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Found 9 results

  1. Strange thing. When I load a page in IE and inspect, the elements are clearly there but when I try to find them using _IEGetObjById or _IETagNameGetCollection or even using JS right in the IE console, the elements can't be found. Have you guys even encoutered something similar? Site's HTML <div id="lastdays"> <div class="radio"> <span class="radio"><input id="lastdays_radio" type="radio" name="rangepanel_group" value="lastdays_radio"></span> </div> <div class="content"> <label for="lastdays_radio">Za posledních</label> <label for="lastdays_radio"> </label> <input name="lastdays_days" type="text" value="1" maxlength="3" id="lastdays_days" class="text days" onclick="document.getElementById('lastdays_radio').checked=true;" onfocus="document.getElementById('lastdays_radio').checked=true;"> <label for="lastdays_radio"> </label> <select name="lastdays_period" id="lastdays_period" class="combo" onclick="document.getElementById('lastdays_radio').checked=true;" onfocus="document.getElementById('lastdays_radio').checked=true;"> <option value="D">dnů</option> <option value="W">týdnů</option> <option selected="selected" value="M">měsíců</option> </select> </div> </div> document.getElementById("lastdays_days"); //returns null in IE
  2. When I use _IEGetObjById to get form obj, it failed. My code works two month ago, but now there is some update in the website. The first page is OK wiht _IEGetObjById, but when goes to the second page, _IEGetObjById get error. The error is: IE.au3 T3.0-2 Warning from function _IEGetObjById, $_IESTATUS_NoMatch Any idea will be appreciated!
  3. Hi guys! I have these checkbox that I'm trying to click on. They have the same inner-text string but a different ID. Sometime there can be as many as 4 checkbox with the same string but the ID is always different. I tried a few methods down below but I'm unable to make any real results. Any suggestions or solutions I would appreciate it very much. <ul><li class="cx-list-item-wrapper" data-day="Aug 2 2018 07:27:37 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)"><div class=""><div class="cx-list-item-container"><div class="cx-list-item cx-item-icon-2 pointer-cursor"><div class="cx-item-contents cx-item-time col-md-2"><!-- react-text: 675 -->Morning<!-- /react-text --><!-- react-text: 676 -->&nbsp;<!-- /react-text --></div><div class="cx-item-contents col-md-1"><!-- react-text: 678 -->OTHER<!-- /react-text --><!-- react-text: 679 -- >&nbsp;<!-- /react-text --></div><div class="cx-item-contents col-md-2"><!-- react-text: 681 -->8:30 AM<!-- /react-text --><!-- react-text: 682 -->&nbsp;<!-- /react-text --></div><div class="cx-item-contents col-md-2"><!-- react-text: 684 -->10:30 AM<!-- /react-text --><!-- react-text: 685 -->&nbsp;<!-- /react-text -- ></div><div class="cx-item-contents col-md-1"><!-- react-text: 687 -->SRV<!-- /react-text --><!-- react-text: 688 -->&nbsp;<!-- /react-text --></div></div></div><div class="pull-right cx-listitem-chk"><div><input id="cx_checkbox1" class="cx-fa-chk cx-selfschedule-chk" value="on" type="checkbox"><label for="cx_checkbox1"></label></div></div></div></li><li class="cx-list-item-wrapper" data-day="Aug 2 2018 07:27:37 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)"><div class=""><div class="cx-list-item-container"><div class="cx-list-item cx-item-icon-2 pointer-cursor"><div class="cx-item-contents cx-item-time col-md-1"><!-- react-text: 698 -- >Morning<!-- /react-text --><!-- react-text: 699 -->&nbsp;<!-- /react-text --></div><div class="cx-item-contents col-md-1"><!-- react-text: 701 -->OTHER<!-- /react- text --><!-- react-text: 702 -->&nbsp;<!-- /react-text --></div><div class="cx-item-contents col-md-2"><!-- react-text: 704 -->8:30 AM<!-- /react-text --><!-- react-text: 705 -->&nbsp;<!-- /react-text --></div><div class="cx-item-contents col-md-2"><!-- react-text: 707 -->2:30 PM<!-- /react-text --><!-- react-text: 708 -- >&nbsp;<!-- /react-text --></div><div class="cx-item-contents col-md-1"><!-- react-text: 710 -->SRV<!-- /react-text --><!-- react-text: 711 -->&nbsp;<!-- /react-text --></div></div></div><div class="pull-right cx-listitem-chk"><div><input id="cx_checkbox2" class="cx-fa-chk cx-selfschedule-chk" value="on" type="checkbox"><label for="cx_checkbox2"></label></div></div></div></li></ul> I tried the _IETagNameGetCollection() but it only check the box but doesn't fire the event! And I'm unable to submit that without a click action. Func _Box1() $oInputs = _IETagNameGetCollection($oIE, "input") For $oInput In $oInputs If $oInput.id == "cx_checkbox1" Then $oInput.checked = true Next Sleep(10) ToolTip('box1') EndFunc ;==>_Box1 I also tried click by text.The boxes do get check by a click but the problem with that is it will select every box that has the same string. I'm allowed only to check 1 box selection at a time per day for the submit button to work. Any preference to select only the second box and bypass the other? Func _Morning() For $a In _IETagNameGetCollection($oIE, "div") If StringInStr(_IEPropertyGet($a, "innerText"), "Morning") Then _IEAction($a, "click") EndIf Next Sleep(10) ToolTip('Morning selected') EndFunc ;==>Morning The last method I tried was _IEGetObjById(). It doesn't click or respond to the checkbox. Func _Click1() $oChk = _IEGetObjById($oIE, "cx_checkbox1") _IEAction($oChk, 'click') Sleep(20) ToolTip('box1') EndFunc ;==>_Click1
