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Found 7 results

  1. We can select elements in IE using their IDs as below. Local $oDiv = _IEGetObjById($oIE, "x-auto-16-input") But to one button in the webpage, there is no ID to it. In selenium we have option to select this element using the CssSelector and clicked the button using below code in c# selenium. driver.FindElement(By.CssSelector("button.x-btn-text")).Click(); What is the alternative for this in AUtoIT?
  2. Hello, I´m using AutoIt for a long time not only to automate applications but to develop complex stand-alone applications. I am particularly annoyed by the fact that the logic in AutoIt is difficult to separate from the presentation and the standard GUI elements are very inflexible. If you want to create something more sophisticated, you have to use GDI and write many lines for simple effects or animations. With these thoughts in mind, I looked around for alternatives and unfortunately found nothing that corresponded to my ideas. Therefore, I have thought of a different solution. I h
  3. Greetings, all. At my wit's end trying to read element properties derived from css using IE.au3. The information here seems not to work for me, sadly. Anyway, my test case should be the best explanation. #include <IE.au3> Local $window_width = 640 Local $window_height = 480 $oIE = _IECreate() Local $sHTML = "" $sHTML &= "<HTML>" & @CR $sHTML &= "<TITLE>UNIQUE IDENTIFIER FOR WINDOW CLOSE</TITLE>" & @CR $sHTML &= "<HEAD>" & @CR $sHTML &= '<STYLE>.image_div {b
  4. I would like to replace the percentage of width div.gallery { float: left; width:20%; } I tried... $colread = "10%" $replace = StringRegExpReplace($colcss,'([0-9][^;])',$colread) This mode does not work well, can you help me to intercept the exact text between width:????????; Thanks guys
  5. Hello, this is a little piece of code, I use to generate an index.html page. (The index.html is a starting point to navigate through the local file structure and openend via a link from our web application.) Workflow: 1) Read the file structure (recursive) 2) Write the html file (which includes, the images as inline html, the css and the complete javascript [all minified]) The files can be sorted by --> 0 = filename, 1 = file creation time, 2 = Size of file Thanks to KaFu and Melba23 #region ;************ Includes ************ #include-once #include <Array.au3> #endr
  6. Hi @all, anybody using some cool greasemokey scripts for autoitscript.com? Anybody who could help me creating one? I'm just starting to learn javascript and css and so on. Now, I want to set all threads in the help forum to a different color which do have 0 replies. This is what I got so far: var metaTags = document.getElementsByTagName("meta") var metaTagLength=metaTags.length; alert(metaTags.length); for(var i=0;i<metaTagLength;i++) { if (metaTags[i].content == 'UserComments:0') { alert(metaTags[i].content); } But I do not know how to change the correct part or add someth
  7. Utility functions for color names and color value formats defined by the HTML and CSS specifications for use in documents on the Web. What this UDF supports ------------------------- This UDF supports the following methods of specifying RGB colors, and conversions between them: Six-digit hexadecimal.Three-digit hexadecimal.Integer 3-element RGB array.Percentage 3-element RGB array.Varying selections of predefined color names.WebColors.au3 #include-once ; #INDEX# ======================================================================================================================= ; Title ....
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