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Found 5 results

  1. hello again, it has been a long time since i have been here and a long time since i last used autoit. ever so often when the time allows me to, then i follow up on an idea that i had a long time ago. i have done all the work on paper but now it is up to writing it in autoit and i keep stumbling over many little issues here and there. sometimes after a few days i will try again and get a step further but sometimes it just will not help no matter how long i try and think about a solution. for most of you it will be the basics but for me it is not all that easy, but at least i give it a try. right, down to business: here is my code: #include <MsgBoxConstants.au3> #include <StringConstants.au3> #include <Array.au3> #include <String.au3> ; ; PART 1: define replacements and check with msgbox ; Global $y, $z $y = "Yes" $z = "No" MsgBox(0,"replacements", $y & @CRLF & $z) ;the replacements in a message box ; ; PART 2: set the texts and check via console and msgbox ; Global $my1string = "abab" ;the first specified text MsgBox(0,"my1string", $my1string) ;the message box to output the first specified text Global $my2string = "icic" ;the second specified text MsgBox(0,"my2string", $my2string) ;the message box to output the second specified text ; ; PART 3: transform the strings to individual arrays ; $my1array = StringSplit($my1string, "") $my1array[0] = "" _ArrayDelete($my1array, 0) _ArrayDisplay($my1array, "my1array") ;the display of the first specified array $my2array = StringSplit($my2string, "") $my2array[0] = "" _ArrayDelete($my2array, 0) _ArrayDisplay($my2array, "my2array") ;the display of the first specified array ; ; PART 4: create an empty array for filling ; Global $OutputArray[4] $OutputArray[0] = "" _ArrayDisplay($OutputArray, "OutputArray") ;the display of the first specified array ; ; PART 5: compare & fill empty OutputArray with data after evaluation ; Global $i, $j, $k For $i = 0 to UBound($my1array) -1 For $j = 0 to UBound($my2array) -1 For $k = 0 to UBound($OutputArray) -1 If $my1array[$i] = "a" And $my2array[$j] = "i" Then $OutputArray[$k] = $y Else $OutputArray[$k] = $z EndIf Next Next Next _ArrayDisplay($OutputArray, "OutputArray") ;the display of the Newly filled Array In "Part 2" i make a string that is converted to an array in "Part 3" ... Now, I know that "a" and "i" are always in the exact same spot in both arrays and so i wanted to compare this and make a further array to document my findings by saying "yes" or "no" ... however my new array keeps saying just "no" allthough i can clearly see and know that it should say: yes no yes no my guess is that there is something wrong within my for-loops and that the counting is somehow "off" i guess that when the first for-loop is finished it reaches the second whilst the second for-loop is checking the first which would explain why it always says "no" instead of seeing the obvious. so my question would be: what is wrong with my for-loop? or where am i making an error that ultimately gives me the wrong results? help is much appreciated. kind regards roeselpi PS: sorry for my not so great english spelling ... stupid german sitting here trying out intermediate english skills.
  2. Good Morning AutoIT Gurus and Masters Slightly complicated array here... and infinite loop that I'm trying to output to a file after the values are matched up; then anything that doesn't match is deleted from the array and finally written to a file... This guy does an infinite loop... and I'm not sure why... I tried to put in message boxes - but there are 20K records so I couldn't click through that many. LOL. #RequireAdmin #include <array.au3> #include <file.au3> #include <Excel.au3> #include <MsgBoxConstants.au3> Global $WXYZArray01, $array01, $ProgramTitle, $sleeptime, $k01 $ProgramTitle = "Testing 1 2 3" $sleeptime = 1000 _FileReadToArray(@ScriptDir & "\" & "testing_output_csv_unique_values.csv", $array01, "", ",") ;_ArrayDisplay ($array01, "Array01") $aUniqueHostname = _ArrayUnique ($array01, 1) ;_ArrayDisplay ($aUniqueHostname, "UniqueHostname ") For $i01 = Ubound($aUniqueHostname) - 1 to 0 Step - 1 For $j01 = Ubound($array01) - 1 to 0 Step - 1 If $array01[$j01][1] == $aUniqueHostname[$i01] and StringRegExp($array01[$j01][5], "MY_VALUE") then MsgBox(0, "Computer and MY_VALUE", $aUniqueHostname[$i01] & " : " & $array01[$j01][5]) $FileName01 = @ScriptDir & "\" & $array01[$j01][3] & "_" & $aUniqueHostname[$i01] & "_" & $array01[$j01][2] & ".csv" MsgBox(0, "File Name", $FileName01) $WXYZArray01 = $array01 _ArrayDisplay ($WXYZArray01, "WXYZ Array") SplashTextOn($ProgramTitle, 'Generic - Please wait for loop to complete...', 400, 40, -1, -1, 2, "", 10) Sleep ($sleeptime) For $k01 = 0 To Ubound($WXYZArray01) - 1 ; MsgBox (0, "In the WXYZ loop", $WXYZArray01[$k01][1] & " : " & $aUniqueHostname[$i01]) If $WXYZArray01[$k01][1] <> $aUniqueHostname[$i01] Then ;MsgBox (0, "In the WXYZ loop - Delete", $WXYZArray01[$k01][1] & " : " & $aUniqueHostname[$i01]) _ArrayDelete($WXYZArray01, $k01) ;_ArrayDisplay ($WXYZArray01) $k01 -= 1 EndIf If $k01 = UBound($WXYZArray01) - 1 Then ExitLoop Next SplashOff() MsgBox (0, "Out of the WXYZ loop", "Out of the WXYZ loop - File Write From Array") _FileWriteFromArray($FileName01, $WXYZArray01, 1) ExitLoop EndIf Next Next I'm hoping someone here can tell me why at a glance... I'm a little burned out to see the answer... feeling toasty LOL Thank you everyone for your help!