  4. Howdy, I would like to find the screen coordinates (x, y) of an element within an IE browser so that I may be able to automate 'scrolling' of the browser window to that particular coordinate. I know I can use the '_IEGetObjByID' and '_IEGetObjByName' commands to return an 'object variable' which I can then use to access the 'browserx' and 'browsery' properties of an element. Question is how do I get an 'object variable' if there is no 'Name' or 'ID' to use with those commands? Not all elements on a page have 'Name' or 'ID' attributes associated with them. For example if I search for the string "49 Albert St" on a page...this may be in the form of various tags (<p>, <h2>, <span>, etc) but have no 'Name' or 'ID' attributes assigned...so how can I obtain the 'object variable' for an element such as this...? I figure if I can get the 'object variable' I should then be able to get the browser coordinates where that element lies on a webpage...then I should hopefully be able to automate the process of scrolling the page down to that location of the element...but how does one go about sourcing the 'object variable' when there are no attributes to 'key' on...? I thank you in advance for any advice. Regards.
  5. Hello guys, I need to bring up a MsgBox when the user clicks a button on the Internet Explorer page. This is the button on the HTML page: <button id="NOT_READY_BTN-btnEl" type="button" class="x-btn-center" hidefocus="true" disabled="disabled" role="button" autocomplete="off" data-qtip="ENTRA" style="width: 169px; height: 24px;"> <span id="NOT_READY_BTN-btnInnerEl" class="x-btn-inner" style="width: 169px;">ENTRA</span> <span id="NOT_READY_BTN-btnIconEl" class="x-btn-icon " style="background-image:url(img/icons/ENTRA.gif)"></span></button> Thanks
  6. I am not sure on how to grab the innertext I want. Is there a way I can just grab the second line, or is there a better way to do it all together? #include <IE.au3> $oIE = _IEAttach("Form Details") $oDiv = _IEGetObjById($oIE, "Col3") ;Phone MsgBox (0,"Oops",$oDiv.outertext) When I use this code I get html.au3
  7. I received the following error when trying to use _IEGetObjById on a browser object that I had obtained by using _IEAttach. Shouldn't the code have gotten a 1 or 0 from IsObj and continued by returning with the standard message from _IEGetObjById that there was no match for the requested ID? I'd appreciate any guidance on next steps to debug.
  8. _IEGetObjById and _IEGetObjByName functions use variable of an InternetExplorer.Application, Window or Frame object as reference to find any dom element. Is it possible to use a dom element instead of InternetExplorer.Application, Window or Frame to find target dom element instead the dom element. This will help in finding elements using a parent child relationship where duplicate target dom elements exists on the HTML page. Other automation tools like WebDriver do have this feature. It would be great to have something like this in AutoIt. I love the way AutoIt works!!!!! Especially the IE UDF. Cool stuff from DALE and other developers. Ex - i would like to do something like this, $oIE = _IEAttach("Title") $oParentObject = _IEGetObjById($oIE, "Parent Widget or element Id which contains my target widget in its hierarchy below") $oTargetObject = _IEGetObjById(oParentObject , "Id of widget i would like to find and do some action") _IEAction($oTargetObject, "click") This will help in situations where there are widgets with duplicate ids on the page....Ex - 2 Add buttons with same id on the same page.....One add button to add a CAR...another Add button to add a Vehicle. In this case i cannot click on the exact Add button i want just with the Add button id. i will need reference of their immediate parent object to uniquely identify them.
  9. A search of a web page can retrieve 1 to 20 (or more) links split into 20 per page I can go on to the second page by using: If $x = 20 Then Sleep(2000) ;two seconds $oNext = _IEGetObjById($oIE, "pager1") _IEAction($oNext, "click") _IELoadWait($oIE) where $x is the count of links on the previous page but how do I get to the next page given the next page object is in javascript as seen here: <a id="pager1" href="javascript:__doPostBack('pager1','2')">2</a> - <a id="pager1" href="javascript:__doPostBack('pager1','3')">3</a> - <a id="pager1" href="javascript:__doPostBack('pager1','4')">4</a> - <a id="pager1" href="javascript:__doPostBack('pager1','5')">5</a> <a id="pager1" href="javascript:__doPostBack('pager1','2')">Next ></a> is there a way of sending the doPostBack('pager1','3') information? BTW I just thought (I.m not at my own PC) can I get IEGetObjById by index so somthing like that?
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