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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, just a little script I find useful. Always wanted to have an easy way to copy/mirror a complete folder with some kind of progressbar. Since robocopy is reliable and pre-installed in windows 10, it's the easiest way to achieve a copy of a folder. But there is no gui, the plain dosbox looks ugly... so I came up with this. It's a simple script, some would call it a stupid wrapper. The only interesting part of it is the ability to display progressbars for copied bytes and copied files. The script launches robocopy two times: at the first run, robocopy gets called with t
  2. Hello Everyone, Please pardon my noobiness. I am working on backup restore script where a progress bar is required. I have tried using following code which works fine with folders but not really with single file because robocopy Func CopyFolder($srcDir, $destDir, $part) ;======> $part shows whats being copied (e.g. Desktop, Documents etc.) If StringRight($srcDir, 1) = "\" Then $srcDir = StringLeft($srcDir, StringLen($srcDir) - 1) If Not FileExists($destDir) Then DirCreate($destDir) $srcSize = DirGetSize($srcDir, $DIR_EXTENDED) $1_percent = $srcSize[0] / 100 $c
  3. Hi I need your help I need download backup from 200 remote pc. I calculate that I can download 20 backups in one time. I need to create loop, take localizations from txt file and start 20 downloads in one time (i want use ShellExecute and robocopy), after finish one from running 20 take another localizations from txt file until localizations finish. And I need trigger if is 7:00 pause script. I hope you know what I mean Many thanks for help, sorry for my english. This is what I got: #include <MsgBoxConstants.au3> #include <WinAPIFiles.au3> #include <FileCon
  4. Hi everyone, I'm currently writing a script that will execute some Robocopy batches among what has been ticked by the Technician. The script is divided in two files (the main & the functions) but the thing is that I have to write multiple lines for all controls, as you can see in the functions file. 1- Is there a way to shorten this? 2- To avoid writing bunch of lines to check whether checkboxes are checked and to lunch appropriate bat, is there also a way to go quicker when clicking on the submit button? (will be implemented in the SubmitCopyChoice() Function) Thanks guys for all the hel
  5. Hello, I am trying to add the following parameters to Robocopy embedded in an the Autoit script below: /S /COPY:DT /R:4 /LOG+:"C:Script.log" Any suggestions how to add it? Thanks in advance! RunWait(@ComSpec & ' /k ' & 'robocopy.exe "' & $SR1 & '" "' & $DS1 & '" ' & $PLC, @SystemDir)
  6. TinyBackupBox : Do a Backup of folders you want to a local/external drive/directory by using Robocopy. A Big Thank to Yashield for TVExplorer.au3 and WinApiEx.au3 Includes needed : >TVExplorer.au3 and >WinApiEx.au3 * Left Treeview : Check all folders Checkboxes you want to backup. Hold Shift key when clicking a first child Checkbox will check all other child Checkboxes. A right click on a parent item will uncheck all his child Checkboxes. * Right Treeview : A left click for select Backup Directory. A right click menu on an item for create a new sub-folder which
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