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Found 15 results

  1. UDF to control FireFox via MozRepl: FF_V0.6.0.1b-15_au3 Change Log: Original thread: http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/topic/95595-ffau3-v0601b-10/
  2. HI! 1) I want to create a FF web page in background... i want to say a web page that can't be seen in the application bar but only in Windows Task Manager... maybe using __FFStartProcess? in fact i tried to use it but the parameter "hide" only can minimize the page, but not put it in background... 2) After creating this hide page, i would to open a macro of the iMacros addon, always all in hide mode... it is possible to do it? anybody can help me? Thanks!!
  3. Go create a quick account in Zapier and go to https://zapier.com/app/dashboard and make some Zaps! Just need to click the specific instance of an .open-menu button and then click its a.run (anchor) element. Doing this IE.au3 script just causing to click its container element: $target = 1; Target the first instance #include <IE.au3> $oIE = _IEAttach("Dashboard - Zapier") $count = 0; $tags = _IETagNameGetCollection($oIE, "div") For $tag in $tags $class_value = $tag.GetAttribute("class") If $class_value = "open-menu" Then
  4. I have a script that sends multiple lines of text to a textbox using Firefox. I using _FFSetValue($sCellValue[7], "line one" & @CR & "line two", "id") from ff.au3. If it's a single line of text it works but MozRepl give the following error with multiple lines of text. Error: __FFSend: try{FFau3.simulateEvent(window.content.top.document.getElementById('line one line two'),'Event','change',13);}catch(e){'_FFCmd_Err';}; __FFWaitForRepl ==> Error return value: MozRepl ....> __FFSend: ; __FFRecv: __FFSend: FFau3.WCD=window.content.top.document; __FFWaitFo
  5. Hey guys, I'm pretty new to autoit and I'm trying to use FF.au3 to extract some cells from a table which looks like that: <table border="0" cellspacing="5" cellpadding="1"> <tr> <td class="BlueInputKind" align="left" nowrap>HEADING1</td> <td class="BlueInputKind" nowrap>HEADING2</td> <td class="BlueInputKind" nowrap>HEADING3</td> <td class="BlueInputKind" nowrap>HEADING4</td> </tr> <tr> <td class=&qu
  6. Hello, I'm looking for some direction with how to automate the exporting of an excel report through a javascript driven menu; unfortunately it does not support IE, so Firefox is what i've been trying, and I can navigate all the way through the dashboard and generate the report, but to export it I need to go through the menu. The menu has onmousedown and onmouseover events that I'm not sure how to send. It looks like I can do this with _FFCmd, but it may take several statements.. can someone help me get started? This is the path to export: <div id="mstr395" tstid
  7. Hello Dears, I'm trying to get the SIM card ICC ID number through the system using FF.au3. I have read the description of the UDF but I'm stuck on the query page after login. I have also tried to refresh the page to get the new XPath (hopelessly), but couldn't go any further. I'm basically trying to: Login to the system Click on the site map After site map opens, go to customer care Then change subscriber information Input the MSISDN (phone number) of subscriber and submit Get the SIM card ICC ID information and proceed to the next screen HotKeySet(
  8. Has anything changed recently with how FF interacts with autoit.. I cannot get it to do anything past start the first url and just hangs at that piont. here is the code i am using.. The only thing it does is open up the vahud.com and never moves on to the test.htm page.. and does this on all my FF autoit programs.. I am using XP but it has alwasy been fine in the past.. #Include <FF.au3> _FFStart("http://vahud.com") Sleep(2000) _FFAction("presentationmode", True) Sleep(2000) _FFOpenURL("http://vahud.com/test.htm") Sleep(2000)
  9. Hi, all. I want to know how to send an email when FF.au3 got error. I have made in IE and it worked. But, FF cannot handle global error. Can you all help me? Thanks.
  10. Hi, everyone. I want to handle error in Firefox like in IE. This is my code. _IEErrorHandlerRegister(_ErrFunc) Func _ErrFunc($oError) ; Do anything here. $sRead = IniRead("error.ini", "Email", "Sent", "Default") $24time = _NowTime(5) ; Read the error.InI set error = 1 if error is caught $ErrorMessage = (@ScriptName & " (" & $oError.scriptline & ") : ==> COM Error intercepted !" & @CRLF & _ @TAB & "err.number is: " & @TAB & @TAB & "0x" & He
  11. #include <ff.au3> _FFStart("www.autoitscript.com") When I start this I get error __FFStartProcess ==> General Error: Error reading registry entry for FireFox. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Mozilla\Mozilla Firefox\*CurrentVersion*\Main\PathToExe Error from RegRead: 1 Please give me simply answer and dont use hard words
  12. Created some time ago but forgot FFF - FireFoxFuctions - some download related functions for FireFox since original FF.au3 still lack them. Names of functions is pretty clear: _FF_AddDownload_DM --> Add new download to Firefox download manager using nsIDownloadManager (This interface is deprecated as of Firefox 26) _FF_AddDownload_TR --> Add new download to Firefox using nsITransfer (should work in any FF 10+) _FF_GetDownloadState_List --> Return number or list of States of all downloads currently presented in Firefox _FF_GetDWNLDFilename --> Return Filename of file on ser
  13. Hi, I'm trying to open a Firefox window with this code - If _ffstart() Then If _ffconnect() Then ;_ffstart() If _ff_openurl("http://english.documentation.ff-au3.thorsten-willert.de/ff_functions/_FFOpenURL.php") Then MsgBox(0,"","It's open") Else MsgBox(0,"","Is there a problem") EndIf Else MsgBox(0,"","Couldn't connect") EndIf EndIf And I get this as a result = __FFStartProcess ==> General Error: Error reading registry entry for FireFox. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREWow6432NodeMozillaMozilla Firefox*CurrentVersion*MainPathToExe Error from RegRead: 1 The p
  14. I found all the functions like below, and the UDF at But I did not find an example of how to use all the functions.. did i over look something. Function list: ;_FFAction ;_FFClick ;_FFCmd
  15. I am trying to get _FF_Youtube_API.au3 back to work but I think I got stuck. This is my test code: #include <FF.au3> #include <_FF_Youtube_API.au3> _FFConnect() _FFTabAdd() TestPlayer() Func TestPlayer() If _FF_CreatePlayer("Mt1aJXH6AAs") Then Sleep(2000) _FF_YT("pauseVideo") _FF_YT("seekTo", 90) EndIf EndFunc Func _FF_CreatePlayer($sVIDEOID = "") Local $sHTML = '<html><head></head><body>' & _ '<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" id="movie_player" style="width:640px; heigh
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