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Found 9 results

  1. Working on a new version of iuiautomation and uia wrappers I needed a better way of getting my interface's Concept version 0.6 to generate based on idl file an au3 file with the definitions. As allways its more complicated then I thought ;-) due to small differences in the idl files on closing braces, separating inheritance colon inconsistencies in the idl tool that generates them so most likely its better to write a lexer/parser then the search/replace I do now Alternatives typelibinspector but could not generate them all at once aiowrappergenerator was generating f
  2. A simple example of listing installed applications using ObjCreateInterface. Update. 10/09/2014 ;Danyfirex 06/09/2014 #include <Array.au3> Opt("MustDeclareVars", 1) Global Const $sTagAppInfoData = "UINT cbSize;UINT dwMask;ptr pszDisplayName;ptr pszVersion;ptr pszPublisher;ptr pszProductID;" & _ "ptr pszRegisteredOwner;ptr pszRegisteredCompany;ptr pszLanguage;ptr pszSupportUrl;ptr pszSupportTelephone;" & _ "ptr pszHelpLink;ptr pszInstallLocation;ptr pszInstallSource;ptr pszInstallDate;ptr pszContact;ptr pszComments;" & _ "ptr pszImage;ptr pszReadmeUrl;ptr pszUpdat
  3. I have tryed to compile this "com object" and then use with AutoIt3 but not work: "err.number 0x80020006. How to do? #include-once Local $oErrorHandler = ObjEvent("AutoIt.Error", "_ErrFunc") Local Const $sCLSID_TaskbarList = "{7233b105-bc01-41ff-b72e-582c5954b76d}" Local Const $sIID_ITaskbarList = "{702d63b3-d7d1-4f17-ab11-2f2ed770fdc8}" Local Const $sTagITaskbarList = 'SetString(wstr:cdecl);wstr:cdecl GetString();' Local $oIExample = ObjCreateInterface($sCLSID_TaskbarList, $sIID_ITaskbarList, $sTagITaskbarList) $a=
  4. well. Reading in msdn I found an interface to run a Gadget. So I wrote it. #include <Array.au3> #include <File.au3> Global Const $sCLSID_DesktopGadget = "{924CCC1B-6562-4C85-8657-D177925222B6}" Global Const $sIID_IDesktopGadget = "{C1646BC4-F298-4F91-A204-EB2DD1709D1A}" Global Const $sTagIDesktopGadget = "RunGadget hresult(wstr);" Global Enum $eNoShared = 1, $eShared, $eAll Local $aGadGets = _GetGadget($eAll) If IsArray($aGadGets) Then For $i = 1 To $aGadGets[0] If StringInStr($aGadGets[$i], "CPU") Then ;Run CPU Gad
  5. Well. I was needing to create a networks shortcut. so I did find anything into the forum. So I write this after reading about Nonfile Object. ;~ Danyfirex 26/07/2015 #include <WinAPIShellEx.au3> Opt("MustDeclareVars", 1) Global Const $SHCONTF_NONFOLDERS = 0x00040 Global Const $SHGDN_NORMAL = 0 Global Const $S_OK = 0 Global Const $sTagSTRRET = "UINT uType;ptr pOleStr;UINT uOffset;CHAR cStr[256]" Global Const $CLSID_ShellLink = "{00021401-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}" Global Const $sIID_IShellLinkW = "{000214F9-0000-0000-C000-00000000004
  6. I try to create interface_description for ObjCreateInterface function Here the part of interface: [id(0x00000002), propput, helpstring("Default")] HRESULT Default([in] BSTR TokenId); [id(0x00000002), propget, helpstring("Default")] HRESULT Default([out, retval] BSTR* TokenId); you can see that there are two the same method Default. first is [in], second is - [out]. how to write a description of this? Default hresult(bstr;);Default hresult(bstr*); - is it correct? or so? Default hresult(bstr;bstr*); please help.
  7. (The title of this example was originally "The Shell/Custom Favorites/Programs Menus".) This is an implementation of the Shell Favorites and Programs menus with the IShellMenu interface. The purpose of this menu system is to create a popup menu from a directory structure consisting of subfolders and internet or program links. The menu will look like the Favorites menu in Internet or Windows Explorer (as it looked when XP SP2 was released in August 2004). The IShellMenu interface can generally be used to create a menu from a directory structure. The menu items will be supplied with the sam
  8. Well I was learning about this great autoit function (ObjCreateInterface) and make this simple example using ISpVoice. ;Gracias ;http://cyberdays.ru/govoryashhaya-programma Local Const $CLSID_SpVoice= "{96749377-3391-11D2-9EE3-00C04F797396}" Local Const $IID_ISpVoice="{6C44DF74-72B9-4992-A1EC-EF996E0422D4}" Local Const $SPF_DEFAULT = 0 Local Const $sSpVoice = "SetNotifySink hresult(ptr)" & _ "SetNotifyWindowMessage hresult(hwnd;uint;long;long);" & _ "SetNotifyCallbackFunction hresult(ptr;long,long);" & _ "SetNotifyCallbackInterface hresult(pt
  9. Can someone help me with interface description with following COM object please? ; Class Identifiers Global Const $CLSID_PVSS00COMLib_ComManager = "{A2E83F96-CD50-4679-A541-4CF315A51471}" ; Interface Identifier Global Const $IID_PVSS00COMLib_IComManager = "{A4FC62C7-368A-44B1-9AEE-DDCE6DB6CE75}" Global Const $sTag_PVSS00COMLib_IComManager = "" ;?? #cs ' Interface Name : IComManager ' Description : IComManager Interface ' Class Name : ComManager ' ClassID : $CLSID_PVSS00COMLib_ComManager ' ProgID : $PROGID_PVSS00COMLib_ComManager ' Version ProgID : $PROGID_PVSS
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