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Found 5 results

  1. I have this example string: 2020-06-08 09:23:33 : abcdefghifjklm How to trim just the right part? Or how to trim this text right to left? I want to trim this string right to left until ' : '. In ohter words: I need the 'abcdefghifklm' text. I have tried StringTrimRight, but that requires The number of characters to trim. Unfortunately StringSplit trims the left part of the strings.
  2. The McAfee return for AV defs per "C:\Progra~1\Common~1\McAfee\SystemCore\csscan.exe -Versions" is ... CommonShell Command Line Scanner Lite (VSCORE. Engine version: 5800.7501 DAT version: 8450.0 Time required: 15 milliseconds I want to isolate the actual DAT version as "8450.0". There may be an easier way to get the DAT Version via other McAfee or registry methods but essentially I just want to know how to parse a string at a character or @CRLF into two separate strings for further parsing. Example: $string = "Name=Microsoft Windows 1
  3. Hello, I have a simple task today, I am sure that I made a similar post a long time ago... I want trim (delete or remove or wipe) the contents of a file (text or binary) WITHOUT storing the contents of the file anywhere in the script. Here is a text file for the purpose of experimenting: (contents of text.txt) 1234567890The task is simple, remove "456" from the contents of text.txt WITHOUT storing the contents anywhere! I wanted to post some code but it seems impossible to provide any relevant code this time... Good luck with the challenge! TD
  4. I'm looking to delete string from point A to point B... For example: "I want to go to store" I would think I need 2 variables. $sfind1 = want $sfind2 = to. Anything between $sfind1 and $sfind2 will be delete it. I would think stringtrim left or right, but the problem I'm facing is, trim left/right does not have a point a or point b to trim from and to. It would be useful if a function was created to do this job if it doesn't already exist.
  5. Hello everyone, I have been a member for a while but relatively new to posting to the message boards. I am also still relatively new to using AutoIt. I am working on a script that will help keep a program running on one of my file servers. Here is what I have accomplished so far looking at different threads on the site already. 1. A check performed every 60 seconds to see if the application is running. (ultimately to be changed to something like once an hour) 2. Write a log file that shows either the check was performed with no issue or the application had to be restarted. Both of those are wo
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