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Found 2 results

  1. Hello guys. I have a little issue and I can't find any answer sadly so I'm opening this post. I created a tool with AutoIt, but sadly on Windows 8.1 I can't pin it to my taskbar, I have no idea why. If I take any other program for example Firefox, when it's started and I do a right click on the icon in the taskbar I can have a nice menu and just below "Exit window" I have an option "Pin this program to the TaskBar" (or Unpin if already clicked), but with my AutoIt script (compiled) I have only the Exit button. Do you know if there is a Windows option to add to GuiCtrlCreateGui() or anything I can do to be able to pin my program to the windows 8.1 taskbar? Thank you very much, Tim
  2. Hello everyone. First, sorry for mistakes, I'm french. ^^ ===== I've tried (and I try always) to pin a shortcut (lnk) to startmenu (on Windows 10). Look this subject (in forum FR autoit) : http://www.autoitscript.fr/forum/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=12031 The script I wrote, doesn't work, despithe the display of "Épingler à l'écran de démarrage" by a consolewrite. This is the script : #RequireAdmin $path = @DesktopDir & "\vlc.lnk" PinToTaskBand($path) Func PinToTaskBand($path) $objShell = ObjCreate("shell.application") $objFSO = ObjCreate("Scripting.FileSystemObject") $strFolder = $objFSO.GetParentFolderName($path) $strFile = $objFSO.GetFileName($path) $objFolder = $objShell.Namespace($strFolder) $objFolderItem = $objFolder.ParseName($strFile) $colVerbs = $objFolderItem.Verbs For $itemVerb In $objFolderItem.Verbs ;~ MsgBox(0,"", $itemVerb.name) $var = StringReplace($itemVerb.name, "&", "") ConsoleWrite($var & " | ") If $var = "Pin to startmenu" Or $var="Épingler à l’écran de démarrage" Then MsgBox(0, "", 1) $itemVerb.DoIt EndIf Next EndFunc ;==>PinToTaskBand Func UnpinToTaskBand($path) $objShell = ObjCreate("shell.application") $objFSO = ObjCreate("Scripting.FileSystemObject") $strFolder = $objFSO.GetParentFolderName($path) $strFile = $objFSO.GetFileName($path) $objFolder = $objShell.Namespace($strFolder) $objFolderItem = $objFolder.ParseName($strFile) $colVerbs = $objFolderItem.Verbs For $itemVerb In $objFolderItem.Verbs ConsoleWrite($itemVerb.name & " | ") If StringReplace($itemVerb.name, "&", "") == "Unpin from Taskbar" Or StringReplace($itemVerb.name, "&", "") == "Détacher de la barre des tâches" Then $itemVerb.DoIt Next EndFunc ;==>UnpinToTaskBand If StringInStr($var, "Pin to startmenu") Or StringInStr($var, "Épingler à l’écran de démarrage") Then MsgBox(0, "", 1) $itemVerb.DoIt EndIf It shows 1 (msgbox) correctly. But $itemVerb.DoIt doesn't work. Someone would he know how to do ? If i do mistakes, where are it ? Please. Else, is there another way to pin a shortcut to startmenu (on windows 10)? Thanks by advance. Cheers. Good day guys:D
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