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Found 2 results

  1. Subtitle pretty much says it. This program darkens the screen except for the active window with options accessible through a convenient tray icon. Other options are supported as well, including: active window-change fading controlcustom darkening color (instead of default black)background image choice (faded image over background windows. weird, but ok.)etc...Obligatory Screenshot: Download: WindowDarken.zip (source) Off-topic notes: I have no clue if there are other programs that do something similar, nor did I really check. I didn't really check the forum thoroughly either to see if something like this already existed, sorry. This was written initially for Windows XP, so I'm sorry if I wasted your time if something like this exists in your Windows Vista or 7. Tech summary: Forces the active Window as Topmost and a solid "darken" window on top of the normal windosw. Has complications concerning topmost state changes of both windows and other topmost windows. Doesn't seem to get along with some windows (namely GIMP's editor window). Some exclusions are coded in, but there may need to be an option added later to allow custom exclusions. Au3.3.6.1 tested WinXP SP3 tested You may now critique my horrible code. *fires starting pistol* Edit 5-5-2013: Images were not visible
  2. I wrote this application over the last couple of days because a friend was complaining that Windows needed a Roll-up button that minimizes a window to it's titlebar, aside from regular minimize. (Note: you must actually activate a window to see the button.) More than that - this button can be right-clicked to display and change information about a window quickly. The information includes the basics like HWnd, Title, State(using state values, not flags), Transparency, Position, Dimensions and Processname/PID. Note: You can find the Exit option by right-clicking the button as well. ***Grabby Movement*** To change the horizontal placement you can click the "grabby" button and move the mouse until the buttons are placed where you want them and then click the grabby button again to set them there. Current Script Version - 16 RollupPro_16.zip Function Credits: _ReduceMemory - w0uterWinGetTrans* - Valik_ProcessGetName - Process.au3 UDF (Erifash?, Wouter?)_ProcessGetPriority - Process.au3 UDF_Win_TBHeight - Zedna - (v12 and lower - Prog@ndy, WinAPI.au3, Structures.au3)_ProcessSuspend/Resume - The Kandie Man_WinAPI_GetAncestor - PaulIA - WinAPI.au3_WinAPI_GetClassName - PaulIA - WinAPI.au3_WinAPI_PtInRect - PaulIA - WinAPI.au3_WinAPI_GetWindowRect* - PaulIA - WinAPI.au3* notes a function was modified in operation slightly. 5-5-13 Edit: fixed posted images.
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