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Found 13 results

  1. Hello, Does somebody knows a quick way to split eash word to an array in a text? I've a text and want to have each word in that text in an array. I tried to get in some way multiple seperators inside stringsplit but couldn't get it to work. I hope to get an array like : $aArray[0] = "PARIJS" $aArray[1] = "AFN" $aArray[2] = "Air" .... sample text: PARIJS (AFN) - Air France-KLM heeft de financieel directeur van het Franse nuts- en vervoersbedrijf Veolia, Philipe Capron, in het vizier om de nieuwe topman van de luchtvaartcombinatie te worden. Volgens de krant La
  2. Hi, i receive a strange result from splitting strings elements contained in an array .(In attachment the resulting array) My Array contains strings like: INFO [26.01.2018 13:53:44] [XYZ] [XYZ, XYZ] Delta pack 5.2.25_17.01.2018 server version: 5.2.25_22.01.2018 not available. My code is: For $a=0 to UBound($Array_info_4) -1 $Array_info_4[$a]=StringSplit($Array_info_4[$a],",",$STR_NOCOUNT) Next I tried also using a second Array to store the result, but the result was the same, like in the attachment. Where is my mistake? :-)
  3. Hi i try to read Wlan Profiles from local Computer. First Step Command Prompt: netsh wlan show profiles >> C:\temp\test\wlan.txt. Second Step (here's a sample script to find a solution for my problem. Script read each line of wlan.txt and Display Name of Wireless Connection which i have set up in the past. If i edit wlan.txt to wlan - sample.txt script works. wlan.txt containsline without : so i get error message. How can i read only lines beginning with All User Profile so i can use original file wlan.txt which i crate in the command prompt with: netsh wlan show profiles >
  4. The McAfee return for AV defs per "C:\Progra~1\Common~1\McAfee\SystemCore\csscan.exe -Versions" is ... CommonShell Command Line Scanner Lite (VSCORE. Engine version: 5800.7501 DAT version: 8450.0 Time required: 15 milliseconds I want to isolate the actual DAT version as "8450.0". There may be an easier way to get the DAT Version via other McAfee or registry methods but essentially I just want to know how to parse a string at a character or @CRLF into two separate strings for further parsing. Example: $string = "Name=Microsoft Windows 1
  5. Hello everyone! I've encountered a strange problem while adding files (or rather file names) to a ListView. Mechanics are simple: 1. Select files to add (FileOpenDialog + Multiselect) 2. Split selected string (filepath) into array (StringSplit) 3. File names appear on ListView (GUICtrlCreateListViewItem) Writing starts from second array (since 0 is array size, and 1 is filepath). Problem occurs when I try to add one file. Then, no filenames are added. As far as I know, selecting one file generates only 2 strings (0 and 1) to split, therefore no string is written into ListView
  6. How to use regular expressions in StringSplit and StringInStr
  7. Dim $oneDarray $oneDarray=StringSplit($Rawfile, @CRLF, 1) $columnsCounter = stringsplit($oneDarray[2],",") GUICtrlSetData ( $Output,"*Group columns Detected from csv:"& $columnsCounter[0] &@CRLF, @CR) ConsoleWrite("*Group columns Detected from csv:"& $columnsCounter[0] &@CRLF) Dim $twoDarray[$oneDarray[0] + 1][$columnsCounter[0] + 1] For $x = 1 to ($oneDarray[0]) $oneRow = stringsplit($oneDarray[$x],",") For $y = 1 to ($oneRow[0]) $twoDarray[$x][$y] = $oneRow[$y] Next Next Log Output Array variable has incorrect number of subscripts or subscript dimension range exceede
  8. 12 where is a simple StringSplit at delimeter example please? Copy to clipboard #include <MsgBoxConstants.au3> Example() Func Example() Local $aDays = StringSplit("Mon,Tues,Wed,Thur,Fri,Sat,Sun", ",") ; Split the string of days using the delimeter "," and the default flag value. #cs The array returned will contain the following values: $aDays[1] = "Mon" $aDays[2] = "Tues" $aDays[3] = "Wed" ... $aDays[7] = "Sun" #ce For $i = 1 To $aDays[0] ; Loop through the array returned by StringSplit to display the individual values
  9. i have a script that extract the second caracter from specific phrase $aUser = StringSplit($sText, " ") $status = $aUser[2] but sometime there are no $aUser[2] and thats get an error $status = $aUser[2] $status = ^ ERROR and i have to restart script manual each time It is possible to pass this kind of error? I need the script to run NON STOP without interrupting it on error
  10. So, Im trying to let my software create a label for each user found Current Code: $defaultfriendsize = "67" For $i = 1 To $onlinevriendraw[0] ;MsgBox($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, "test", "online: " & $onlinevriendraw[$i]) MsgBox(64, "test2", $onlinevriendraw[$i]) $usernumber = +1 GUICtrlCreateLabel($onlinevriendraw[$i], 5, $usernumber*$defaultfriendsize, 195, 35) Next EndIf The software pulls the Username and Userid in a string (Username,1 - OtherUsername,2) The msgbox puts out the retreived data fine, However when I want to create a label for each it creates them all on the sam
  11. Hello, I'm lost again....(as always ) I tried different approaches, _StringBetween, StringRegExp, StringInStr.... but in the end non of my approaches worked fine. Every time I ended up like this: As I don't want to confuse you with my now messed up code snippets, I will explain what I got and what I need (sorry for that, but I don't want someone to fix my wrong approach if there is a already working solution (btw. of course I read the forum for some hints, and there are a lot of them but non of the described hints worked for me in the end. Maybe I'm not smart enough these days to understa
  12. Hello there, I am a few days now trying to understand this commands. I am reading the help files and examples but still nothing... I got this command in my code which search in a file for lines Local $aLines = StringRegExp($sLines, "(?:([^v]+)(?:v+|$))", 3) ; Lines to a zero-based array (blank lines not included).and then i got a loop to find these lines. My lines are like this [22:53:48] "Leandros" Leaving [22:53:50] "Leandros" Leaving [22:53:53] "Shertaz" ? [22:54:01] "Mirtid" any tips my friend? The first two lines are basicly the same but the only thing changing is the time [22
  13. hi ppl! i'm here again >.<" i'm getting problem with my stringsplit() function look the example code: GUICreate("Gui Test", 300, 300, -1, -1) Local $listview = GUICtrlCreateListView("Teste", 0, 0, 300, 300) Local $string = "string1|string2|string3|string4" & @CRLF & _ "string5|string6|string7|string8" Local $splited = StringSplit($string, @CRLF, 1) For $i = 1 To $splited[0] GUICtrlCreateListViewItem($splited[$i], $listview) Next GUISetState() Sleep(5000) Exit in the listview only enters a "String1" and "String 5" not a "string1|string2|string3|string4" and "string5|string6|s
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