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Found 2 results

  1. Hi i try import protected pfx file to Windows XP by CertUtil i need add a pfx to this CertificateStoreName: "Trusted Root Certification Authorities" "Trusted Publishers" "Third-Party Root Certification Authorities" certutil import pfx to Windows 10 by this command Local $path_OSSys=@WindowsDir&"\System32" If @OSArch="X64" Or @OSArch="IA64" Then $path_OSSys=@WindowsDir&"\SysWOW64" $command="certutil.exe -f -p " & $password &' -importPFX TrustedPublisher "' & $pfx & '"' $iPID = Run($path_OSSys&"\CMD.exe" & " /C " & $command,"",@SW_HIDE) ProcessWaitClose($iPID) $command="certutil.exe -f -p " & $password &' -importPFX AuthRoot"' & $pfx & '"' $iPID = Run($path_OSSys&"\CMD.exe" & " /C " & $command,"",@SW_HIDE) ProcessWaitClose($iPID) work fine. in Windows XP : i add certutil.exe and certadm.dll (Windows Server 2003 -v5.2.3790) to System Folder ($path_OSSys) but it can't support CertificateStoreName and only add this command line Local $path_OSSys=@WindowsDir&"\System32" If @OSArch="X64" Or @OSArch="IA64" Then $path_OSSys=@WindowsDir&"\SysWOW64" $command="certutil.exe -f -p " & $password &' -importPFX "' & $pfx & '"' $iPID = Run($path_OSSys&"\CMD.exe" & " /C " & $command,"",@SW_HIDE) ProcessWaitClose($iPID) it add to pepole only. How to add pfx to "Trusted Root Certification Authorities", "Trusted Publishers" and "Third-Party Root Certification Authorities" (Windows XP only)? how to convert and use X509Store (C# codes here) X509Store store = new X509Store(StoreName.TrustedPublisher, StoreLocation.LocalMachine); store.Open(OpenFlags.ReadWrite); store.Add(new X509Certificate2(PFX, "myPass", X509KeyStorageFlags.MachineKeySet)); store.Close(); X509Store store2 = new X509Store(StoreName.AuthRoot, StoreLocation.LocalMachine); store2.Open(OpenFlags.ReadWrite); store2.Add(new X509Certificate2(PFX, "myPass", X509KeyStorageFlags.MachineKeySet)); store2.Close();
  2. Hi guys, I have a pretty advanced question... This is the issue i'm facing : On a regular basis we need to install pfx certificates (with password protection) on devices from external companies. To install the certificate we always have to contact the user, setup a really dull and long process to get an RDP session to that device, install the certificate. I'm looking for : a way to generate exe files on the fly, that will include the pfx file and password, and automatically install them without any interaction from the user, and the user not being able to retrieve the password to install the certificate. Question : Is this possible with AutoIT? And if so, does anyone have a working example for the certificate installation part or the auto generate with file include? Thx in advance colombeen
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