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Found 2 results

  1. So I am repurposing/rewriting some code that was written by someone else in my organization. Looking at the code, I can't help but feel that it isn't doing what the intent was. Here is the code in question: #include <IE.au3> ; Other Code Func open_webpage() Local $ie = _IECreate("https://some.website.com", 1) If @error > 0 Then Local $i = 0 Do Sleep(500) $i = $i + 1 $ie = _IEAttach("Site Name") Until VarGetType($ie) == "Object" Or $i >= 10 EndIf If VarGetType($ie) == "Object" Then ; do things EndIf EndFunc The original person that coded this remembers that they needed this to solve the issue mentioned here: However not only have I found that this code doesn't seem necessary, I can't understand why it would have worked. The initial _IECreate call wouldn't cause an error even if the "vista issue" mentioned above existed would it? The _IECreate would still succeed would it not? It is just that the "vista issue" would cause the handle to that object to change, but that doesn't mean that the _IECreate failed, right? That being said - I don't see how the "If @error" branch would ever get run. And, even if it were to run wouldn't there NOT be our "Site Name" to attach to anyway (since the initial _IECreate failure of that site is what got us into this branch in the first place)?? Now I suppose that this "vista issue" might actually close the object down during the _IECreateMethod causing an error back from the internal IE3.au3 code. The problem is I can only surmise because I can't recreate this "vista issue" as described in the docs. I would like a piece of code where I can reproduce the "vista issue" described...namely that you lose the handle to the object because a new window is created. I just don't see that happening. For what it is worth, all my testing has been on Windows 7 and Windows 2008R2 using IE 10 and 11. I haven't added any websites to "trusted." I have Protected Mode on in IE. UAC is not disabled. I don't use (and can't) #RequireAdmin So based on the above I should be seeing it. What am I missing. Thanks.
  2. I am trying to read an ASPX page and I'm using IE.au3. I'm not getting!!! Does anyone know how I can solve this problem ?! Is there any UDF that solves this ?!
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