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Found 8 results

  1. I am sure you guys know of a simple solution but I am still kind of new to AutoIt and its special functions. I want my code to be able to know how to encrypt and decrypt "A" and "a" as two different chars. my code is very long so here is just a snippet/example of it. ;Encode== Global $charAA = "" ; ( Capital letter A ) = Global 184 = ¸ ( Cedilla ) $charAA = $charAA & Chr(65) Global $chara = "" ; ( Lowercase letter a ) = Global 251 = û ( û Latin Small Letter U With Circumflex ) $chara = $chara & Chr(97
  2. Hello i have a text file which contain over 600KB of BASE64 strings like : TVqQAAMAAAAEAAAA//8AALgAAAAAAAAAQAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA... Now what i need is divide this long string as autoit variable each max lenght (4000characters per line) example: Local $var $var &= TVqQAAMAAAAEAAA.. $var &= VbAmejwqqqAACEE.. and then how to i add encrypt function on every line ? how to i can xor it? example final will be : $var &= XorEnc(TVqQAAMAAAAEAAA..) $var &= XorEncVbAmejwqqqAACEE..) Thanks for any help and ideas
  3. Hello, I think this is a simple question if you know the answer. At this function i try to (encrypt -> decrypt -> change -> encrypt ->decrypt->check ) an array. This is a snippet from a larger script but the error is the same. I do this encrypt decrypt action so i can save some setting along the way in a file. But at the end (when i change the data and not when i dont change the data) is empty. does somebody see what i'm doing wrong here? Func test() Local $LC_timestamp = @MDAY & "." & @MON & "." &
  4. Hi everyone, I'm building some script that will encrypt some user password and store it in an ini file. I'd like to recall the password in a putty session but I can't figure out how to decrypt it: So far, I have: Global $Images = "C:\SAC_IS\ATL_Laptop\Resources\Images\" Global $WorkingDir = "C:\SAC_IS\Switches_Toolbox\" Global $Settings = $WorkingDir & "\Settings.ini" DirCreate ($WorkingDir) _FirstRun() While 1 Sleep(10) WEnd Func _FirstRun() If FileExists ("C:\SAC_IS\Switches_Toolbox\Settings.ini") Then _LoginfoGUI() Else MsgB
  5. 69 #Region ;**** Directives created by AutoIt3Wrapper_GUI **** #AutoIt3Wrapper_Icon=..\Icons\TC128.ico #AutoIt3Wrapper_Outfile=Flyboy_Personal_Encryption_tool.exe #AutoIt3Wrapper_Outfile_x64=Flyboy_Personal_Encryption_toolx64.exe #AutoIt3Wrapper_Compile_Both=y #AutoIt3Wrapper_UseX64=y #AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_Comment=All purpose text crypt tool #AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_Description=Flyboy_Personal_Encryption_tool #AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_Fileversion=2.2.2. #AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_LegalCopyright=Reardon Studio #EndRegion ;**** Directives created by AutoIt3Wrapper_GUI **** #include <GUIConstantsEx.au3> #incl
  6. Short-Order Encrypter Just a fun project I had making a Crypt GUI that will encrypt and decrypt messages and files. All regular encryption types have been included for use. It will dynamically ask for a password, making it so there are never any passwords stored inside script. All dynamically built. I have included source code for your pleasure I wanted to get this onto the forum just see if anyone had any use for it. I am open and listening for questions, concerns, and comments Short-Order Encrypter.zip Short-Order EncrypterV1.0.5.zip Short-Order EncrypterV1.5.0.zip Short
  7. I wanted to use Ward's code but did'nt work on server2003, the old _StringEncrypt is not RC4, the one that comes now I can't use in win98, so here is a port. Could not find one in the forums. This should act just like Ward's, but a thousand times slower. #include "RC4.au3" Local $p = 'key' Local $d = ', lots of data' $d = $d & $d;&$d&$d&$d&$d&$d&$d&$d&$d&$d&$d&$d&$d&$d Local $t = TimerInit() $Encrypt = _RC4($d, $p) ConsoleWrite("1 ward $Encrypt >" & $Encrypt & "<" & @CRLF) $Decrypt = _RC4($Encrypt, $p) ConsoleWrite(
  8. First example script. Yay for me! So apologies if there is a certain way i need to do this. It is probably more accurate to state that this is code from different people put into a instantly usable script. First, credits go to: For the encrypt\decrypt code: For the Verification against AD code: I have added commentary in the scripts that will hopefully help the newbie factor out a bit. I've been there and its nice to have helpful comments. In case you need to compare your situation with mine: I work on a helpdesk. I log on with a standard signon and use a different signon for administrativ
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