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Found 4 results

  1. This function rewrite whole content of given file by defined (implicitly 0x0) character and finally delete it, it's called as secure deleting. This should be VERY fast!! Just note that there is no error checking inside FileWipe() Maybe I will post later also version with error checking. You can comment line FileDelete($sFileName) to see how it's rewritten before deletion. EDIT: There can be problems with too big files (>2GB or > amount of RAM) see post #8 by Kafu #include <WinAPI.au3> ; prepare testing file FileDelete('1.txt') FileWrite('1.txt','123abc') FileWipe('1.
  2. Hello to all, first thank you to all of you, because this forum is really usefull. I try to search about my problem but I didnt get any answer, so I try to create new topic... sorry for my english too, because I am not from uk or usa... I have a script which depends on specific pixel, if this pixes gets a colour, it will make a click... speed is the name of the game, so does anybody know, how fast will be this cycle? I mean how many times this script will go for 1 second, or maybe for 1 minute? second question is... when this pixel gets a colour I want, is there any better way how to wrote a
  3. This function is very fast compared to standard _StringRepeat() when number of repeated chars is big. In my tests this version is faster than original for > 50 chars. Time needed for this new StringRepeat() is constant no matter how many chars you repeat (nCount) so for big numbers of repeated characters it's MUCH FASTER (hundred times). StringRepeat Function: Func StringRepeat($sChar, $nCount) $tBuffer = DLLStructCreate("char[" & $nCount & "]") DllCall("msvcrt.dll", "ptr:cdecl", "memset", "ptr", DLLStructGetPtr($tBuffer), "int", Asc($sChar), "int", $nCount) Return DLLStructGet
  4. Firs of all, i'm sorry for my bad english, but i'm brazilian! I've modified many functions of Excel.au3 to make it much more fast and created anothers functions the function list is above: Functions inside UDF: _ExcelColumnLetter($iColumn) _ExcelColumnNumber($sColumn) _ExcelFormatR1C1ToA1($iRowFrom, $iColFrom, $iRowTo = "", $iColTo = "") _ExcelFormatA1ToR1C1($sRange) _ExcelReadSheetToArrayEX($oExcel, $iStartRow = 1, $iStartColumn = 1, $iRowCnt = 0, $iColCnt = 0, $iColShift = 0) _ExcelPasteSpecial($oExcel, $sRange, $xPasteType = -4104, $xPasteSpecialOp = -4142) _ExcelFormatPainter($oExcel, $sR
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