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Found 9 results

  1. Hey guys, I am very new to using AutoIt and wrote my first little script today after reading bits and pieces on the docs. The script is designed to make an ugly batch operation a bit more user friendly for the people in the office. I have a batch file that consists of: @echo off net use B: /delete net use B: \\\Share /user:domain\username It is used to log a user onto a secure share drive on my NAS. I have spoofed the share location etc. however. My AutoIt Script is: Local $passwd = InputBox("Attempting to Access B:", "Enter your password.", "", "*","M") Run("C
  2. good morning sirs. please i have a request from you. i have an variable to Read a data from a file this data is Encrypted and when i read it i Decrypte it. for that i need a function to Write a ini data to string. ;#Function# ===================================================================================================================== ; Name............: _IniReadFromString ; Description.....: Returns the value of a key in a specific section of an ini-formatted string ; Syntax..........: _IniReadFromString($szInput, $szSection, $szKey, $Default) ; Parame
  3. Hello my friends I am a totally blind young man for easier to read books and articles Among the blind i has programmed a tool This tool converts text to audio with the possibility to save it into a wav or mp3 file It is also compatible with all persons, whether blind or ordinary I have completed the work of this tool and want to take your opinion i Especially published here for anyone looking about how to convert text to speech, I will put this tool open source for you I want to know what your think about it and if it need any other additions? Note : This tool converts te
  4. Hi dear I want create retractable bar using autoit I tried creating slider, but there's a problem with screen reader for the blind, so is there another retractable tape? It is advisable to not accept dragging with the keybord only with mouse note: This bar is needed in the process of raising and lowering the volume I hope that there is a solution to do that i waiting your responses. Thanks in advance to all members and administrators
  5. Hello my friends I have an urgent question, please help. How do I select all the text in the edit or input And how to get the currently selected text Please help urgently Greetings and thanks for all
  6. hello, now i have a script and need it to stop it's function when "F3" is pressed. but i don't know what's wrong check that: HotKeySet("{F2}", "MSG") HotKeySet("{F3}", "xt") Func MSG() $chk = 1 while 1 MsgBox(0, "TEST", "1") MsgBox(0, "TEST", "2") MsgBox(0, "TEST", "3") MsgBox(0, "TEST", "4") MsgBox(0, "TEST", "5") $chk = 0 wend EndFunc ;==>MSG Func xt() $chk = 0 EndFunc ;==>xt While 1 Sleep(200) WEnd EDIT: I want it stop wherever which msgbox running whether msg1 or msg2 etc..
  7. Hey everybody. I have been using GUIOnEventMode for a while now, and have never come across this problem. When I am running my script, if I click a button with an event assigned to it, then it seems to queue the events until I right click on the autoit tray icon and tell it to exit, and then it runs the appropriate events for the functions, and then continues to run the script until it reaches the next GUI, and then the same happens. This is the script (Ofcourse I have removed the company name from it though). I am using on Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, running the 32 bit AutoIT Exe
  8. I really want to make a GUI that when you type a text in the Input box and click a button a Notepad should pop up and the text you wrote in the GUI input box appears in the Notepad. I've tried this for an hour now and could not figure out how to do it correctly. It seems that it's giving me errors and when I'm correcting those errors I'm getting no where. Please help modify my code below: Thank You.
  9. Hey all So I was trying to change a file name using FileMove, but it didn't work for me. (Maybe I just didn't use it in the right way?) Is there another way to change a file name? Thank you!
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