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Found 2 results

  1. I don't know why there are many external files that are not existed on the pre-written functions of AutoIt software.. The examples in this page are telling to include "MsgBoxConstants.au3" but I doesn't have one: http://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/docs/functions/GUIGetMsg.htm Where can I download the TRUSTED and the official "MsgBoxConstants.au3" file?
  2. Hey guys, I have been trying to make a script which requests some information and writes it to a notepad file after the information is entered... The whole script runs smoothly (variables, etc) except for the opening of the file/writing to the file.. I have tried Run and FileWriteLine, both with the same results... Was hoping that you could help me on this one (I need this done soon... its a bit important, thanks) Thanks for any feedback and help I have put the script below ; Project: input hours ;means - notepad tracker? If 2 = MsgBox (1,"TimeTracker","Welcome, would you like to begin?") then Exit ;vars $date = InputBox ("TimeTracker","Input date and day"&@CRLF&"format [DAY] - [DATE]") $phys = InputBox ("TimeTracker","Input hours done of Physics") $chem = InputBox ("TimeTracker","Input hours done of Chemistry") $math = InputBox ("TimeTracker","Input hours done of Math") $file = FileOpen ("G:\StudyHours.txt",1) if $file = 1 Then FileWriteLine ("G:\StudyHours.txt",@CRLF&@CRLF&$date&@CRLF&$phys&@CRLF&$chem&@CRLF&$math) MsgBox (0,"TimeTracker","Done! :D") ElseIf $file = 0 Then MsgBox (0,"TimeTracker","Sorry, file not found @_@") EndIf Exit (The error in this case occurred at the file open, it said that it could not either open the file, or find it...)
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