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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, if an IP address is not reachable then TCPConnect lasts about 21 seconds for me the return with the error. Now I wrote a function using my socket_UDF to set a timeout if the IP address cannot be reached. Have fun. _TCPConnectTimeout example #include "socket_UDF.au3" Global $iTimerStart, $iSock Global $TestIP = "" Global $TestPort = 800 Global $ConnectionTimeout = 1000 _WSAStartup() Global $iTimerStart = TimerInit() $iSock = _TCPConnectTimeout($TestIP, $TestPort, $ConnectionTimeout) ConsoleWrite("_TCPConnectTimeout error: " & @error & " / new socket: " & $iSock
  2. Hi. I'm a teacher and I do a lot of tutorials and other presentations on my computer. I've developed a tool using AutoIt and Adobe AIR to display all the shortcuts I use while I'm presenting. According to the forum rules this would mean that I've developed a keylogger, so I can't show any of the code, but I'm still hoping someone will help me solve an issue I'm having - a memory leak (or at least I think that's it). I can see the application is taking up more and more memory, but it never goes super crazy. I think it was at 25 MB at one point and that was it. However I see that the longer the
  3. Hello, I have a problem, I downloaded example of TCP Server and Client, but client doesn't work, It shows TCPConnect 10060 error (timeout), I tried to turn on two servers, I think server work, because one server show 10048 error(Address already in use) I don't know why it doesn't work, I edited that script, but it doesn't work still. I tried TCPConnect and TCPAccept from AutoIt3\Examples\Helpfile, but TCPConnect shows error 10060(timeout)... Anybody knows how to fix it? Thanks ; SERVER #include <Array.au3> TCPStartup() Dim $Socket_Data[1] $Socket_Data[0] = 0 $Listen = TCPListen(@
  4. Hi. I'm working on a script to "round robin" through a list of Terminal Servers. the PC's host names are like "PC1", "PC2", "PC3", ... at each site, so I just use the "number suffix" to determine, which TS server shall be tried for *THIS* PC first, 2nd, 3rd (done, no problem). The issue is showing up, when a TS-Server is *NOT* available. Setting opt("tcptimeout",50) doesn't speed up the process, but I don't think, this is autoit related: it always takes quite a number of seconds to get the result, also with several other tools I've tried, that make use of the Win network APIs. So I suspect,
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