An example (or one variation at least) that I created in a discussion we (devs/mods) were having about protecting global variables. ; An enumeration for the getters and setters, as I hate having to write zero and one Global Enum $VERSION_WRAPPER_GET, $VERSION_WRAPPER_SET ; Unused, as I have hidden behind functions, so users who might feel the need to do this $g_iVersion = 'Haha, I''m no a number', can't! ; Global $g_iVersion = 0 ; Basically this is encapsulation and is just one of many principals found in Object Oriented Programming (OOP) ; NOTE: There is no way
  6. Atom Table UDF Local and Global Atom Table Since I've had this collecting dust on my computer, I figured I'd release it to see if anyone can find some use for it. About Atom Tables - MSDN Example Global Atom Table Listing Basically, a bunch of strings can be stored locally (at program level) or globally (at O/S level) with unique numerical identifiers. This UDF lets you add, find, delete, and query these atoms. Description from the top of the AtomFunctions UDF: ---------------------------------------------------------------- Functions for accesing Local and Global Atom Tab
  7. Hello FellowForumers I have some questions about this subject and Although I have researched about i have some problems let it sink in proper Although i have basic understanding of Global and Local I Still have questions to be absolute sure: #include <Array.au3> Global $TSAB[20] While 1 trading() If $TSAB[19] = True Then MsgBox(0,"","Thank you AutoIT Forum ^^ ") ;~ If $TSAB[19] = True then Exit WEnd func trading() $TSAB[19] = "" $TSAB[7] = "" while 1 _ArrayDisplay($TSAB) $TSAB[7] = "done" _ArrayDisplay($TSAB) If $TSAB[7] = "Done" Then $TSAB = ClientDoneCommand()
  8. Hi, I am having issues understanding something in the tutorial Melba23 gave me. At the bottom of page 22- What are Dim, Global. Local, and Scope? What do they do?
  9. Playing around a bit with this idea. Note: Needs at least AutoIt version (#1257: Fix bugs in Static array handling) Func My_Statics($sName, $vData = '') ;; parameter checkups If 1 Then ;; ... If Not IsString($sName) Then Return SetError(2) ;; name -> string only. If Not $sName Then Return SetError(3) ;; name -> no empty string. ;If StringInStr($sName, ' ') then Return SetError(4) ;; block spaces in names. ... etc ;; not checking for additional odd name cases. (presuming general valid variable name cases.) ;; note: name string are not case-sensitive in this case.
  10. Below is my script. Can you please tell me why I keep getting exit code 0, and the script stops? I'm expecting it to just idle in the background and await my hotkey pressing. Global $Paused HotKeySet("F7", "Cycle2") HotKeySet("F8", "Cycle1") HotKeySet("F9", "Cycle3") Func Cycle3() $Paused = NOT $Paused MouseClick("left", 920, 755, 1, 25) ;taskbar MouseClick("left", 776, 598, 1, 25) ;region MouseClick("left", 575, 565, 1, 25) ;pgdown MouseClickDrag("left", 325, 310, 500, 575, 25) Exit 0 EndFunc Func Cycle2() $Paused = NOT $Paused MouseClick("left", 920, 755, 1, 25) ;task
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