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Found 2 results

  1. Okay it's about the style of the AutoIT Language. Concerning: BitAND, BitOR, BitXOR, BitXOR, BitShift, BitRotate That's a very simple but fundamental question: Why BitAND is not infix? In most other common programming languages it is. Let's take JavaScript. Here I write: Result = Value & Mask But on AutoIT it's $Result = BitAND ( $Value , $Mask ) That's more the Lisp / prefix way. While the logical and is indeed infix $bIsEnable = $bIsGUI_chkEnabled and $bIsGUI_chkChecked So I wonder why it is like this. What is the Idea behind this language design decision? Okay Autoit is a matured Language but yeah - It's never to late for a change. Wasn't there ideas to unify it any way? So we also make the 'Bit' operations infix as well? ... while Just keeping the 'old' prefix version -for backwards compatibility - as well. UPDATE #1: Now I created a ticket for this: https://autoitscript.com/trac/autoit/ticket/3752 Well to generalise/modulate It more I may bring it down to the Subject Verb Object thing you have with language. "I go swimming" that's S-V-O or some infix. "Swimming I go". is O-S-V - postfix and sound much like yoda-style. While "go I swimming" is V-S-O - prefix and 'feels' more like kinda question. There is no right or wrong here - however personally I find infix is most appropriate here.
  2. Rich-Edit Predict Text UDF Working It sub classes the rich-edit control and matches the current word through the Database & sets selection in accordance. For Edit Controls look Functions Predicts Text from an User-Defined Database.Sets the Predicted Text when Enter is pressed.Pressing Backspace deletes the previously typed character.Support Editing, Overwriting, Updating, Deleting the Database.Has the Feature to add New words the user types in the control, to the Database.Supports Sensitive and In-Sensitive Prediction.Currently Supports Auto-completion only.Rich Edit Controls only supportedFuture Updates​Support Auto-suggestion.Note That if you set a Password Char for the Edit Box the Prediction will automatically get Unregistered.This UDF requires Beta Release [beta-Oct-2012] Index ; #CURRENT# ===================================================================================================================== ;_RegisterPrediction ;_UpdatePredictList ;_UnRegisterPrediction ;_RegisterListingSpaceWords ;_RegisterListingNewWords ;_GetSelectedText ;_GetListCount ;_GetCurrentWord ;_GetCaretOffset ; =============================================================================================================================== ; #INTERNAL_USE_ONLY# =========================================================================================================== ;_New_WndProc ; AddToArray ; MakeArray ;_RichEdit_SubClass ;_AutoExit ;_PredictText ;_PredictSpaceText ;_SetSelection ;_MatchString ;_CtrlSetStyle ;_CtrlGetStyle ;_RemoveBit ; =============================================================================================================================== Please Notify for any other Updates and Bugs. Change-log v1.0 - First Release v1.1 - Fixed a bug. RichEditPredictText [uDF] v1.1 v1.1 RichEditPredictText UDF.7z Previous Downloads : 80 Regards Phoenix XL
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