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Found 12 results

  1. Hello, it has been a long time since I have posted here I am working on an AutoIt project where I need to enable to user to interactively choose any point or coordinate on the screen... something like a big overlay where the user can click anywhere on the screen to select that point. @UEZ's screenshot tool may have something similar to what I need: I just checked the source code for the tool and I see that the Mark_Area function has a part in selecting the area to screenshot, I tried to figure out how it works but it is simply too complex and long... So I was wondering if there
  2. Hi, here are few functions for the ListBox. I have searched the forum, but most of the functions are for listview, so i took one example code from melba23 (clear selection) and wrote few more functions. (Because my current project needs them). These functions work only on a Multi-selection ListBox . Edit: Only 1 function does not work with single selection box. The functions do: Clear Selection, Delete Selected items, Invert Selection, Move selected items up and down. The example code has 2 Listboxes. The selected items on the left ListBox can be moved up
  3. hi dears, i have a question please am now working for an audio player for the blind users and i added an option to open a file from the right click context menu. but here there is a small problem, i hope that you can help me to find a solution for it. the problem is as follow : when i added the problem into the context menu it work with successfuly if the user select just one file. but if the user selected more then one file, here the problem a multiple sections of the program will open. my question is : how i can detect the multiple selection from the context menu? i know
  4. I'm using the excellent _Excel UDF to read a whole spreadsheet into an array I want to operate on. I can read a specified range without a problem. What I'd like to do is allow the user in Excel to select a range (contiguous is fine) and be able to read that range so that I know what range to operate on without having the user input the range via a keyboard. I'm stuck and any hints greatly appreciated. The code below uses the Helpfile .xls to illustrate where I crash. ; #AutoIt3Wrapper_run_debug_mode=Y ; use this to debug in console window <--- LOOK #include <Excel.au3> #
  5. So I'm needing a (better) way to get the selection in an edit control, while knowing which end of the selection is active vs anchor (ie, if you're holding shift while moving with the arrow keys, which end of the selection is moving and which is not). Since _GUICtrlEdit_GetSel() only returns the start and end positions, in the order of smallest to largest, if you were to pass that back to the _GUICtrlEdit_SetSel(), the user's selection could end up "backwards". My solution has been this function: Func _GUICtrlEdit_GetSelByAnchor($hWnd) ; Get selection range with anchor in first inde
  6. Hey I have a GUI with an edit-field and a button. First I write some text into the edit-field and select a part of it. After that I press the button, and the selection is edited. How would I do that, though? When the text is selected and I press the button, it's unselected before the button actually raises an event.
  7. Hi, I just started recently with AutoIT and I am trying to make two dropdownlists where the selectable values of the second dropdownlist will be depending on what is selected on the first one. For example: Dropdown 1 Dropdown 2 xxx => 01-15 ("01" , "02" ,"03" , ...) yyy => a - f ("a" , "b" ,"c" ,"d" ,"e" ,"f" ) zzz => "new", "old", "spare" I started with this code that I've found in this Forum: #inc
  8. I'm stuck on how to use for range selection .Cells function. Instead of _Excel_RangeSort($oWorkbook, Default, Default, "AD:AD", Default, Default, $xlYes, False, Default, "AE:AE", Default, "L:L", Default)and $aResult = _Excel_RangeRead($oWorkbook, 1, "S2:AB" & $iRows)which works properly I want to use Cells to select the range. Why? Because the Excel sheet was modified and an additional row was inserted. I want to create the script more dynamically by selection it with Cells because I can search for the column headers. Any idea? Thanks.
  9. Hi I'm struggling to clear the display text of of a GUI control combo selection string. I would like to clear the selection like it is clear after it is populated, but not remove any items from the list. Here is a small example. #include <GuiComboBox.au3> #include <ComboConstants.au3> #include <GUIConstantsEx.au3> ; Create GUI $hgui= guicreate("Clear ComboBox Edit Text", 320, 200) $control_combo= guictrlcreatecombo("", 10, 10, 250, 20, $CBS_DROPDOWNLIST) $control_clear_button= guictrlcreatebutton("Reset Blank Combo Selection String", 10, 40, 200, 20) guisetstate() guictrls
  10. so my script was made to load drivers based on a selection from a combo box. i've created a VERY robust system to load drivers when imaging with wds or ghost using a winPE wim. WDS does not work correctly with injected drivers. so comes into play my script/program that loads from a winPE wim after wds loads. anyone knows WDS is pretty powerful but it does not always have proper drivers once the winPE loads. so my program loads drivers into winPE based on the model / device. so if we get a new model of laptop or desktop and we want to save up that image to wds we find 32bit drivers and we load
  11. I wrote a routine that collects data from window by double-clicking a specific address and copying the selection to the clipboard. The cliboard contents then go to an array as a new element. I need a way to send the selection directly to the array without copying it to the clipboard (to save resources). $text = WinGetText("[MyWindow]", "") does not work because the window is from a legacy database run in a mainframe. Here is a sample of my code: ; move and size the window WinMove("MyWindow", "", Default, Default, 800, 500) MouseClick("", 489, 129, 2) ; Copy the selected text Send("{CT
  12. _GUIBox Rubberband selection boxes using GUIs Create Rectangles using GUI boxes. Great for Rubber-band selection (as an alternative to DrawFocusRect), or just putting box outlines on the screen period!Example code included (including rubber-band style box-selection simulation). #include <_GUIBox.au3> ; =============================================================================================================================== ; <TestGUIBox.au3> ; ; Tests for _GUIBox UDF. ; ; Author: Ascend4nt ; ==================================================================================
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