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Found 4 results

  1. $oExcel = ObjCreate("Excel.Application") $oExcel.Visible = 0 #include <MsgBoxConstants.au3> WinActivate("MyApplication") ;Make my application active Local $hWnd = WinWaitActive("MyApplication", "", 5) ;Waits for my application to be the active application $oExcel.Application.WorkBooks.Open("C:\Users\Charlie\Desktop\Data.xlsx") ;Opens an excel file local $iCell = $oExcel.Application.Cells(31,1).Value ;Reads the number from row 1, cell 31 of the open excel file If $hWnd Then For $a = 1 to $iCell Send("G*S/") Send($oExcel.Application.Cells($a,1).Value) Send("'SET/US") Sleep(1000) Send("{ENTER}") Sleep(2000) Send("MB") Send("{ENTER}") Sleep(2000) $file = @ScriptDir & "\DATA.log" $iNum = StringRegExp(FileRead($file), "(?sm).*^\h*(\d{1,3})", 1)[0] ;I am reading the last instance of 1-3 numeric values in the DATA.log file ConsoleWrite($iNum & @CRLF) ;;;This is what I want to add - I also want to read the second last line of the DATA.log file and keep looking for an error 'Invalid Request' ;;;If I find the error 'Invalid Request' then I go back to the start - If $hWnd Then ;;;If I do not find the error then proceed to the below steps If $hWnd Then For $i = 1 To $iNum Send("GSET"& $i &"/USR") Sleep(500) Send("{ENTER}") Sleep(1000) Next Else MsgBox(0, "", '"MyApplication" window not found.') EndIf Next EndIf $oExcel.Application.Quit In the above script, I want to add a condition after 'ConsoleWrite($iNum & @CRLF)'. If I find the text 'Invalid Request' in the second last line of the active DATA.log file then I go back to the start of the loop. However if I do not find the text 'Invalid Request' in the second last line of the Data.log file then i proceed to the further steps
  2. my esteemed autoits, i need your help once again. The bold and italics below are what i will be referring to. I need a message box to exit the script if Cancel is pressed and to continue the script if OK is pressed. I have tried multiple ways to do this to no avail. Can someone please breakdown how i go about this via Message box, and or Input box as I'm sure they will follow the same logic. I appreciate your time and assistance. Example: global $url, $username, $password, $sspassword $url = "https://securegateway.fairview.org" $username = "XXX" $password = "YYY" $sspassword = "ZZZ" #include <Constants.au3> #include <msgboxconstants.au3> ShellExecute ($url) WinWaitActive("window") send($username) send("{tab}") send($password) send("{enter}") msgbox($mb_okcancel, "Wait for the page to load then select OK to continue script", "Wait for the page to load then select OK to continue script") if($idok) send("+{tab 8}") send("{enter}") if ($idcancel) then Exit EndIf
  3. Hello, i am creating a program that 1. it will check if the computer is connected to the internet 2. will display a message if it is connected 3.if not connected then it will continue to check until the computer connects to the internet then it runs the function which would have been executed if the computer was connected to the internet. what i tried. i connected my computer to the internet and run the code. Which displayed the msgbox that am connected i later turn my internet off and run the cold , i saw it running in process list.. i waited for 5 minutes and it was still waiting for internet connection (running), but when i turned the internet on and got internet connectivity, the app just close without displaying the msg that am connected. Please need help where i went wrong. or if anything should be added. this is the code #AutoIt3Wrapper_icon=1.ico $ping = Ping("www.google.com") If Not @error Then MsgBox("", "AlexFing", "You are connect") Else Do $ping = Ping("www.google.com") Until Not @error EndIf
  4. Hello all, i have another question. My script not working, how is it correct ? Need script for this: If is Input 2 empty then call function odoslat() Else call function obrazok2() Thanks for help Func obrazok1() Local $oForm = _IEFormGetObjByName ($oIE, "formpridani") $obrazok1 = GUICtrlRead($Input1) $obrazok2 = GUICtrlRead($Input2) $oUpload = _IEGetObjByName($oForm, "souborp") Sleep (500) _IEAction($oUpload, "focus") Send("{SPACE}") Sleep (500) Send($obrazok1) Send("{Enter}") If $obrazok2 = (0) Then Call ("odoslat") Else Call ("obrazok2") EndIf EndFunc
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