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  1. Programs like Ditto are a great augmentation to the Windows clipboard where it keeps a list of items you copy and paste and you can go back to days, weeks, months later. It also comes in handy for multiple copied items you need to paste over and over again. https://sourceforge.net/projects/ditto-cp/ Windows 10 also now has a clipboard history capability (though not as robust, I think, as Ditto). https://www.windowscentral.com/how-use-new-clipboard-windows-10-october-2018-update I would like to simulate this type of clipboard history into my own apps independent of Windows'
  2. Hello. I have designed and created a simple Clipboard manager in AutoIt. The project is open for any ideas, I hope you found it useful (and if you did please like my post so I can continue making software). Features [Done] Can store data in up to 5 slots. [Done] Options form. [Done] System Tray menu. [Done] Supports Hot-keys when pasting/copying data. [Done] Ability to copy and store text. [Done] Clipper theme. [Coming soon] Ability to copy and store files and folders. [Coming soon] Clipboard history form. ( currently logs history into a text file ) And Much Much More! Source Conclusion If yo
  3. _ClipPutHTML Okay, since I created the _ClipPutHyperlink() function, I figured I might as well just go one step further and open up the whole HTML Clipboard send/put interface and make it really simple to use - not only for simple Hyperlinks, but also for complete pieces of HTML code as well. Note that 'PlainText' is the optional view of your HTML code that should be free of formatting. This is helpful when pasting to applications that don't accept HTML formatted strings, such as Notepad. Note also that the HTML code NEEDS to be encoded in UTF-8 format. (For straight-ANSI/ASCII code, you d
  4. hello autoit group please i've a question i had make a function that put some thing into the clipBoard and paste it using the send function e.g ClipPut("hello") send("^v") when the keyboard is english all things work fine but when the keyboard is arabic the send command write the ltr v insted of the text in clipboard i was tryed to use send("{ctrldown}v{ctrlUp}") but the same please can any one help me
  5. Hi, from other postings here as a start I'm quite Close to my Goal of putting formatted text to the clipboard: #include-once #include <GUIConstantsEx.au3> #include <GuiRichEdit.au3> #include <WindowsConstants.au3> Global $g_idLblMsg, $g_hRichEdit Example("The first text will be formatted ""as is""" & @CRLF & _ "(Default Font and font size)", "This text is formatted differently") MsgBox(0, "Rich Text copied", "Formatted Text put to clipboard") Func Example($TextDefault, $T
  6. I'm creating a tool which automatically saves screenshots. I've found that some images appear corrupt after saving. I've narrowed the source down to screenshots taken from within an RDP session via the Ctrl+Alt+Plus (PrtScn equivalent) and Ctrl+Alt+Minus (Alt+PrtScn equivalent) key combos. Here is the example code: #include <ClipBoard.au3> #include <GDIPlus.au3> If _ClipBoard_IsFormatAvailable($CF_BITMAP) Then ConsoleWrite("+Bitmap found on Clipboard" & @CRLF) If Not _ClipBoard_Open(0) Then MsgBox(16, "Error", "_Clip
  7. I want to copy just the selected text in an input control and put it to the clipboard, but GuiCtrlRead() always reads all of the text in the control. In this test code, when I highlight a portion of the left control's text and press ^C, I want to copy just that text to the clipboard; but when I highlight a portion of the right control's text and press ^C, I want to copy all of its text to the clipboard. #include <Debug.au3> _DebugSetup(@ScriptName & "_debug.txt", False, 2, "") _DebugOut("=============== " & @MON & "/" &
  8. i want to copy a picture file to clipboard, so that i can paste the picture through ctrl+V this is my code ,but it dosen't work : #AutoIt3Wrapper_UseX64 = n #Include <Clipboard.au3> #include <GDIPlus.au3> _GDIPlus_Startup() $hClipboard_Bitmap = _GDIPlus_BitmapCreateFromFile('C:\1.jpg') _ClipBoard_Open(0) _ClipBoard_SetDataEx($hClipboard_Bitmap,$CF_BITMAP) _ClipBoard_Close() _GDIPlus_Shutdown() can you help me
  9. Hello. I fail trying to save content from WhatsApp other then plain text to a file that way, that non-char-content will be preserved in it's correct encoding. e.g. Emojis are spoiled. I've tried to do so using just filewrite() as well as forcing UTF #include <clipboard.au3> MsgBox(0,"Ready to read clipboard","Mark some WhatsApp content with non-char elements, e.g. Emojis, copy that to your clipboard (CTRL+c), then click OK here.") $ClipContent=_ClipBoard_GetData() ConsoleWrite('@@ Debug(' & @ScriptLineNumber & ') : $ClipCont
  10. Hello to you, dear developers! Could you please tell me if there is an easy way to determine if the information was pasted from the clipboard? Without any variation of the insertion via Ctrl+V, or through the context menu. I revised the Help and many forum topics, but found nothing suitable. Can there be any WinAPI system events that determine this event?
  11. Its possible to past previously copied text to somewhere with autoit script ? If yes, How it ? example : Before I copied ABCD and then copied the PQRS, how to past the previously copied ABCD ?
