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Found 1 result

  1. Here's the beginnings of SFML (the Simple and Fast Multimedia Library) for AutoIT. This library provides a wealth of features for developing games and multimedia applications. You can read up more about SFML here -> http://www.sfml-dev.org. It uses OpenGL as the renderer for 2D graphics such as sprites, so it's performance is quite good. Currently my interest is in 2D sprite engines, so my focus is on the sprite and window APIs. This is the precursor to another separate UDF I'm working on and will release soon. If there's any interest I'll flesh out more of this API for the community. CSFML is the "C" binding / API for SFML, and it's this API that I'm building this UDF against. REQUIREMENTS: AutoIt3 3.2 or higher LIST OF FUNCTIONS (so far): _CSFML_Startup _CSFML_Shutdown _CSFML_sfClock_create _CSFML_sfClock_getElapsedTime _CSFML_sfClock_restart _CSFML_sfVector2f_Constructor _CSFML_sfVector2f_Update _CSFML_sfVector2f_Move _CSFML_sfColor_Constructor _CSFML_sfColor_fromRGB _CSFML_sfSizeEvent_Constructor _CSFML_sfEvent_Constructor _CSFML_sfVideoMode_Constructor _CSFML_sfRenderWindow_create _CSFML_sfRenderWindow_setVerticalSyncEnabled _CSFML_sfRenderWindow_isOpen _CSFML_sfRenderWindow_pollEvent _CSFML_sfRenderWindow_clear _CSFML_sfRenderWindow_drawText _CSFML_sfRenderWindow_drawSprite _CSFML_sfRenderWindow_display _CSFML_sfRenderWindow_close _CSFML_sfTexture_createFromFile _CSFML_sfSprite_create _CSFML_sfSprite_destroy _CSFML_sfSprite_setTexture _CSFML_sfSprite_setPosition _CSFML_sfSprite_setRotation _CSFML_sfSprite_rotate _CSFML_sfSprite_setOrigin _CSFML_sfFont_createFromFile _CSFML_sfText_create _CSFML_sfText_setString _CSFML_sfText_setFont _CSFML_sfText_setCharacterSize _CSFML_sfText_setFillColor EXAMPLE: Currently I only have one example, which is the "Short example" described in the CSFML API documentation, plus some extra features. Essentially a window (GUI) allowing you to move a sprite around with the keyboard (including rotation). DOWNLOAD: You can download this UDF, including the example and associated files, from the following GitHub page: https://github.com/seanhaydongriffin/CSFML-UDF Cheers, Sean.
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