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Found 11 results

  1. Hello! Could someone help me please with a UDF/library/example to communicate with Arduino thru USB using V-USB Driver (HID Device). I want to implement remote control for PC (TV Tuner remote). Arduino would read and decode data from an IR Sensor then send the decoded data to the PC thru USB. Thanks! Any help much appreciated!!
  2. Edit: This topic was solved, see >Post #15 for the codes and setup that worked for me. Hi I downloaded the COMMGvv2.zip & CommgExample.au3 From >this topic. Ran the example GUI with default parametres, in the Send text field entered number 1 & pressed Send button. Sending 1 as char worked, the LED on my Arduino Leonardo board went on, then I sent 0 & led went off, just the way I programmed the board. But I can not figure out how to make a custom code, a little help would be appreciated. Please. my port: COM 25 baud: 9600 data bits: 8 stop bits: 1 parity: 1 flow
  3. Hi I am trying to open a dll using DLLOpen, however everytime i try to do so the function fails and returns -1 result. I have the dll in the same folder as the auto it script. Local $hDLL = DllOpen("C:\Users\310255155\Downloads\COMMGvv2\commg.dll") DllCall($hDLL, "int", "MessageBox", "hwnd", 0, "str", "Some text", "str", "Some title", "int", 0) DllClose($hDLL) MsgBox(0,'result',$hDLL)
  4. Hello everyone, I usually use the include commMg.au3 to control the Arduino through some COM port via serial, in previous versions of Windows until version 8.1 works perfectly. Recently I updated my windows to version 10 and when I use this include no longer works and the error that appears is "Port does not exist." Someone is going through a similar situation? Please can help me solve? CommMG.au3 commg.dll testeporta.au3
  5. So I'm trying to send a string of data to Arduino using CommMG UDF. It seems that Arduino is not receiving it. I used Device Monitoring Studio and it shows that the data is sent fine and looks exactly the same as if I sent it from Arduino Serial Monitor. Is CommMG compatible with USB? Global $CMPort = 9 Global $CmBoBaud = 9600 Global $sportSetError = '' Global $CmboDataBits = 8 Global $CmBoParity = "none" Global $CmBoStop = 1 Global $setflow = 2 _CommSetPort($CMPort, $sportSetError, $CmBoBaud, $CmboDataBits, $CmBoParity, $CmBoStop, $setflow) If @error Then
  6. Local $sAxName Local $oMSComm $sAxName = "MSCOMMLib.MSComm.1" $oMSComm = ObjCreate($sAxName) MsgBox(0, Default, StringFormat("Name: %s, Obj %d, Err %d", $sAxName, IsObj($oMSComm), @error)) I'm talking to serial ports (for Arduino) using the MSComm object. It all runs fine from SciTE or .exe. If I compile to .a3x the object is not created. I could manage without .a3x but I like it because it compiles faster.
  7. hi! i made the basic native arduino functions in autoit to control it trougth the serial port. it could be interesting for too many people you can find the codes here in my blog there are some more codes using arduino and autoit too xapus.blogspot.com
  8. I've tried to send 4 byte message via MSComm control VB and in AutoIt. Message is "*A<msb><lsb>". This code works in VB with any value 0 or 1 in msb, and 0 to 255 in lsb. .Output = "*A" & Chr(0) & Chr(ix) In AutoIt this works, but not if either byte is zero, and not if lsb is 1. $sAxName = "MSCOMMLib.MSComm.1" $obj = ObjCreate($sAxName) With $obj .CommPort = 31 .Settings = "9600,N,8,1" .PortOpen = True .NullDiscard = False .NullDiscard = True .HandShaking = 0 .InputMode = 1 .DTREnable = True .EOFEnable = False .RTSEnable
  9. Ok, I don't know if this is even possible but some help would be greatly appreciated. I've been googling like crazy and trying different things but i'm just not getting anywhere. I'm trying to control an arduino from an Autoit script ... over the web. I have a script that is working and i have serial communication figured out. currently the script is simple and turns a couple of relays on and off. what i'd like now is to do this from a webpage. ideally a gui interface like the one i have now would be great but i've also tried using cgi to launch a script that turns on a relay (so two l
  10. Greetings! I've been toying around with a project for my boss.... Basically he saw this from a customer/friend's blog post: http://blog.vmfarms.com/2011/10/how-we-solved-remote-employee-problem.html and tasked me with building this (lucky me). He supplied the wood frame, and the arduino, and same "here, it's easy!" I'm not good with TCP/IP and Python in windows, so I've fallen back on my favorite windows language, autoit, to make a simle solution for my boss. I've got an arduino board connected via a serial connection (CommMG.au) working with an AutoIt Script to accept keyboard input fo
  11. The latest version of the GUI Programmer: Vesion Changes : 0.22) Bug fixed when loading Rule for modifying 0.23) Adds the ability to set a Counter to a fixed value so that the user can "reset" the value of a Counter 0.24) Bug fixed: used to add a space infront of the Counters in inputs causing problems to simulator Fixe the _check_syntax() function to accept 0 as value when output is a counter 0.25) - Prevent user entering a pin name containing the words "Virtual_Coil" or "Counter" because causes problems on the function _update_rule_combos_others() - Adds the autocomplete choise
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