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Found 24 results

  1. Hi guys! I need some help here, is there a way to use Random with While? I need this script to run in between 1 and 4 times but I dont know how to do it, can you please help me? dim $i=1 While $i<=4 Sleep(3000) Send("{LWINDOWN}r{LWINUP}") Sleep(3000) Send("C:\Users\123\Catalogos\tags.txt{ENTER}") Sleep(3000) WinActivate("tags: Bloc de notas","") Sleep(3000) Send("{SHIFTDOWN}{END}{SHIFTUP}{CTRLDOWN}c{CTRLUP}{DEL}{DEL}") Sleep(3000) Send("{CTRLDOWN}g{CTRLUP}{ALTDOWN}{F4}{ALTUP}") Sleep(3000) Send("{CTRLDOWN}v{CTRLUP}{SPACE}") $i=$i+1
  2. Hi All, I intend on keeping custom functions/UDFs (works in progress) here; if anyone wants to use any code, feel free. String functions: #AutoIt3Wrapper_AU3Check_Parameters=-d -w- 1 -w 2 -w 3 -w 4 -w 5 -w 6 #include-once ; #FUNCTION# ==================================================================================================================== ; Name ..........: _DateTimeGet ; Description ...: Returns the date and time formatted for use in sortable filenames, logs, listviews, etc. ; Syntax ........: _DateTimeGet(iType = 1[, $bHumanFormat = False]) ; Parameters ..
  3. I need a random string generator which creates 15 letters/numbers. How can I make that?
  4. Hi, I've this script (removed unrelated parts) that generate a set of random chars for a password. It gets launched from a network share by Task Scheduler at a specific time for all PC's, then it relaunches itself from the local drive. Global $LocalToolsDir = @ProgramFilesDir & '\Tools' Start() Func Start() If Not StringInStr(@ScriptFullPath, $LocalToolsDir, 2) Then Exit RunLocaly() Sleep(Random(1, 1800, 1) * 1000) $NewPass = GeneratePass() EndFunc Func GeneratePass() Local $Pass For $i = 1 to 8 $R = Random(0,1.5) If $R > 1 Then
  5. Got a simple question is it possible to have lets say 10 functions and use the random function to randomly pick one of them? If so could anyone please make a tiny example? Tyvm in advance -Dequality
  6. I'm a command-line kind of guy, and I write scripts primarily for myself. Since many websites nowadays require strong passwords, I thought I'd write a simple password generator in AutoIt. I know that AutoIt mavens have written more elaborate pw generators; I offer mine for what it's worth. The compiled script, GenPass.exe, can be downloaded here. See below for Help text and source. Enjoy! Updates: 2017-05-06: Default password changed to variable length of 13-22 characters; argument "1" no longer supported When compiled as GenPW.exe, password is sent direct
  7. Hello everyone ! I've made a little function who return random characters for everyone who would need it.. It's my first function so please have some mercy. And if you have some suggestions.. don't hesitate ! and I made a AutoIt HelpFile that looks like others helpfiles, I hope you'll enjoy ! The function : RandomLetter.au3 The helpfile : RandomLetter.html (in HTML please !) Et pour les anglophobes, voilà l'aide en français : RandomLetter.fr.html (French version of the helpfile) Thanks, hcI
  8. hello everyone, I'm new with AutoIT and just looking for a way to open Firefox with random window size i have tried too many different samples from the web, some how it works but i can't make it works with Firefox MozRpel and ff.au3 installed right now i can open Firefox with this code, but i still can't control the window of Firefox ; open firefox #include <ff.au3> _FFStart() ; open firefox with random size
  9. i have this code running but it just would not start the code: Local $rndSleep = Int (Random(180000,240000,1000)) MsgBox($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, "NaaaNuuu", "This message box will show the sleeptime after closing the tabs, you got " & $rndSleep & " seconds left.", $rndSleep) here is the error it shows me: "C:\Users\numan\Desktop\scipiie.au3" (23) : ==> Variable used without being declared.: MsgBox($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, "NaaaNuuu", "This message box will show the sleeptime after closing the tabs, you got " & $rndSleep & " seconds left.", $rndSleep) MsgBox(^
  10. Hello! After watching a whole day of "Journey into cryptography" at Khan Academy, I have got to know the secrets behind some sneaky things! . This is one of em', A PRNG (Pseudo Random Number Generator). Its features (atleast what I believe) are: Simple, short and crappy. Great for beginners who are baffled by the mechanics of random number generation in computers! Support for custom seeds! EIGHT DIGITS OF RANDOMNESS!!! Unlike all other PRNGs, This one is predictable 1000 possible PRNs when using @MSEC as the seed. No option for min or max, the min is
  11. Hoping for some guidance, I have a string like: $string='vXx2586578£&' How can I go abouts shuffling the contents of the string?
