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Found 5 results

  1. hello again, it has been a long time since i have been here and a long time since i last used autoit. ever so often when the time allows me to, then i follow up on an idea that i had a long time ago. i have done all the work on paper but now it is up to writing it in autoit and i keep stumbling over many little issues here and there. sometimes after a few days i will try again and get a step further but sometimes it just will not help no matter how long i try and think about a solution. for most of you it will be the basics but for me it is not all that easy, but at least i give it a try.
  2. Good Morning AutoIT Gurus and Masters Slightly complicated array here... and infinite loop that I'm trying to output to a file after the values are matched up; then anything that doesn't match is deleted from the array and finally written to a file... This guy does an infinite loop... and I'm not sure why... I tried to put in message boxes - but there are 20K records so I couldn't click through that many. LOL. #RequireAdmin #include <array.au3> #include <file.au3> #include <Excel.au3> #include <MsgBoxConstants.au3> Global $WXYZArray01, $array01, $ProgramTitle, $
  3. Hi i am trying to click on the next button in a setup that i need to use, only problem is it is not responding. Below the code and the info: $TITLE = "Setup - Lenovo Slim USB Keyboard Driver for Windows 7/XP/Vista" $SUB = "Welcome to the Lenovo Slim USB Keyboard Driver for Windows 7/XP/Vista Setup Wizard" WinWait($TITLE, $SUB) If Not WinActive($TITLE, $SUB) Then WinActivate($TITLE, $SUB) WinActive($TITLE, $SUB) Sleep(100) ControlClick($TITLE, $SUB, "[ID:264262]") Sleep(100) ControlClick($TITLE, $SUB, "button1") Sleep(100) ControlClick($TITLE, $SUB, "TNewButton:
  4. Hi all, A fast question, i need to make a For...Next, like this: For $x = 1 To 6 MsgBox(0,0, $x) Next But i want to make a version with zero like this: 01 02 03 ... 09 10 11 and one like this: 001 002 003 ... 009 010 011 ... 099 100 I have try to make the 0 before the variable but i have 010 011 in the first version and 0010 0011 in the second. Some suggestion? Thanks
  5. Hi, i have a for and can't stop it, using ExitLoop i don't see any reaction.. For $oLink in $oLinks $check = _StringBetween($oLink.href, $x1, $y1) If not @error Then $string=_ArrayToString($check) If $a = $string Then ExitLoop ; ==> HERE NEED TO STOP ElseIf $a < 9 Then $result = StringLeft($string, 1) Else $result = StringLeft($string, 2) EndIf EndIf Next ; ==> HERE need to go, by ignoring all rest of $oLinks Thanks alot
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