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Found 2 results

  1. I'm stuck on how to use for range selection .Cells function. Instead of _Excel_RangeSort($oWorkbook, Default, Default, "AD:AD", Default, Default, $xlYes, False, Default, "AE:AE", Default, "L:L", Default)and $aResult = _Excel_RangeRead($oWorkbook, 1, "S2:AB" & $iRows)which works properly I want to use Cells to select the range. Why? Because the Excel sheet was modified and an additional row was inserted. I want to create the script more dynamically by selection it with Cells because I can search for the column headers. Any idea? Thanks.
  2. Okay, who is ready to point me to the quickest answer ever on this forum? I am attempting to make a listview type control and cant get my head around how to pull this off. Requirements DYNAMIC number of rows and columns Autoscroll capabilities for a set ctrl size Ability to click individual cells Issues with listviews I can select an item but that really just selects the whole row - perhaps I am missing a style or exstyle setting? meets all other requirements Issues with table.au3 even modified to use input boxes Don't know how I would stick entire table into some type of ctrl box that would do the autoscroll capabilities when the table starts to get large Groupbox? Issues with Embeded excel No way to know for sure that computer that is being used will have excel Don't want to go down the road of making sure installed if I don't have to. Another possible answer is Gridviews but there isnt much info on these in the forum other than how to interact with one already in another application. Not sure how I might go about creating one for myself in autoit So there we go, I have scoured the forums and I can post some code if that helps. Not sure how it will as the code I have works as expected from an Autoit standpoint, just not what I need. Let the 'Ah Ha' moments begin!
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