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Found 4 results

  1. just needed this post to get a clue of how well will this do as an alternative to searching the the array @deleting empty rows 1D & 2D speed wise Note: for the 1D the method doesn't work if the chosen delimiter exists in any of the array elements ..(not about the "|" one) So Here is an all around fast combo that includes @Inpho's _ArrayFindEmptyRows() that proved to be a very fast way for removing 2D empty rows
  2. Hi, i would like to specify the array range to delete some items in my array. I don't know why the resulting array is the same. Here is my code: While $last_index >= $first_index _ArrayDelete($aFile_Array_Original, $aFile_Array_Original[$last_index]) $last_index-=1 WEnd Is there any way to pass directly the range to ArrayDelete, avoiding the loop? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi Gents, Updating one of my older scripts here and cant get around this wall... I want to extract chunks from an larger array of indefinite size as smaller arrays in a loop and work with them individually and then move on to the the next "extracted array" until the original array is empty. The amount of elements in each extracted array will usually be different so I am using _ArraySearch to find my start and stop points and storing them as variables, which brings me to my problem. I want to "remove" (delete) the extracted array from the original array each time using _ArrayDelete but it doesnt seem to want me to use variables. Here is a reproducer: #include <Array.au3> Local $aArray[10] For $i = 0 To 9 $aArray[$i] = $i Next _ArrayDisplay($aArray, "Original") $i_Start = 0 $i_End = 5 Local $aExtract = _ArrayExtract($aArray, $i_Start, $i_End) _ArrayDisplay($aExtract, "Extracted Array") Local $vRange = $i_Start - $i_End _ArrayDelete($aArray, $vRange) ;==error 3 - $vRange is not a valid range string If @error Then MsgBox(0, "error =", @error) EndIf _ArrayDisplay($aArray, "After Deletion")Any suggestions would be appreciated :-) cya, Bill edit: the error I am getting is 3 - $vRange is not a valid range string edit 2: BTW this doesn't work either _ArrayDelete($aArray, $i_Start - $i_End)
  4. Good Morning AutoIT Gurus and Masters Slightly complicated array here... and infinite loop that I'm trying to output to a file after the values are matched up; then anything that doesn't match is deleted from the array and finally written to a file... This guy does an infinite loop... and I'm not sure why... I tried to put in message boxes - but there are 20K records so I couldn't click through that many. LOL. #RequireAdmin #include <array.au3> #include <file.au3> #include <Excel.au3> #include <MsgBoxConstants.au3> Global $WXYZArray01, $array01, $ProgramTitle, $sleeptime, $k01 $ProgramTitle = "Testing 1 2 3" $sleeptime = 1000 _FileReadToArray(@ScriptDir & "\" & "testing_output_csv_unique_values.csv", $array01, "", ",") ;_ArrayDisplay ($array01, "Array01") $aUniqueHostname = _ArrayUnique ($array01, 1) ;_ArrayDisplay ($aUniqueHostname, "UniqueHostname ") For $i01 = Ubound($aUniqueHostname) - 1 to 0 Step - 1 For $j01 = Ubound($array01) - 1 to 0 Step - 1 If $array01[$j01][1] == $aUniqueHostname[$i01] and StringRegExp($array01[$j01][5], "MY_VALUE") then MsgBox(0, "Computer and MY_VALUE", $aUniqueHostname[$i01] & " : " & $array01[$j01][5]) $FileName01 = @ScriptDir & "\" & $array01[$j01][3] & "_" & $aUniqueHostname[$i01] & "_" & $array01[$j01][2] & ".csv" MsgBox(0, "File Name", $FileName01) $WXYZArray01 = $array01 _ArrayDisplay ($WXYZArray01, "WXYZ Array") SplashTextOn($ProgramTitle, 'Generic - Please wait for loop to complete...', 400, 40, -1, -1, 2, "", 10) Sleep ($sleeptime) For $k01 = 0 To Ubound($WXYZArray01) - 1 ; MsgBox (0, "In the WXYZ loop", $WXYZArray01[$k01][1] & " : " & $aUniqueHostname[$i01]) If $WXYZArray01[$k01][1] <> $aUniqueHostname[$i01] Then ;MsgBox (0, "In the WXYZ loop - Delete", $WXYZArray01[$k01][1] & " : " & $aUniqueHostname[$i01]) _ArrayDelete($WXYZArray01, $k01) ;_ArrayDisplay ($WXYZArray01) $k01 -= 1 EndIf If $k01 = UBound($WXYZArray01) - 1 Then ExitLoop Next SplashOff() MsgBox (0, "Out of the WXYZ loop", "Out of the WXYZ loop - File Write From Array") _FileWriteFromArray($FileName01, $WXYZArray01, 1) ExitLoop EndIf Next Next I'm hoping someone here can tell me why at a glance... I'm a little burned out to see the answer... feeling toasty LOL Thank you everyone for your help!
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