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Found 3 results

  1. Dir_Load("Target1", "GS1_TarToday", $GS1_TarToday) ;here Target1 is a dir. and GS1_TarToday is a filename. $GS1_TarToday is the edit box in which i want to display info set by dir_load function Func Dir_Load($cS_Group,$cS_Name,$cVData,$cSavedPath="Configurations\Default") Local $cCurrent_Path=String($cSavedPath&"\"&$cS_Group&"\"&$cS_Name&".ct83") Local $cFileData If Not _FileReadToArray($cCurrent_Path,$cFileData, 0) Then MsgBox($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, "", "There was an error Reading the "&
  2. I'm attempting to created a windows task using SCHTASKS, but seem to have my formatting incorrect as a double quote is getting stripped out. How might I correct my code to resolve this dilemma? #RequireAdmin #include <AutoItConstants.au3> Global $TaskName, $sStartTime, $Program, $ProgramName, $Argument $TaskName = "MyTask" $sStartTime = "15:00" $ProgramName = "\\Server\share\myapp.exe" $Argument = " /verbose" $Program = '"' & $ProgramName & '"' & $Argument & '"' MsgBox(0, "Program with Argument", $Program) Scheduler() Func Scheduler() Local $sCmd, $sStartDate, $sDat
  3. Hi everybody, Sub Bookmarks() is a VBA macro which puts... bookmarks in a Word document. Working fine from autoit with : _WordMacroRun($oWordApp, "Bookmarks") Sub Bookmarks(ByVal nbre As Integer) is quite the same macro : I just added a MsgBox for testing purpose. Still working fine from VBA, but no more from autoit with : _WordMacroRun($oWordApp, "Bookmarks", 2) I tried (rather blindly) ByVal --> ByRef and ("test", String) in place of (2, Integer) without succes. I'm afraid I need some help ! Thanks in advance.
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