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Found 2 results

  1. I decided to enhance the functionality of the OOo COM UDF found >here and >here. Thanks to Leagnus and Andy G for providing the initial functions and framework. This UDF includes the following working functions: _OOoCalc_BookNew _OOoCalc_BookOpen _OOoCalc_BookAttach _OOoCalc_BookSave _OOoCalc_BookSaveAs _OOoCalc_BookClose _OOoCalc_WriteCell _OOoCalc_WriteFormula _OOoCalc_WriteFromArray _OOoCalc_HyperlinkInsert _OOoCalc_RangeMoveOrCopy _OOoCalc_RangeSort _OOoCalc_RangeClearContents _OOoCalc_CreateBorders _OOoCalc_NumberFormat _OOoCalc_ReadCell _OOoCalc_ReadSheetToArray _OOoCalc_RowDelete _OOoCalc_ColumnDelete _OOoCalc_RowInsert _OOoCalc_ColumnInsert _OOoCalc_SheetAddNew _OOoCalc_SheetDelete _OOoCalc_SheetNameGet _OOoCalc_SheetNameSet _OOoCalc_SheetList _OOoCalc_SheetActivate _OOoCalc_SheetSetVisibility _OOoCalc_SheetMove _OOoCalc_SheetPrint _OOoCalc_HorizontalAlignSet _OOoCalc_FontSetProperties _OOoCalc_CellSetColors _OOoCalc_RowSetColors _OOoCalc_ColumnSetColors _OOoCalc_RowSetProperties _OOoCalc_ColumnSetProperties _OOoCalc_FindInRange _OOoCalc_ReplaceInRange Please help me test this and let me know of any problems, questions, suggestions or comments you may have. Edit (August 5, 2016): Latest files have been uploaded. Script-breaking changes include renaming the functions to start with _OOoCalc_. Edit (November 14, 2016): New version, including fixed sort function! Edit (November 15, 2016): Lots of minor changes including tightening up the error checking. Edit (November 16, 2016): Added ByRef to object parameters. Edited demo. OOoCalcConstants.au3 OOoCalc.au3 OOoCalc_Demo.au3
  2. I want to check if the system time has added to 10minutes so I used this: $sNewDate = _DateAdd('n', 15, _NowCalc()) $sNewDate2 = _DateAdd('n', 0, _NowCalc()) ConsoleWrite("current time now: " & $sNewDate2) ConsoleWrite("time after 15minutes: " & $sNewDate)this print me out .... 2016/01/12 10:04:55 and .... 2016/01/12 10:14:55 and but how can I make a statement like if $sNewDate2 has + 15minutes so I can do something after the check.
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