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Found 1 result

  1. Opera Library

    Version 1.08


    Opera Browser Automation UDF Library! 32 (and more to go) adapted functions to manipulate the most common routines for Opera Browser! Note: This UDF Library tested on Opera versions: 8.54-9.5, 10.63.3516, few critical functions tested also on 11.x-12.x. Change Log: v1.08 [21.Jun.2013] Fixed issue with getting opera profile path (mostly related to _OperaGetMailDir). v1.07 [04.Jun.2013] + Added _OperaGetDownloadsDir function. + Added _OperaGetSessionFiles function. + Added global $i_Opera_SearchAllDrives variable to allow profile dir detection on other drives. Usefull when installed more than one OS. + Added global $s_Opera_ProfileDir variable to specify custom profile dir (this variable should be empty if you need to use _OperaGetProfileDir). Fixed few functions to work better with new Opera versions. Fixed internal __Opera_GetOperaPageHandle function (used in public _OperaScreenCapture function). v1.06 [12.Jul.2012] Fixed _OperaGetDir function: - To be compatible with x64 system. - Changed/expanded parameters, now used $iFlag to determine the function behavior, see function header for more details. _OperaIsRuning function renamed to _OperaIsRunning. Old function name still supported. Renamed internal functions to __Opera_*. v1.05 [08.Jul.2012] Fixed _OperaGetTitle function, the title was incorrect if $sOpDir was specified and $iRet <> 2. Fixed __Correct_Opera_Path internal function to replace back slashes (/). v1.04 [26.Jun.2011] Fixed following functions to be more compatible with Opera 11.x: _OperaGetProfileDir _OperaMultiUserModeIsOn _OperaGetUserJSDir __Correct_Opera_Path Fixed major bugs with recognizing Opera Dir (if $sOpDir parameter is passed as wrong Opera dir path). Fixed _OperaGetUserJSDir function (now working better with relative pathes). Renamed and changed _Opera_Integration_Example function. Now it's considered active function and named _Opera_Integration_Module. Changed _OperaSelectFolder function. Added new optional parameter $hParent. Changed _OperaAddMenuItem and _OperaRemoveMenuItem functions. Added new optional parameter $iBackup. Fixed _OperaAddMenuItem function. Encoding issues. + Added _OperaGetCacheDir function. + Added optional $iGetLastInstallPath parameter to _OperaGetDir function. If this parameter is 1, then function will try to detect the last installed Opera path, instead of the path that Opera.exe was last time launched from. v1.03 [16.May.2011] UDF renamed to Opera.au3. Fixed _OperaScreenCapture function (now compatible with Opera 10.6, but still having an issue with capturing panels). Fixed few major issues with getting preference file's pathes. Fixed _OperaGetDir() function. Fixed _OperaGetProfileDir() function (errors when getting profile dir on multiuser mode). Changed _OperaFindDir function. - Now the $sInitPath parameter can accept pathes (delimited with "|"). - Now -1 as second parameter ($iRetCount) tels to the function to return all found Opera dirs. - Also the function now works faster. + Opera 10.6 support. + Added _OperaToggleMenuItemState function. + Added optional $sStandard_Name parameter to _OperaSetConfigFile function: If this parameter is a string (default is -1), then it's used as standard file name (instead of "standard_" & $sConfig_Prefix & ".ini"). v1.02 [03.Jul.2009] Now compatible with AutoIt + Opera 10 support. + Added _OperaGetBookmarksFile() function. + Added _OperaScreenCapture() function... ATTENTION: supported only for v3.2.10.0 or higher, due to (lack of) callback support. + Added _OperaAddMenuItem()/_OperaRemoveMenuItem() function. Fixed few function to read relative paths in opera prefs file. v1.01 [5.Jan.2008] Now compatible with AutoIt Variable names and spell corrections. + Added 2 more UDFs: _OperaRestart() _OperaMultiUserModeIsOn() v1.0 [28.Dec.2007] First Release..