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  1. Hey all, I know this code has been attempted before as a GUI app, and it would not copy text properly. Here is an updated version of the Google Search Shortcut Script from: Google Search Shortcut Script #Region #AutoIt3Wrapper_Outfile=shortcuts.exe #EndRegion #include <Clipboard.au3> Opt("TrayMenuMode", 3) Opt("TrayOnEventMode", 1) HotKeySet("{F1}", "_googleit") TraySetToolTip("Right click to exit") TrayCreateItem("Exit") TrayItemSetOnEvent(-1, "_exit") While 1 Sleep(20) WEnd #cs _
  2. Right now the script will exit immediately if I don't pause it somehow (obvious of course). I was curious on people's opinions of how they do it or what option they prefer below? Thanks Option 1 (I prefer) #include <MsgBoxConstants.au3> HotKeySet('^!p', SomeFunc) ProcessWaitClose(@AutoItPID) Func SomeFunc() MsgBox($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, "Title", "This message box will timeout after 10 seconds or select the OK button.", 10) EndFunc Option 2 (in the help file) #include <MsgBoxConstants.au3> HotKeySet('^!p', SomeFunc
  3. Dear developers and creators of the language, please explain to me why when pressing the combination Crtl + Shift + C from the 5th or the 10th time "sticks / sinks" Ctrl or Shift? And then you need to press Ctrl or Shift again to reset their triggering. I only need to use hot keys like in the example! The code is a small example. Its essence is that when a user in the editor selects any number and presses a combination, then it increases by 1. Dim $x HotKeySet("+^c","Calc") While 1 Sleep(10000) WEnd Func Calc() Send("^c") Sleep(50) $x=
  4. Hey anyone knows how i can have a inputbox that is connected to an HotKeySet? Like if u put in like "a" in the inputbox it sets the hotkey to "a"?
  5. Hello guys. how are u doing today ?? Im new here but i wanted show somethink i just did. best kind of dynamic way to set hotkeys in yours own program. i need any suggestions, bugs report or any way to improve or any way i can do it better. its first my own "example" so be easy for me. Thank u for your attention !!! #include <Misc.au3> #include <MsgBoxConstants.au3> #include <GUIConstantsEx.au3> $GUI = GUICreate("set hotkeys", -1,-1) GUISetState() $button_hotkey = GUICtrlCreateButton("", 80, 30, 150, 25) $button_empty
  6. I want to be able to press one of the many extra buttons on my mouse to execute an autoit script function. To do this I have bound weird key combinations to to each button that would otherwise never be pressed, like shift+alt+ctrl+/ (see linked image and the following code.) Unfortunately this has a few annoying side effects, such as interfering with whatever I'm doing or one of the modifier keys occasionally getting 'stuck' down. I have been compling each version of this script directly into my startup folder(win7) and have been using it for years. But surely there is a better way o
  7. I would like that if you press the ENTER key is to simulate the pressure of a button in the GUI. I have no idea how to do it. THX $BTENTER = GUICtrlCreateButton("ENTER", 260, 160, 20, 25) EX. HotKeySet("{ENTER}",$BTENTER )
  8. This script sends SPACE key when you press Middle Click of your mouse. The function "_IsPressed" dont work like "HotKeySet", you can easily send 5 spaces or more while you keep pressing Middle Click and I want to send only one time the space key, not spamming/looping it. #include <misc.au3> While 1 If _IsPressed(04) Then ;04 is Middle Click Send("{SPACE}") EndIf Sleep(10) WEnd
  9. So currently I have some code waiting for a status to change(there is different indicators to check if this status has changed) Func oneRow($count) $globaltimer = _Timer_SetTimer($gui, 60000*10, "reset") $errTimer = TimerInit() While (1)         If PixelGetColor(1117, 326) = 0xC6C6C6 Then ExitLoop (1)         Sleep(500)         MouseClick("right")         Sleep(600)         If PixelGetColor(1117, 326) = 0xC6C6C
  10. Hi, I have written a programm offering me a lot of hotkeys to work with windows. All in all there are 40 hotkeys defined now. Now I made a portable version of it. But in this there are a lot of hotkeys useless. So I had to change some things. But that's not my point. Because of all these many hotkeys I sometimes know I made a hotkey but what were the keys I have to press. So I want to make a little help GUI or html or whatever. Now I'm interested to automate my own list of hotkeys. How can I collect all my hotkeys and necessary keys for this in a list?
  11. Hi guys. I am trying to make a soundboard app. Here is the code I have so far #include "Misc.au3" #RequireAdmin;needed to work in some games. #include "array.au3" Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", -2) If @OSArch = "x64" Then Global $VLC_Path = "C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe" Global $VLC_WorkingDir = "C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC\" Else Global $VLC_Path = "C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe" Global $VLC_WorkingDir = "C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\" EndIf Global $sectionData =
  12. How do I chain letters in a HotKeySet? This works: HotKeySet("+!d", "function")I tried this but does not work HotKeySet("abc", "function")Just reacts to the a, how to accomplish this?
