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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, I solved it - only had to add a sleep for 10 seconds or so to make sure the shell could see the I.P. address change. I'm working in Windows PE environment (10.0.10586). I think I have some permissions issue related to AutoIT I've tried with Net Share and with DriveMapAdd - neither work. So finally I made the script output a batch file with a pause and what I found is that in WinPE, the batch file behaves differently if it's run at the command prompt or if it is spawned by AutoIT. If spawned by AutoIT, the net use command gives error 1231 "The network location ca
  2. I'm attempting to cobble together a replacement for the 64bit version of BGInfo that will run within WinPE 10/64. I've located a couple useful threads: Between the two, they get me close (see code below), but for some reason GDI+ is not working the same within WinPE as it does in Windows 10. Bottomline is that the "Text" never get's written to WallPaper. Here is what I have thus far. Any thoughts if any of the GDI commands might not work within WinPE? Any other way to achieve the same result (system information on the wallpaper in WinPE 10)? #include <GDIPlus.au3> #incl
  3. In one of my scripts, I needed to know, where Windows was installed at. I know there is several ways to this already, but I was thinking that I would share how I do it using WMI. If anyone has any suggestions or comment on the code, feel free to do so. Code: #include <File.au3> Local $STR_DRIVE = GetWindowsDrive() If @error Then MsgBox(@extended, "Result", "Unable to locate Windows", 0) Else MsgBox(@extended, "Result", "Windows is located at: " & $STR_DRIVE, 0) EndIf Exit Func GetWindowsDrive() Local $WMI_GET = ObjGet(
  4. Hi everyone, Here is my script that does the job of the original BootSectGui. I wrote it because I needed a BootSectGui that works in WinPE x64 environment. The original works only in x86 envoronment. It is free to use, modify and distribute. I coded first in French and then in English, it may have some mistranslation. In the 7z attached file you have these files: BootSectGui - original - Main.png -> The original Main window of BootSectGui BootSectGui - original - Log.png -> The original Log window of BootSectGui BootSectGui - original.exe -> The original
  5. I've been getting reports from manufacturing that some of our applications have been generating an error, such as: AUTOIT ERROR LINE 1165(X:\windows\system32\program.exe) ERROR: Subscript used w/ non-array variable
  6. Hi, I've created a custom tool for use in a Windows PE enviroment. Because of the number of buttons in use in de UI, I've planned on using the splitbutton in de UI. When I test the script under Windows, the button works perfectly, but when the button is tested under Windows PE, de button appears correctly (with dropdown arrow), but no dropdown menu is showing when the button is pressed. Is there a special requirement for this dropdown menu, that is not available under Windows PE? It's a Windows PE 3.1 (Win Vista/7) enviroment, so I think it should work. Code for the button: $doPC = _GUICt
  7. Ok I'm starting work on a project that will be automating chkdsk under a Windows PE based enviroment. Since the final project will be open source, I'm inviting people to join the team in helping make it a successful project and once it's developed to a 1.0 stage, it will mostly be bugfixes/corrections from there on out. I have already made a basic GUI that I will attach to the thread later when I'm at the computer I have it saved on. The goals of the project: Make a functioning GUI that automatically runs chkdsk after drive selections are madeWill log all output to a location specified by the
  8. I have a project I'm working on, as part of a maintenance disk. I want to make a GUI for automating chkdsk startup, as in I run the GUI, then I select what drives I'm wanting to chkdsk. I want to run this from a PE based enviroment, I believe the disk I've chosen is a BartPE based disk, if that matters. Here's where my issue comes into play. When I start the program I have it set to specify a log save location with a Save As box. That part works great, so I have it make the GUI. Here's the issue: When I'm making the GUI, I want it to grab the drive letters and use that as part of either Che
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