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Found 9 results

  1. I am sure you guys know of a simple solution but I am still kind of new to AutoIt and its special functions. I want my code to be able to know how to encrypt and decrypt "A" and "a" as two different chars. my code is very long so here is just a snippet/example of it. ;Encode== Global $charAA = "" ; ( Capital letter A ) = Global 184 = ¸ ( Cedilla ) $charAA = $charAA & Chr(65) Global $chara = "" ; ( Lowercase letter a ) = Global 251 = û ( û Latin Small Letter U With Circumflex ) $chara = $chara & Chr(97
  2. Who could help me to convert this vbs to AuoIT? on error resume next dim oCPAppletMgr 'Control Applet manager object. dim oClientAction 'Individual client action. dim oClientActions 'A collection of client actions. 'Get the Control Panel manager object. set oCPAppletMgr=CreateObject("CPApplet.CPAppletMgr") if err.number <> 0 then Wscript.echo "Couldn't create control panel application manager" WScript.Quit end if 'Get a collection of actions. set oClientActions=oCPAppletMgr.GetClientActions if err.number<>0
  3. Hello guys. I totaly reworked a script to get less problem(Melba23) and i used a topic to copy an existing script and modified it. Since my last post it was bad evaluated as a spam bot but by my fault since i have not explained the purpose of it corectly. (Yes i got ugly english) Then FIRST OF ALL the purpose of this script is to allow a call center to complet multiple fields in internet explorer and optionnaly; i am gonna see that after the principal code to configure multiple email that can be send. I know there is some UDF for outlook etc... but i want a single scrip
  4. Hi guys, After i use that, all of thing is good and perfect, Local $dData = InetRead("http://example.com/my.html",1) $my = BinaryToString(StringReplace($dData, "0A", "0D0A"), 4)but now how can i reload that after x time ?! by this ( top script ) , i need to relunch the script to see modified, now! how can i update data after X time !? for example : in "my.html" we have number "3" , i try to change it to "5", now we need to relunch script to see "3" => "5", how we can use that without relunch script. thanks alot and sorry for my bad english & too long ques
  5. Hi again, i have one question ! , how we can use a "inetread" without any changes in doc, it's meant : for example in this address we have this source : (Address : http://example.com) <!doctype html> <!-- i have <br/> ( Enter ) --> <html> <!-- i have enter too --> <head> <!-- i have too --> <title>i am in autoit :) </title> <meta charset="utf-8"> </head> <body> <p> i want to go in autoit :( </p> <a href="http://autoitscript.com">auto
  6. ur


    Version 0.9.7


    Usage: Create a shortcut pointing to this file and pass arguments username and password to it in target location. Auto-SignIn: When it is running in background it will pass credentials automatically to Windows Security Windows.Please check the forum mentioned for more details. It will pass data to below type of window.
  7. This is my latest project! I wanted to run utorrent as a service but still have status information without visiting the WebUI so I created ĀµAuToBar which automatically displays uTorrent's status bars. they are almost exact duplicates of the download bar accessible via uTorrent's advanced context menu. There are plenty of reasons why you would want to check this out but instead of listing all of the current and planned features, I'll cut it short and just say theres support for proxies. If you use uTorrent then don't miss out on this gadget! uTorrent's WebUI must be enabled! I'd love fee
  8. Rich-Edit Predict Text UDF Working It sub classes the rich-edit control and matches the current word through the Database & sets selection in accordance. For Edit Controls look Functions Predicts Text from an User-Defined Database.Sets the Predicted Text when Enter is pressed.Pressing Backspace deletes the previously typed character.Support Editing, Overwriting, Updating, Deleting the Database.Has the Feature to add New words the user types in the control, to the Database.Supports Sensitive and In-Sensitive Prediction.Currently Supports Auto-completion only.Rich Edit Controls only supp
  9. hello, i made a script to show a traytip every "10 SECs" and timeout is "2 SECs", but i don't know why it doesn't hide after 2 SECs or even 1000 sec,, i must click on it to hide check the script: While 1 $start = TimerInit() Sleep(10000) $End = TimerDiff($start) $rEND = Round($End / 1000, 0) If $rEND = "10" Then $x = TrayTip("test", "testtt", 2) Sleep(2000) EndIf WEndany help would be appreciated thanks.
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