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Found 4 results

  1. Hi folks 👋 , I know about several of us do have AutoIt projects on GitHub. In this hopefully growing collection I want to list forum members and their GitHub projects (AutoIt based). Why? One use case could be the contribution to some of their projects. Assume that AutoIt projects are not that wide spreaded or supported in terms of contribution (participation), as JavaScript projects for example. Wouldn't it be nice to get more contribution on your project? Wouldn't it be nice to work on bigger projects in a community? I personally would love to 😀 . Disclaimer: As the GitHub profiles (and repositories), I will list here, are public and your profiles either findable by your signature, your "About Me" page or by a simple Google or GitHub search 🔍 , I see no restriction to collect these kind of information and post it here. In case you don't agree with this visualisation and you don't want to be listet here, please let me know and I will remove that entry as soon as possible 🤝 . I really hope that fits your feeling about it. Collection (in progress): @Forum username » GitHub username » Link to the GitHub projects (filtered by language=autoit) @Alan72104 » Alan72104 » Projects @alexanr1 » alexanr1 » Projects @AspirinJunkie » Sylvan86 » Projects @Centrally » ellysh » Projects @Danp2 » Danp2 » Projects @Danyfirex » DanysysTeam » Projects @DonChunior » DonChunior » Projects @ergo » seizu » Projects @genius257 » genius257 » Projects @J2TeaM » J2TEAM » Projects @James » jbrooksuk » Projects @Jefrey » jesobreira » Projects @jvanegmond » jvanegmond » Projects @kurtykurtyboy » KurtisLiggett » Projects @lamnhan066 » lamnhan066 » Projects @LinkOut » xLinkOut » Projects @LoganCH » loganch » Projects @Mat » MattDiesel » Projects @Mateocedillo » rmcpantoja » Projects @matwachich » matwachich » Projects @mLipok » mlipok » Projects @MrKm » MurageKabui » Projects @NHD » nomi-san » Projects @oHenry » htejera » Projects @OvisMaximus » OvisMaximus » Projects @philpw99 » philpw99 » Projects @rcmaehl » rcmaehl » Projects @Rurorita » OfficialLambdax » Projects @rynow » 4ern » Projects @scintilla4evr » scidsgn » Projects @seadoggie01 » seadoggie01 » Projects @seangriffin » seanhaydongriffin » Projects @smbape » smbape » Projects @SOLVE-SMART » Sven-Seyfert » Projects @Stilgar » THWillert » Projects @Surya » thesunRider » Projects @tarretarretarre » tarreislam » Projects @TheDcoder » TheDcoder » Projects @TheSaint » Twombs » Projects @trancexx » dragana-r » Projects @vietanhdev » vietanhdev » Projects Σ = 41 I would love to see the list growing and I am very excited about a possibly upcoming behavior and improvement change, regarding AutoIt on GitHub 😊 . 💡 Please help me to increase the list. Either by your GitHub link (profile) or through a link from a member you know. Best regards Sven ________________ Stay innovative!
  2. hi , hope you all doing well cant find any elements on the page ? and the right click mouse dont work too? iam trying with more than method , i need help please!!
  3. ;This is the Frame hierarchy I'm dealing with ;I want the last frame on the end with the asterisks ;Frame ; Frameset ; Frame ; Frame ; Frame ; Frameset ; Frameset ; Frame* $oFrame = _IEFrameGetCollection($oIE) $oFrameset = _IEFrameGetCollection($oFrame, 0) $oFrameset2 = _IEFrameGetCollection($oFrameset, 3) $oFrame2 = _IEFrameGetCollection($oFrameset2, 1)I'm after $oFrame2 because that's where the Input tags are that I need to set the values. But when I do an: _IEIsFrameset($oFrameset) _IEIsFrameset($oFrameset2)The first one is true and the second one is false. Where would $oFrameset2 be? What's the proper way to get to $oFrame2?
  4. An IE link collection $oLinks is being looped by a $oLink with a for-in loop. An if statement is used such that when the $oLink.href matches a string reg. exp., it will do a set of statements. The set of statements is this: $a = 1 do $matchpic = StringRegExp($oLink + $a.href, '(http://t2.imgchili.com/)(\d+)(\/)(\d+)(_)') $a += 1 until $matchpic = 1 But the error is that $a is not an object variable. After a match has been found, this $oLink is _paused_ at the current position inside this collection (I believe). How do I loop at the current $oLink?
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