  12. Hello all! In celebration of Rocket League supporting cross platform play with the XBone I wanted to finally create a script to accompany my game winning goals! Currently I have a switch where one button will play this soccer.mp3 while the other cuts the audio in case someone skips the replay during the game. I have a collection of mp3 files that I would like to use from "C:\Rocket" folder and I would like to play a random file from that directory so "C:\Rocket\*.mp3". I am having trouble understanding the random() function and hot to integrate it. Or would I need to create an
  13. Hello, I am attempting to build a script that will click randomly inside of a box. The box dimensions, number of clicks, and the delay between the clicks is passed to a function. I feel a am very close to finishing this script, but could use a bit of help. I am passing the function four different boxes, two of them to be clicked 18 times, one of them twice and one of them three times. This is repeated four times. The problem I am having is with the first box. It only clicks that box 17 times. It then completes the next three boxes. Once the last box is complete, it does
  14. ..so I'm testing code for a project where many clients are governed by a master. To test, I generate a random result to emulate real life BUT all the randoms are at unison. Here is an example of what I see: If @Compiled Then Exit MsgBox(0, "Master - RandomTest", "please run this from the editor", 10) #NoTrayIcon #include <EditConstants.au3> #include <GUIConstantsEx.au3> #include <WindowsConstants.au3> Global $iManyTesters = 10 ; how many I run but they all give the same random number ! Global $iRandom = 0 Global $SEC = @SEC If $CmdLine[0]
  15. As stated in other quires, I'm quite new to this, so I'm in need of a little help. All I'm after is a line of code that will do one of the following: Select a file at random from a folder, open it, continue with the rest of the script I've written and then delete that file, then loop. Or, Select the top file (preferred option) and then do the above^ All I'm after is a line that will select a file following one of the above rules. Something like this would be perfect: RandomSelect (C:\Users\User\Desktop\Folder) *.html Deletefile (C:\Users\User\Desktop\Folder)
  16. [Rule] 1. A start would be to get this excel spreadsheet, people called the group, a total divided into two groups: Mary, Sam, Jack 2. Every person eating a fruit, and each times one person can eat the same fruit (or random fruit) 3. Last eaten fruit can not eat 4. so be scheduled 5. If the previous round fruits are finished, the remaining number can pick one randomly 6. If I have more than 100 the number of Name(people), how can I to code it? Picture: 1. The first time Mary eat Apple, Sam can eat Apple(or random),and Jack chose random first to eat. 2. The second They are chose random fi
  17. I have 35 variables (as shown below) in an array and i want it to randomly select one, and then another and another and another so on, until all 35 are selected but never selecting the same one twice.. this has been my only issue Global $example[35][ex1, ex2, ex3....,] Global $ex1 = MouseClick("Left", x1, y1) Global $ex2 = MouseClick("Left", x1, y1) Global $ex3 = MouseClick("Left", x1, y1) ; ect..... Func Something() Random($example) ;35 Times, cant be same var EndFunc Thanks in advance
  18. So I need some help... basically all I want to do is have Autoit generate a random number between 1 and 3 and then have an if statement that reads the random number... and lets say if it = 3 it will say the number 3 in a msgbox (like this) sleep(500) Random(1,3) If Random = 2 Then MsgBox(0,"","2") EndIf If Random = 1 Then MsgBox(0,"","1") EndIf If Random = 3 Then MsgBox(0,"","3") EndIf can anyone help me? (thanks in advance!)
  19. Hello, i was wondering how i would go about opening a random URL from a predefined list? i am trying to create a small game for the kids, where they have a question and they have to find out the answer (finish the story) from the pages that open...but i need all the pages to be at random, so they need to work out which part comes first, second, third...etc. the code i use to open the URL is and to close the browser: shellexecute("THE URL") If ProcessExists("firefox.exe") Then ProcessClose("firefox.exe") endif is it possible to creaet like a shellexecute("$random") and then ad
  20. Hi everyone I've read all yesterday forums , i think it's me , but i could not find a clue for this : I need to generate large numbers and output into csv format or excel format - Range between 3000000 and 9000000 - Need 5000000 numbers - Numbers should not be in series ( Mixed and Random ) - I would prefere to have a check digits at the end Anyone could help please ? Thank you
  21. PRNG Here's a small PRNG called fliptag. It uses mostly linear math and its state can be completely kept within only 6 "registers" and the implementation is only 27 lines of code long. Verification I ran ent, DIEHARD and the NIST.GOV test suite against it (though I only did all the tests for one fixed seed). I re-ran ent with this, because this implementation has a system-time dependent seed. fliptag has 4 seed parameters, of which 3 are optional. The first one is the genesis seed and determines the starting state. Because this seed is very sensitive to small decimal changes, the current syste
  22. *** EDIT 11/29/14: I made a huge mistake in the original as it only created pairs (i.e. if I get you - you also get me). What I really needed was for each person to get anyone but themselves - but not necessarily create a pair. The issue then became that if there was one person left at the end they could not get themselves. This new version (1.1). Does several things: 1. It creates a unique match for everyone on the list without reciprocal pairs 2. Added: deletion of blank rows before processing 3. Added checking for the word "name" in the first cell to see if headers are included 4.
  23. I've been looking around for implementations of noise generators for autoit, but as of yet have had no luck More particularly, I'm looking for an x octave noise generator, but I haven't found any for autoit. Has anyone seen any x octave or perlin noise generators for autoit?
  24. Hey Guys. Happy Christmas and Merry new Year and all that.. I'm currently automating our entire system for end-2-end testing. I have about 12 Complex scripts all joined together in a GUI and it all works. But I want to bring down the amount of lines of code that I used (I Started coding these script without any knowledge of coding/scripting so bear with me..) Currently, I am generating a random number with the following code.. IniWrite(@ScriptDir & "\Iteration.ini ", "Boat Details", "Engine" , Random(111, 999, 1) & Chr(Random(Asc("A"), _ Asc("Z"), 1)) & Chr(Random(A
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