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Found 9 results

  1. About logs, it is a few years that I drag a couple of functions between one script and another, so finally I decided to write down my first UDF to optimize my scripts. Main focus is to keep it simple, so you have just to include _gollog.au3 and call: GOLLOG("a line of text"), and start logging. If your script is without GUI the log will be only written to disk, if you have a GUI you can initialize an edit control : GOLLOG_INI($guititle, $left, $top, $width, $height) and GOLLOG() will write your log both in an auto generated EDIT control in your $guititle GUI and disk;
  2. Hello guys. It's been awhile since I shared something. So today I want to share my last project. What's Loga? Loga is a simple logging library to keep track of code with an integrated console. Features. Common log levels. Integrated console. Multiple instances. Custom color and font for each instance log level. Define output format with macros. Conditional and occasional Logging. Easy to use. Basic Usage: #include "..\Loga.au3" ;This are some of the default settings: ;Default log level $LOGA_LEVEL_TRACE ;output
  3. Hello, I am new to AutoIt so please bare with me. I am trying to write a script that installs a certain program on Win 10 and then based on a successful install create a file in a specific directory. Below is my install script which works, just not quite sure how to get it to write the file when its done. My thought is to add a "If FileExists" command at the end to make sure that the files are in the install folder and based on that write the file just not sure how to accomplish it. I hope that makes sense and thank you in advance for any help. Local $Title="MobilePass Insta
  4. Hello Sir, While searching for the solution to my problem, I have just gone through some of your old post. My name is Alok Arora Email id is *snip* I am writing a code to store logs for each script I run. This I did by using FileWriteLog function and it is successfully storing logs in txt file. Now, I have to work on to read the log file and if any script has been mistakenly clicked twice in a day script will pop up a message that task already done for the day by verifying entries in the log file. I have the logic for it.. I mean a variable will read th
  5. I have another AutoIT script making a Log file Sample of Log file: 2016/08/22 12:44:18 > Process: [RUNNING] [ACTIVE] 2016/08/22 12:48:35 > Process: [WAS NOT RUNNING] 2016/08/22 13:40:00 > Process: [FAILED] 2016/08/22 14:01:10 > Process: [WAS NOT RUNNING] I am looping through the Log file for the word "FAILED" I then want to get all lines that have "FAILED" and get their TIME My Current code to get this far: If FileExists($fileLog) Then $contents = FileRead($fileLog) If @error Then MsgBox(0, 'File Error', $fileLog & ' coul
  6. Hi there - quite a beginner to codding so please bare with me... i am writing an autoit code that will be running 24/7 executing various tasks every 10-20 minutes. it suppose to run on unattended server but i would like to occasionally remote log in and do stuff on the server without disturbing the autoit script (while the autoit script is in Sleep count). to achieve this I will need to know at what point in the commands run it is and how long roughly until the next command (I use Sleep in between commands)... so, is there a way to create a monitor that shows me the last command ex
  7. Hello, first time poster here I am working on a project that has to parse a log file in real time. The thing is I know it's hard for Autoit to attach itself to log files when they're already in use by other programs, at least in my experience. I was taking a look at this thread because the log file is quite large and I think Autoit might be a little slow on it's own. The thing is I don't know how to use this properly to extract all data out of a log file or is there a native way to do this using Autoit. Basically , I just need a log parser that is able to read from a log that is 'already ope
  8. Hello everyone, I have been a member for a while but relatively new to posting to the message boards. I am also still relatively new to using AutoIt. I am working on a script that will help keep a program running on one of my file servers. Here is what I have accomplished so far looking at different threads on the site already. 1. A check performed every 60 seconds to see if the application is running. (ultimately to be changed to something like once an hour) 2. Write a log file that shows either the check was performed with no issue or the application had to be restarted. Both of those are wo
  9. What are the GUI functions that can be used to create such as a message log (3) and a local pane (4)? Kindly visit Navigating and window layout referring to the numbers above if you don't know what I mean..
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