  3. Hi i am trying to click on the next button in a setup that i need to use, only problem is it is not responding. Below the code and the info: $TITLE = "Setup - Lenovo Slim USB Keyboard Driver for Windows 7/XP/Vista" $SUB = "Welcome to the Lenovo Slim USB Keyboard Driver for Windows 7/XP/Vista Setup Wizard" WinWait($TITLE, $SUB) If Not WinActive($TITLE, $SUB) Then WinActivate($TITLE, $SUB) WinActive($TITLE, $SUB) Sleep(100) ControlClick($TITLE, $SUB, "[ID:264262]") Sleep(100) ControlClick($TITLE, $SUB, "button1") Sleep(100) ControlClick($TITLE, $SUB, "TNewButton:1") Sleep(100) ControlClick($TITLE, $SUB, "TNewButton1") Sleep(100) ControlClick($TITLE, $SUB, "[CLASS:TNewButton; INSTANCE:1]") Sleep(100) ControlClick($TITLE, $SUB, "[CLASSNN:TNewButton1]") Sleep(100) Send("{enter}") Sleep(100) ControlSend($TITLE, $SUB, "", "{enter}") I tried every way i could think of to click on the next button. Probably a couple of stupid attemds but you cant blame me for trying. >>>> Window <<<< Title: Setup - Lenovo Slim USB Keyboard Driver for Windows 7/XP/Vista Class: TWizardForm Position: 2219, 415 Size: 503, 389 Style: 0x16CA0000 ExStyle: 0x00010100 Handle: 0x00000000001F066E >>>> Control <<<< Class: TNewButton Instance: 1 ClassnameNN: TNewButton1 Name: Advanced (Class): [CLASS:TNewButton; INSTANCE:1] ID: 461326 Text: &Next > Position: 327, 327 Size: 75, 23 ControlClick Coords: 29, 14 Style: 0x54010001 ExStyle: 0x00000000 Handle: 0x0000000000070A0E >>>> Mouse <<<< Position: 2578, 782 Cursor ID: 0 Color: 0xE8E8E8 >>>> StatusBar <<<< >>>> ToolsBar <<<< >>>> Visible Text <<<< Welcome to the Lenovo Slim USB Keyboard Driver for Windows 7/XP/Vista Setup Wizard This will install Lenovo Slim USB Keyboard Driver for Windows 7/XP/Vista version on your computer. It is recommended that you close all other applications before continuing. Click Next to continue, or Cancel to exit Setup. &Next > Cancel Hope you guys can point me in the right direction... *EDIT*: After posting i see that the ID of the button changed, that is strainge and don't blame my wrong number in the script please
  4. Hi all, A fast question, i need to make a For...Next, like this: For $x = 1 To 6 MsgBox(0,0, $x) Next But i want to make a version with zero like this: 01 02 03 ... 09 10 11 and one like this: 001 002 003 ... 009 010 011 ... 099 100 I have try to make the 0 before the variable but i have 010 011 in the first version and 0010 0011 in the second. Some suggestion? Thanks
  5. Hi, i have a for and can't stop it, using ExitLoop i don't see any reaction.. For $oLink in $oLinks $check = _StringBetween($oLink.href, $x1, $y1) If not @error Then $string=_ArrayToString($check) If $a = $string Then ExitLoop ; ==> HERE NEED TO STOP ElseIf $a < 9 Then $result = StringLeft($string, 1) Else $result = StringLeft($string, 2) EndIf EndIf Next ; ==> HERE need to go, by ignoring all rest of $oLinks Thanks alot
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