  13. Hi, I am using ini files wich can set different (variable) key combinations in the script. i have a settings button wich opens a gui where the ini file can be editted and only the key that combines with the CTRL in the HotkeySet But the problem i have is that the hotkeyset does nothing when i use the variable, when i hardcode a letter to the combination it does work. What am i doing wrong. $GUI = GUICreate("Hotkey", 207, 121, -1, -1) $Combo = GUICtrlCreateCombo("", 16, 40, 161, 25, BitOR($CBS_DROPDOWNLIST, $WS_VSCROLL)) If FileExists(@ScriptDir & "\INI\Namen\n
  14. Hello I am trying to store the last 5 clipboard contents to a array. When i run my code, autoit is jumping in front of the system control +c and it is not copying anything to the clipboard. I am stumped, any ideas? Global $x=0 Global $arr[5] HotKeySet("^c","_stepper") #cs******************************************************************************************************* ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
  15. Respected programmers, tell me how to get the arguments in the correct format for the function HotKeySet () from the results function _IsPressed ()? I need to allow the user to choose the key(eg left/right arrow), when pressed, will be called the desired function through HotKeySet (). Thanks!
  16. Hi all, I want use more than one key in HotKeySet or _IsPressed functions. This is my code. It is working. But i would like to know if there is any better way to do this. Local $flag1 = False Local $flag2 = False While 1 Sleep(10) if _IsPressed("4D") Then $flag1 = True If _IsPressed("44") Then $flag2 = True if $flag1 = True And $flag2 = True And _IsPressed("41") Then TestSend() WEnd Func TestSend() Send("{BS 3}My Dear Alan{TAB}:{SPACE}") EndFunc ;==>WordSendKeyALT_W
  17. Hello everyone, Have a tricky question: How i manage to exit from loop, but not from script? (ExitLoop it is ok, but runned out of ways, how to use it in my script ) With this i have a problem: If i unpause (F2) the script, it will continue the loop. While scrip is paused (F2) i can restart it (F1), but: While script is paused (F2), and i open my form (F3), and try to press button on it, it will not work, cause active loop is paused at background. (I hope i understand right the method) #include <GUIConstantsEx.au3> #include <WindowsConstants.au3> HotKeySet("{F1}"
  18. Hello, I'm having some troubles using hotkeyset() in a console window.. Is it my fault or is it just not possible? (using the 'Console.au3' UDF here) #include <Console.au3> HotKeySet('{ESC}','stop') Global $input While True Cout("Enter your name: ") cin($input) system("pause") WEnd Func stop() exit EndFunc Thanks. TheAutomator.
  19. Greetings, Any help is greatly appreciated. I'm a bit new to AutoIT, I have the help file and some examples and started in on a little project with some success, but also having some ill effects which I'm sure is due to my lack of knowledge of AutoIT. Trying to send some key presses to another program from a Windowed AutoIT program. All is fine with the initial send of keys, but then that's it, I can't press my hotkey again, if I do, nothing happens. I fear that I'm not returning to my main func from the func for my hotkey. Or I'm just completely mucking up the code. Could someone pl
  20. Hi, been searching for a way to Pause a HotKeySet and it would seem that the Help File has one beautifully prepared. But it turns out that Pause does not stop the HotKeySet from working. Anyone know why? And/Or how to fix it? Thanks, Bill
  21. hi all i'am using hotkeyset("a", "a") in my script it is working well when i press "a" but the problem is when i press shift + a or ctrl + a or any two keys with "a" it will not work i want my function to run even if i pressed "a" with other key i tried HotKeySet("{LSHIFT}a")for example.. but the problem is this only works if shift + a are presses at the same second it won't work if i pressed shift the i waited 1 second the i presses "a" then i released shift any ideas ?
  22. Hello, why this code doesn't work in some versions of windows 7? HotkeySet(Chr(0x27),"func1") Func func1() MsgBox(0,"test","hello") EndFunc While True Sleep(10) WEnd When I press ' i should get a messagebox window but i don't.
  23. In my GUI window I'm trying to on hitting F1 in a case statement with HotKeySet() bring up a word document using a function called Word().. Am I using this wrong? everytime I try it won't open the file I have tried opening just opens a blank document and it doesn't wait till I hit F1 it just opens when my GUI is run. here is my Word() function... Func Word() Local $name = _WordAttach(@ScriptDir & "example.docx", "FileName") Local $word = _WordDocOpen($name, @ScriptDir & "example.docx" , 1, 1) return $word EndFunc
  24. Hello all, is possible to create a script that sets the key to be pressed from information taken from an ini file? AutoIt.au3 HotKeySet( IniRead("file.ini", "Section", "Key", "Hotkey"), "Function" ) file.ini [Section] Key=F5 So the result would be: HotKeySet( "F5", "Function" )
  25. Hi All, I'm trying to create a script that makes it able to just hit a combination like CTRL+G to login to Gmail.com and CTRL+F to login on Facebook. The problem is that when I used one of those hotkeys it seems to hold down the CTRL button so everytime I hit the 'F' or 'G' it runs the function. My script below: #Region ;**** Directives created by AutoIt3Wrapper_GUI **** #AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_requestedExecutionLevel=asInvoker #EndRegion ;**** Directives created by AutoIt3Wrapper_GUI **** HotKeySet ( "^g", "google" ) HotKeySet ( "^l", "linkedin" ) HotKeySet ( "^f", "facebook" ) HotKeySet
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