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Found 3 results

  1. Hello guys. I have a little issue and I can't find any answer sadly so I'm opening this post. I created a tool with AutoIt, but sadly on Windows 8.1 I can't pin it to my taskbar, I have no idea why. If I take any other program for example Firefox, when it's started and I do a right click on the icon in the taskbar I can have a nice menu and just below "Exit window" I have an option "Pin this program to the TaskBar" (or Unpin if already clicked), but with my AutoIt script (compiled) I have only the Exit button. Do you know if there is a Windows option to add to GuiCtrlCreateGui() or anything I can do to be able to pin my program to the windows 8.1 taskbar? Thank you very much, Tim
  2. I need to take control of printer option selections in a treeview, and make selections. It works fine in XP, windows 2008, vista, windows 7. But not under windows 8 64 bits. Here is what I've tried. First, to bring up the window with the treeview, 1- start Notepad. 2- Press ctrl P to bring up the print dialog. 3- Select the "Microsoft XPS Document Writer" printer. I need to make this work on other printers, but this one is a good example, and should be present on any machine. 4- click on the Preferences button. This displays the Printing Preferences dialog. 5- click on Advanced.... This displays the "Microsoft XPS Document Writer v4 Advanced Options" dialog. In has a treeview. It is viewed by the autoit window tool as a SysTreeView32 class instance. Coding attempts: Local $hwndTV = ControlGetHandle("Microsoft XPS Document Writer v4 Advanced Options", "", "[Class:SysTreeView32; INSTANCE=1]") ; this succeeds and populates $hndTV ; try to find the root node Local $ItemHnd = _GuiCtrlTreeView_FindItemEx($hwndTV, "Microsoft XPS Document Writer v4 Advanced Document Settings") ; this fails and returns a "0" handle ; try to get the handle of the first item Local $FirstItemHnd = _GuiCtrlTreeView_GetFirstItem($hwndTV) ; this succeeds ; try to get the text of the first item msgbox(0,"","_GUICtrlTreeView_GetText($hwndTV, $hStart) ; this fails and returns an empty string, so that I can't step through entries looking for text ; try to use ControlTreeView Commands msgbox(0,"",ControltreeView("Microsoft XPS Document Writer v4 Advanced Options", "", "[Class:SysTreeView32; INSTANCE=1]", "Exists", "#0") ; this returns 1: it can see the root node ;check if it sees children of the root node msgbox(0,"",ControltreeView("Microsoft XPS Document Writer v4 Advanced Options", "", "[Class:SysTreeView32; INSTANCE=1]", "Exists", "#0|#0") ; this returns 0: it only sees a root node. This means that I can't navigate and find nodes, much less select them and make selections. I would appreciate other ideas to make those selections using AutoIT. Thanks!
  3. Hi All, I have written some script that scans every folder down from a given directory and determines if any new folders have come into existence. I used it to scan a release server to determine when new revisions of source have been compiled into a stable version. If the script does not detect any new files, it Exits with Exit Code 1 (This is so that Jenkins knows to fail the given job, and not continue to the next job). When I test the code on my local machine, a Windows 7 unit, Everything works normally and the exit code exits as "1", however when I run it on my windows 8 test system, The application immediately returns 0, and then a few seconds later actually runs (I can verify this is what's happening because of the files it generates, and the logging I create.) What's even more annoying is that I have other Auto IT applications that work just find on the Windows8 unit, and Exit with whatever ExitCode I give them. Is there something I may have set in the code that delays it running?
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