  12. I seem to have an issue with clipget() - the following bit of code copy URL from chrome address bar - than using clipget() i try to grab the URL into a variable and input it into a spreadsheet. the script did not put anything into the sheet originally I though it was an issue with OOo/LibO Calc UDF and posted it there : than I tried writing $NewURL into a text file and than just a msgbox but it comes blank. (the URL is in the clipboard as i can paste it) send ("!d") ;select URL in browser send ("^c") ;copy selected URL Local $NewURL = ClipG
  13. Here's a short UDF that will, at least in most cases, detect whether a window can be copied from or pasted to programmatically--for example, by Send()ing ctl-c, ctl-v. This is often disabled when programs (like your AutoIt script) run at a lower UAC integrity level than the application they are trying to operate on. #include <WinAPI.au3> Func _WindowIsPasteable($handle) ;accepts window handle; returns true or false whether a window will accept Ctl-C, Ctl-V Local $bCanPaste = True Local $hTestWindowPID = 0 Local $hTestWindowTID = _WinAPI_GetWindowThreadProcessId($handle, $hT
  14. Hey I have a GUI with an edit-field and a button. First I write some text into the edit-field and select a part of it. After that I press the button, and the selection is edited. How would I do that, though? When the text is selected and I press the button, it's unselected before the button actually raises an event.
  15. Hello Guys, I am trying to make a screenshoot copy it to clipboard and paste it into a word document i want to do that to simplify my procedures création. I am trying to use the way of sending Keys "^c" & "^v" i tryed also CTRLDOWN and c but no one of these is working. First question : Why that's not working? Is there anyother way i can work with ? I watched the help file for FileCopy but it s only moving Files and not copy them. Maybe you can see somthing going wrong in my script but i guess it s not a syntax problem.
  16. Hi All I have used my script to paste a string ($TestCSVGenerator) onto the clipboard - it has text seperated by tabs and at certain intervals there are CRLF. I am certain that this is a valid string because after I run my script (and it fails to do what I need) I can then manually 'Paste' the string into Excel using CTRL v and Excel puts the text in rows separated by the tab position and starts a new row of cells after a CRLF. (I make sure that the clipboard was empty before running my program). All I need is a command that pastes the string into a certain cell and in theory the abo
  17. Hi all, I am playing with this code. My aim is to get the data created by an autoit exe from vb.net. But i think this is not the safest method. Look at this code. And suggest me some better ideas. This is my autoit code #include <Clipboard.au3> _ClipBoard_Open (Null) _ClipBoard_Empty ( ) Local $s_path = "F:\MyFolder\Myfile.ini" Local $s_val = IniRead($s_path,"Mysection","Mykey","def") _ClipBoard_SetData($s_val, 1) _ClipBoard_Close ( ) ExitI have compile this autoit file as MyEXE.exe And this is my vb.net code Private Sub Button1_Click(se
  18. Hello I am trying to store the last 5 clipboard contents to a array. When i run my code, autoit is jumping in front of the system control +c and it is not copying anything to the clipboard. I am stumped, any ideas? Global $x=0 Global $arr[5] HotKeySet("^c","_stepper") #cs******************************************************************************************************* ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
  19. Hi Here is a UDF which allows you to have more than 1 item in the Clipboard and handle binaries not just text!. Can handle ALL data types text or images or binaries HTML yada yada. Gives autoIT functionality that potentially AHK can do , multiple paste buffers ClipboardEx.UDF - ; Clipboard 'Extended' creates a memory copy of current clipboard, and adds meta data like size and type sense. Credits to J Rowes for some of this code. ClipboardHistory.UDF: Simple LIFO History. ClipBoardHistoryGUI.UDF : Clipboard History viewer for history - can view items in history (mouse over) use mouse clic
  20. If you need to generate text data, this tool is for you. If you are gathering data from multiple sources and filtering it, or sorting it, this tool is for you. Generating text data manually can be time-consuming and mind-numbing. To ease my pain in this endeavour, I created this tool. I allows you to: - Gather data from multiple sources without having to paste it again and again in some editor before anything can be done to it. A user-defined string separator is used to separate the appended clipboard entries into records. - Or take a single line of formatted data and multiplying it by hun
  21. _ClipGetHTML Seeing as how I created the _ClipPutHTML() & _ClipPutHyperlink() functions, I figured why not complete the set of available functions and finish out the HTML clipboard read/set UDFs. The below example is included in the ZIP file on my site. Example: HTML Clipboard Monitor #include <Misc.au3> ; _IsPressed() #include <_ClipGetHTML.au3> ; ================================================================================================ ; <HTMLClipBoardMonitor.au3> ; ; Simple program used to Monitor and Report on HTML formatted ClipBoard data ; ; Functions: ;
  22. Hello everyone, I need a simple code to be able to know if current clipboard content is a string text or a file path (a file has been copied) I think i must use @error but i can't be able to get any results. Example: $clipboard = ClipGet() if $clipboard <> $last And $clipboard <> "" And @error=0 Then ; the clipbord contain a string Endif Please help.
  23. I created this little script: HotKeySet("!g", "searchgoogle") While 1 Sleep(10000) WEnd Func searchgoogle() Sleep(500) Send( "^c" ) Sleep(500) $ClipB2 = ClipGet() $url = "http://www.google.com/search?q=" & $ClipB2 Sleep(300) MsgBox(0,"",$url) EndFunc I just select a word and invoke the hotkey. More than an hour I try to change the Sleep values but something still does not work: When I invoke the 1st time the hotkey, almost always it returns the correct url, but when I reuse the hotkey a few times it doesn't copy any more and the url is constructed wit
  24. Hi... How to put data to clipboard in all available formats? I use _ClipBoard_GetData to save all formats data to files but when I try to put them again to clipboard using _ClipBoard_SetData, I have available only the last data format which I used. After that when I try put this data to "Microsoft Word" I get only "Cleaned" text format. When I the set last format as a HTML and I put to "Micorosft Word" everything fine, but I can't put to Notepad (I get empty value). When I doing this same with _ClipBoard_GetDataEx to save data to memory object (not to file) and put them again using _Cl
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