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Found 5 results

  1. I want to do something , after wait 2 min and again do same thing But I do do not want with sleep, it must be timer How I do this ?
  2. I want to create a loop which loops a code until for example f2 is pressed. So I tried something with _IsPressed but it doesn't work. Local $test = WinActivate("Notepad") Do Send("hi") Until _IsPressed("72", $test) I don't know how I can do nothing when pressing f2 because it says "error: _IsPressed(): undefined function.". I did put Send("hi") after Local $test = but it gives the same error. Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Maybe I am wrong and I need to use a whole other Function.. I am ne
  3. How should i go about repeating this section if@error? I want it to try again if it can not find the PixelSearch then move on to the next Search. While 1 $cords = PixelSearch(564, 188,710, 350,0x380030) If Not (@error) Then MouseClick("Left",$cords[0],$cords[1],1,1) EndIf If (@error) Then ?????? EndIf
  4. #include <IE.au3> Local $oIE Sleep Local $oFrame Local $oDiv For If EndIf NextThis is my code and i'd like to repeat the action of clicking a button by its classname every 3 seconds.... i get this done only once and after the first time it doesn't repeat itself. Should i insert a continue loop, and if so how can i relate it to my code because i haven't found nothing in help file or example scripts....
  5. This function is very fast compared to standard _StringRepeat() when number of repeated chars is big. In my tests this version is faster than original for > 50 chars. Time needed for this new StringRepeat() is constant no matter how many chars you repeat (nCount) so for big numbers of repeated characters it's MUCH FASTER (hundred times). StringRepeat Function: Func StringRepeat($sChar, $nCount) $tBuffer = DLLStructCreate("char[" & $nCount & "]") DllCall("msvcrt.dll", "ptr:cdecl", "memset", "ptr", DLLStructGetPtr($tBuffer), "int", Asc($sChar), "int", $nCount) Return DLLStructGet
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